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Being a stay at home mom is already a rewarding job in itself. However, you may be interested in earning some extra money from home while still being able to spend time with your kids. 

Online jobs for moms can provide you with the opportunity to make money flexibly and still be a stay at home mom if you wish.

Over the years, more and more legitimate online jobs have been popping up. There are a variety of work opportunities for people with different interests and skills. As well as online jobs for moms with no experience. 

While most opportunities can pay a part-time income, you may even find ways to earn a full-time income from home. 

15 Online Jobs for Moms with No Experience

So what are some of the best jobs for stay at home moms with no experience? One of the best things about working online is that you often don’t need a degree or any special certificates to start making money

If you really want to be in control of your work, schedule you may even consider starting an online business or offering a freelance service that you can perform on your own time. 

Here are 16 of the best stay-at-home mom jobs online.

#1. Blogging – Best Online Job for Moms!

Blogging - best online job for momsIf you have a topic you’d love to write about, starting a blog can be a fun hobby for moms to turn into a real online business.

There are profitable blogs about every topic ranging from parenting and organizing to personal finance, gardening, art, cooking, and politics. 

Blogging allows you to provide valuable content to others and help them solve a problem in their lives or learn something new. You don’t need writing experience or any formal training to start a blog.

You can choose a blog niche based on an area that you have personal expertise in or even a topic you’d like to learn about as you go.

Work on your blog whenever you have time or develop a schedule that allows you to work around your kids.

Some of the best ways to monetize a blog include using display advertising, affiliate marketing, and landing sponsorship opportunities.

It’s important to realize that making money with a blog doesn’t happen by accident.

You have to have a strategy and be willing to test out different monetization efforts. Taking a blogging course can help you develop a solid strategy to grow your blog consistently over time.

Here’s how I made $4,789 blogging in January of last year. And that’s why I said that blogging is the best online job for moms!

You earn passive income month after month without exchanging your time for money.

Ready to start your very own blog? Head over to Bluehost and grab a domain name plus hosting for only $2.99 per month

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#2. Proofreading Jobs Proofreading Jobs

Proofreading is another one of the best online jobs for stay at home moms without a big investment.

If you are always catching typos and grammatical errors in articles you read, you may be able to provide this valuable service to clients for pay. 

Proofreading is often the final step before an article, book, or any other content is submitted for submission.

Written work is often subject to human error and it’s difficult to edit the work that you write yourself.

This is why it’s helpful for people to hire proofreaders as a fresh set of eyes to review content just before publications. 

On average, proofreaders can earn anywhere from $32,000 to $65,000 per year and most of the time, you’ll be working from home.

Education and experience requirements may vary depending on which company you work with.

In general, you can start by leveraging the existing skills you have regarding proper use of language and grammar. Writers Write has great resources for free proofreading training and practice. freelance proofreading course You can also consider taking an online course like Proofread Anywhere. Caitlin Pyle has been a successful proofreader for several years and offers a free webinar you can attend to learn more about how to work from home as a proofreader.  

Click here to get instant access to Caitlin’s FREE proofreading workshop today!

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#3. Online BookkeepingOnline bookkeeping

If spreadsheets and numbers make you happy, virtual bookkeeping is a stay at home mom job to consider.

Bookkeepers basically help manage income and expenses for businesses while also managing payroll at times. 

Filing taxes can be a hectic experience for large and small businesses alike, so working with a bookkeeper can help simplify that process.

Most work from home bookkeepers either work with a single organization or have several smaller clients to help them organized and document expenses. 

According to Payscale, the average hourly wage for a bookkeeper is around $17.63.

Even if you don’t have experience, you can start on a smaller scale by helping a blogger or entrepreneur send invoices and manage their expenses.

Getting more education on bookkeeping can only help you market your services to clients and obtain higher-paying jobs, but it’s not required. is a great place to receive additional training on becoming a virtual bookkeeper and gain more skills.  You can earn up to $80 per hour working as a bookkeeper online.

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#4. Freelance Writing JobsFreelance Writing Jobs

When it comes to finding popular online jobs for moms, freelance writing is at the top of that list.

Freelance writers produce content for websites, publications, magazine and even ghostwrite for CEOs and authors.

Typically, writers get paid per project or per word and it’s a profitable online job as you gain experience. 

You don’t need any special degrees or certification to become a freelance writer. What you really need is quality writing samples to get started.

See if you can submit a guest post to someone’s website or publish an article online.

Create a portfolio of your best articles and use it to market yourself to paying clients. 

But, if you feel that you need professional training I have two amazing freelance writing resources for you.

When looking for freelance writing jobs, it’s best to have a niche and not market yourself as a general freelance writer.

Writers with a specific niche can market themselves as experts and get paid more. As always, you can take an online course or training to help boost your freelance writing skills.

However, the more you practice the better you’ll become. Check out sites like, Upwork, Problogger, and Blogging Pro for freelance writer job listings or send pitches to clients on your own.


#5. Transcribing Work

Transcribing WorkDon’t take your existing typing skills for granted. Transcriptionists earn money by taking audio and video content and turning it into text.

Basically, you can get paid to type from home. This is one of the most ideal online jobs for moms with no experience because most people can type on the computer already. 

From there, you can polish your typing skills and learn how to transcribe accurately to get paying work.

Transcription work uses a lot of basic skills that you likely already have like listening, being able to download software, and meeting deadlines. 

You can test your typing speed on this site for free, and consider transcription training videos and courses like Transcribe Anywhere to help you get to the next level. 

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#6. Online Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is basically a virtual secretary who can perform a variety of tasks for small businesses, bloggers, and entrepreneurs.

You can often work from home and set your own hours so it’s flexible for busy moms with kids.

A virtual assistant or VA often gets paid hourly and you can earn anywhere from $10 to $30+ per hour depending on the tasks and your experience. 

Let’s say you don’t have much experience and you’re starting fresh. Narrow down a few basic services you’d like to offer whether it’s checking and responding to emails, scheduling social media posts, or scheduling meetings.

All of these are easy and meaningful tasks that people will pay you to do. 

Plus, you can often do them when it’s convenient for you whether that’s early mornings, during nap time, or during the evening.

Your virtual assistant clients may even offer training or be willing to pay for you to take courses to learn more skills.

Just focus on getting started and landing a few clients that could really use your help.

Be organized and communicate effectively to truly help make your client’s lives easier. If you can do that, the odds are them keeping you around long-term are high.


#7. Create Online Courses

If you’re looking for stay at home jobs for moms with no experience, realize that you likely have some experience or expertise in a certain area. You don’t need anyone to hire you or look at your resume to work from home. 

One of the most creative ways for moms to make money online is by creating digital courses. Digital courses are increasing in popularity each year. They provide a quick and easy way for people to learn something online. 

Consider creating a digital course about a topic you’re passionate about and perform well in.

This could be anything ranging from motherhood, gardening or organizing your house to postpartum nutrition, writing, or art. Some course creators earn hundreds to thousands per month. 

Selling courses can be a passive income stream since you’ll create the course and do all the hard work upfront.

Afterward, you’ll need to market and promote but you can develop a strategy to help you automate this. Try using sites like Udemy, Coursera, or Teachable to create and sell your digital course. 

#8. Chat Agent/Online Moderator

If you look closely at most websites you visit, you’ll see that they have a chat feature. Sometimes there’s a bot that responds automatically but other times, users are chatting with a real person.

Becoming a chat agent or online moderator can be an easy way to provide customer service from home. 

Companies like The Chat Shop hire virtual chat agents to work with their clients and answer customer inquiries in real time.

You’ll need to have excellent grammar and typing skills and go through their application and interview process to be considered.

Another option you may want to consider is becoming a moderator for busy social media groups.

Some entrepreneurs or businesses have large Facebook or LinkedIn groups that need people to moderate posts and answer questions. 

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#9. Test Websites Online

When someone launches a new website, they almost always seek out feedback. Website testing companies like UserTesting and UserFeel will pay you to test out other people’s websites and provide an honest review. 

You will typically get paid $10 per 20-minute test so up to $30 per hour. Other website testing companies may pay $50 per test but it just depends on the work that the task includes.

Generally, you’ll be asked to record your screen or talk to your webcam as you view the site to give your honest feedback. 

You’ll want to share your thoughts about the overall look and feel of the site, what stands out, any errors you see and more.

Testing websites won’t help you earn a full-time income, but you could easily make a few hundred dollars per month during your free time if you’re consistent.

Still, it’s easier to find time to review a website for 20 minutes than it is to dedicate several hours to a part-time job with set hours as a stay-at-home mom.

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Stay at Home Mom Jobs with No Experience Required

stay at home online jobs for momsMy top picks for stay at home jobs near me

There are quite a few stay at home jobs for moms that don’t require you to be on the computer the entire time.

These are still technically online jobs for moms with no experience because you may use the internet to help you find work or list your services. 

Still, these jobs can help you earn money on your own time without sacrificing staying home with your kids.

#10. Baby Sitting

Think about becoming a babysitter and offering to watch kids in your home during the day. Ask friends or neighbors if they need childcare or set up a profile on or 

Most parents don’t mind hiring a stay-at-home mom to babysit and some even prefer it since their kids may enjoy playing with your kids.

Just be sure to offer a fair hourly rate and set yourself apart from other care providers with your service.

You may want to add extra conveniences like pick-ups or after-school care and homework help. 

#11. Dog Sitting Jobs 

dog sitters on rover

If you love dogs, try your hand at dog sitting or dog walking during the day.

You can dog sit in the comfort of your home even with kids around and it pays well.

Typically dog sitters can earn anywhere from $25 to $35+ per night and you can charge a separate fee for walks.

To find dog sitting clients, sign up for Rover and create a profile there. There are a few steps required, but getting on Rover will set you up to connect with some quality clients.

You can add a detailed list of the services you provide, pictures to showcase your experience and your calendar to show your availability.

Another great thing about Rover is that you’ll receive payments securely through the platform so you don’t have to worry about collecting money from clients.

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#12. Laundry Service At Home

laundry service at home

It’s no secret that stay at home mom jobs online can still be a little hectic to work into your daily schedule.

When tasks need your undivided attention and your child also needs your help, it’s tough to find the balance. 

With your own laundry service, you can technically ‘work’ and watch your kids without distractions.

Just put laundry in and let the machine do all the work for you. Then you can fold during nap time or while watching a movie with your kids.  

Laundry Care is an organization that helps you set up your own home laundry business. They help handle payments, all your start-up paperwork and they’ll even tell what supplies you’ll need to start off.

To get started you’ll need to apply and purchase an initial supply kit for $39.99.

This includes 5 laundry care reusable bags, clear garment covers, portable hanging scale and plastic bag tags.

You’ll get paid around $20 per bag of unprocessed laundry and each bad will include 2 to 3 loads of clothes. You control the frequency and timing of your pay.

Laundry Care has positive reviews by stay-at-home moms on Glassdoor and some independent contractors report earning a few hundred dollars per week.

Of course, you can start a laundry service business on your own.

Just be sure to find out what type of licensing you may need to run it from your home and consider costs like your water bill and servicing for your machines over time.

#13. Reupholster Furniture

Reupholstering furniture can be a great online job for moms who like woodworking or decorating.

You may think that you need a lot of experience to do this work from home job but you’d be surprised at all the information and tutorials you can find online.

YouTube has a number of videos that can teach you how to flip furniture and reupholster things like chairs, couches, etc. 

Challenge yourself to stay fixing up things in your home or buy old furniture for cheap at the thrift store.

You may even get lucky and find a great piece of furniture on someone’s curb for free.

Once you fix it up, list it online to sell locally. Reinvest the profits and keep improving your skills. 

Eventually, you’ll feel comfortable enough to offer a reupholstery service where you can restore people’s furniture on-demand regularly.

#14. Sewing and Mending Service

Can you sew or mend clothing and garments? This is a helpful service that people are more than willing to pay you for.

If you have a sewing machine, you can start your own sewing business out of your home.

Work on projects in the evening while your kids are sleep or in the morning before they wake up.

You can mend clothing, do alterations on dresses and even sell your clothing designs if you wish.

Aside from clothing, you can also sew and repair other materials like curtains, drawstring bags, scarves, etc. 

Start a blog or website to market your services and share your latest projects on social media.

#15.  Custom Craft Service

crafts that make money for moms

Love crafting? It can be a great hobby but you can also sell your crafts and launch a home business.

Determine what type of crafts you want to make or if there’s a consistent theme you can follow.

Do you want to make jewelry, home decor, or hand-painted pieces? Who will your target customer be? 

You can make crafts at home during your spare time and sell them online or at local craft shows.

Etsy is a big platform that can help you make money from your crafts.

Etsy does deduct a small fee when you make a sale so keep that in mind when setting your pricing.

However, Etsy has a Seller’s Handbook where they’ll provide more details on how to set fair pricing that will still earn you a profit. 

If you’re selling crafts online, you may forget about hidden costs like shipping and packing. This is why Etsy’s Seller’s Handbook is so helpful.

Still, creating your own online shop to sell your crafts is ideal for stay-at-home moms because you can make money at any time of the day.

You can set your shop up on autopilot so you can make sales even when you’re not around.

If you want to offer a sale or holiday promotion, Etsy makes it easy to do that as well.

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#16. Baby Equipment Rental Service

Babies need a lot of stuff. Maybe you’ve forgotten to pack something in your baby bag one day or when taking a trip.

If you have a lot of baby equipment laying around that your child has outgrown, think about starting a baby equipment rental service.

That way, you can earn a consistent income renting out your stuff to other parents instead of selling it. 

You can rent out things like:

  • Car seats
  • Strollers
  • High chair
  • Toys
  • Even a crib

Parents who are traveling may not want to lug all these things around with them. This is where your rental company can come in handy. You can set up your own website and do marketing.

Or, you can use a company like BabyQuip or Babies Getaway to make money renting out baby gear.

Both sites are a baby equipment rental marketplace that will help you connect to people looking to rent out items out. 

BabyQuip has helped facilitate over 40,000 rental reservations and you’ll get paid upfront when you rent out items through this platform.

With Babies Getaway, you can sign up to become a provider and rent out your stuff. All you’ll need is a minivan or SUV to transport items and a place to store things.

The Best Jobs for Moms Let You Stay Home with Your Kids

Thanks to stay at home mom jobs with no experience, it’s possible to remain a stay-at-home mom and still earn an income.

Narrow down your interests and be honest about how much time you can dedicate to an online job.

Would you rather freelance, work at home for an employer or start a small business? 

Starting a business may sound intimidating, but it’s one of the best online jobs for moms.

You can truly be in charge of your own schedule, rates, and services or products.

You don’t have to run a huge operation if you don’t want to. Simply start by selling one service or product on the side and see where it goes. 

Regardless, you won’t have to sacrifice quality time with your kids and miss out on any milestones.

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