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Getting fit and losing weight are some of the most common goals people set each year.

Like any goal, losing weight and getting healthy requires dedication and motivation. Some days you may not be motivated to work toward your goals, and this is why you should get paid to lose weight.

Initially, the “lose weight and get paid” concept may sound a little odd, but money motivates us to do a lot of things.

Plus, getting rewarded to meet an important health goal is not that bad if you need a little extra cash.

If you’re highly determined to meet your weight loss goal this year, check out these 10 ways to get paid to lose weight.

10 Ways to Make Money to Lose WeightWays to Make Money to Lose Weight

So, how exactly do you make money losing weight? There are a few different routes you can take.

While your primary goal should always be to get healthy, rewarding yourself with a prize like cash could be a great way to stay focused when you want to give up. 

Weight loss money bets are common if you can find a motivated group of people to pool their money together to create a cash grand prize for the winner.

You can also document your weight loss journey on social media or another platform to help others along the way and become an influencer.

It’s important to realize that you may not make money right away from losing weight, but it’s important to have a clear strategy that leads to payment down the line. 

Below are some of the best ways to get paid to lose weight along with tips to help you get started. 

1. Bet Against Your Own Weight LossBet Against Your Own Weight Loss

Are you competitive? Weight loss bets may be right up your alley then. Healthy Wage is a popular website that will pay you anywhere from hundreds of dollars to over a thousand to hit your weight and fitness goals. 

How it works is you can sign up and calculate your potential prize by using their calculator to record how much weight you want to lose in a certain time frame.

For example, if you want to lose 50 pounds, Healthy Wage will help you determine how long it might take you to get to your goal weight at a healthy pace along with how much you might expect to ‘pay in’ when you do challenges.6 month weight loss journey

weight loss challenge

lose weight every week

Then, you can join a team or create your own and pay an entry fee to start your challenge. A challenge is when a group of people bet on themselves to reach their weight loss goal by putting a sum of money into the ‘pot’.

The winner or person who actually reaches their health goal by the deadline earns the prize money that everyone put in. Some challenges allow multiple winners meaning as long as you reach your weight loss goal, you’ll earn prize money so how much you receive could vary.

When you’re signing up for a challenge on Health Wage, be sure to read through all the rules to make sure you understand how it works. In the example below, you can see that Healthy Wage is gearing up to host another weight loss challenge with teams of 5. HealthyWage weight loss challenge

The challenge will last for 3 months and participants will need to pay $33 each month. During the challenge, you’ll need to weigh in once a week and post pictures. No false weigh-ins are allowed and Healthy Wage will disqualify anyone who is caught trying to cheat the system.

To be eligible you must be 18 years old and there are no strict location requirements so you can reside in almost any country and still be able to join. 

2. Weight Loss Bets with Friends and Co-WorkersWeight Loss Bets with Friends and Co-Workers

If you have a group of friends or coworkers interested in losing weight, consider setting up a weight loss bet system similar to Healthy Wage.

You can choose how long your challenge will last and what the buy-in rate is for everyone to join. Award the person with the best results to win the pot of money. 

Or, you can set up an official bet on Healthy Wage for your company’s challenge so that those who are interested in the office can join.

DietBet is another site you can use for weight loss bets with friends and coworkers and it’s very similar to Healthy Wage. DietBet has paid out over $62 million to users since the site first got started. 

With DietBet, you can join challenges with friends and set goals to lose a percentage of your body fat and get healthy. DietBet winners can earn thousands of dollars off one challenge but this does mean that challenge group sizes are a lot bigger so you’ll have more competition.

Either way, putting some of your money into the pot can be just the driving force you need to motivate yourself to meet your health and wellness goals so you can win it back.

3. Start a Weight Loss Journey Blog

Chronicle your weight loss journey and inspire others by starting your own blog. Blogging requires a lot of upfront work before you can start to see some profit flow in, but it’s a fulfilling hobby that can be turned into a money-making business for passive income.

The key is to focus on posting quality and detailed content that will help people. Start building an email list right away even if only a few people sign up to begin with. 

As you grow your readership and get more traffic on your blog, you can start monetizing it by placing ads on your website and affiliate links.

If there is exercise gear that you enjoy using or a protein powder that you absolutely love, see if there’s an affiliate link for it so you can promote those projects to your readers.

You can also make money by selling your own products like an e-book guide, meal plan worksheet, or weekly fitness routine checklist printable to help your blog readers reach their health goals too.

If you choose to grow your social media presence along with your blog, you may also be able to make money from brand partnerships.

Plus, blogging about your weight loss journey and posting your workouts and meals to social media can help you stay accountable for reaching your own goals. 

4. Start a Weight Loss Journey YouTube ChannelStart a Weight Loss Journey YouTube Channel

In addition to starting a weight loss blog, you can also start a YouTube channel to help you earn money losing weight. Making videos about your journey can be a great alternative to writing about it if you feel more comfortable on camera.

Millions of people are on YouTube daily searching for helpful tips and inspirational content. Remember that while there might be tons of other weight loss YouTube channels already out there, your journey is unique and so is your perspective.

You don’t need a ton of fancy equipment to start making YouTube videos. The camera on your smartphone should be good enough to get started with.

Over time, you can always upgrade your equipment and get an external microphone to improve sound quality. Commit to making videos consistently and once you meet YouTube’s requirement for monetization, you can start earning money by placing ads in your videos.

Just like with blogging, you can also make money by getting companies to sponsor your content and even offer giveaways to your audience.

If you sign up for relevant affiliate programs, you may even be able to place some of those links in your YouTube video’s description area.

One of the best things about starting a YouTube channel is that it provides you with an opportunity to earn passive income. If you publish a really great video content and your channel gets monetized, you’ll earn money each month for videos that you recorded months or even years ago.

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5. Become a Brand Ambassador

Everyone’s health and fitness journey is different. If you find that one product or service really 

made a difference in your success, consider becoming a brand ambassador so you can get paid to promote it to other people who are looking for results.

A brand ambassador is someone who acts as a sales representative and influencer for a product or service. Their job is often to promote the products across various mediums and engage with customers.

This may even involve teaching classes and doing demonstrations or giving out free samples so people can try before they commit. 

There are plenty of options to choose from in the fitness space if you’re looking to become a brand ambassador. You can start by promoting a specific fitness program that helped you.

Beachbody is a popular fitness company that sells everything from nutritional products and protein shakes to an on-demand fitness program and app. If you like Beachbody’s brand and product, you could always opt to become a coach and earn extra money by helping others reach their weight loss goals through Beachbody. 

Another example for brand ambassador opportunities is Plexus which sells weight management, nutrition and dietary supplements.

Plexus makes it easy for people to sign up to become a brand ambassador by providing you with a start-up kit, exclusive discounts on products and ongoing training plus additional tools for success.

Be sure to do your research when looking to get paid to lose weight by becoming a brand ambassador.

Make sure you fully understand the company or product you’re interested in promoting and are aware of any upfront costs or requirements to get started.

It also helps to only consider products and services that you truly believe in, so it’s best to try it before becoming a brand ambassador. 

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6. Get Paid to Try Weight Loss ProductsGet Paid to Try Weight Loss Products

If you’ve ever been a product tester before or have always been interested in doing this, you may be able to get paid to try weight loss products.

Some companies that sell weight loss products are often willing to pay participants to use it for a trial period. This is common with newer products that are on the market so you could be doing anything from testing out a new protein shake flavor to trying a dietary supplement for a month or two. 

Customers love to see testimonials and reviews on a product before trying it for themselves. When a product is brand new, there may not be too many success stories and this is where you can come in.

When testing new weight loss and fitness products, it’s important to realize that you’re taking on a risk. The product may not work on you and you should be sure that you meet the health and medical requirements to continue the trial. 

However, not all weight loss products available for testing are pills and supplements. Some fitness companies test out their gear as well.

Elite SRS is a company that sells high-performance jump ropes that product testers get to use and evaluate first. Adidas also works with products testers for their athletic products but it’s unclear if they pay compensation.

To find more product testing opportunities, try reaching out to companies directly and inquiring about opportunities.

Also, sign up for a few popular product testing sites like i-Say, Toluna Influencer Panel, and Valued Opinions. These sites will offer a wide variety of surveys and product testing opportunities but some of them may involve fitness and weight loss products. 

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7. Become a Fitness InstructorBecome a Fitness Instructor

Enjoy working out with others? It can be motivating to know that other people are doing the same exercises are you during an instructor-led class.

Even if you don’t know these people, it can be comforting to have others around and also be accountability for you to keep going and not give up. 

Instead of paying to attend group fitness classes, you can actually become a certified fitness instructor and get paid to lead the class yourself.

If there’s a particular class that you love and played a major role in your weight-loss journey, consider training to teach the same class so you can help others.

You can get certified to teach classes like Zumba, spin, or yoga. Most fitness instructor programs require just a few weeks and you may have to pass a final exam to prove your skill set. 

However, once you do this you can start applying to teach classes at local fitness centers or your park district. You can even organize your own fitness classes or host classes online that people can pay to register for.

Imagine if each person paid $10 per class or $40 per month for an unlimited membership to your online fitness classes. You could make hundreds or thousands per month on the side when you get 50 to 100 people to sign up.

7. Get Paid to Walk with Sweatcoin

Sweatcoin is an app that pays you to lose weight through walking. Physical activity, like walking, can help you burn calories and lose weight. Walking is also one of the most common low-impact exercises that you can start with if you want to ease into working out. According to Mayo Clinic, adding 30 minutes of brisk walking per day can help you lose around 150 calories.

Download the Sweatcoin app to your Apple or Android phone and earn Sweatcoins which can be redeemed for products and other rewards from popular retailers and companies.

Sweatcoins allow you to buy a variety of items ranging from athletic gear to electronics or even more fitness classes. Most of us walk each day for free so it makes sense to download the Sweatcoin app so you can start getting rewarded for your steps. 

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8. Earn Points for Healthy Habits with MyWalgreens Rewards

Do you shop at Walgreens often? Walgreens is more than just a pharmacy. You can often find everyday convenience items there along with toys, beauty items, clothing and more.

The MyWalgreens Rewards program provides another way for you to make money losing weight and by making healthy decisions. MyWalgreens Rewards (formerly Walgreens Balance Rewards) allows you to earn rewards for spending money at Walgreens stores as well as for staying healthy.

MyWalgreens members receive 1% cash back for every $1 spent on all products and 5% cash back on every $1 spent on Walgreens brand items. 

You’ll also earn bonus points for meeting health goals like joining a 4-week health challenge, connecting a device to track your progress, and completing bonus challenges.

Health challenges include physical activity and lifestyle goals and you can participate in two challenges (one physical activity and one lifestyle challenge) at the same time to earn more rewards. 

Connect devices and apps like Google Fit and Charity Miles or devices like FitBit, iHealth Wireless, and your Walgreens Activity Tracker to track your daily movement and activities so you can earn rewards. MyWalgreens Rewards is compatible with more than 18 apps and over 37 different devices. 

9. Achievement

Over 4 million people have downloaded the Achievement app and now earn money losing weight and taking healthy actions. If you’re already using daily activity tracker apps, you can connect them to Achievement and earn points.

Achievement is another get paid to lose weight app that connects to more than 20 different apps so you’ll start earning points for tasks like walking, logging meals, meditating, and even answering questions about yourself.

Achievement allows users to participate in cutting-edge research studies by answering simple health questions – oftentimes anonymously.

Your data contributes to reports in professional medical journals and the information is used by scientists and other researchers to help everyone understand more about human health. 

Once you start using this app, you’ll want to start earning as many points as you can because those points can be redeemed for cash via PayPal or direct deposit to your bank account.

You can also donate points to charity if you wish. For every 10,000 points, you’ll earn $10 cash. Rewards are usually paid within 7 business days.

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Getting Paid to Lose Weight is the Icing on the Cake 

As you can see, there are so many unique ways to get paid to lose weight. Whether you’re thinking about starting a blog, making videos, doing weight loss bets with friends and coworkers, or testing out products, you can earn around a few hundred dollars on average or maybe even more.

Getting healthy may be your top priority, but being able to earn a little extra cash as a reward for all your hard work is truly the icing on the cake.

It’s easier to accomplish your goals with an app that pays you to lose weight. Money can be a great motivator to push yourself across the finish line even on the days when you don’t feel like exercising or eating healthy.

If you’re truly looking to improve your health this year, accomplish two things at once by getting paid to lose weight and get in shape.

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