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Looking for virtual assistant jobs? Then look no further! Here is a list of 15+ virtual assistant companies that are looking for professionals like you!If you are new in the online space and don’t know which career path to take, you can become a virtual assistant and apply to virtual assistant jobs.

Technology has made it so easy for people to work from the comfort of their own homes and earn a living doing what they love. 

Virtual assistant companies are looking for motivated and self-starter individuals just like you to perform a variety of tasks for their clients. I did talk about this, at length, in a previous post. Click here to check it out.

So, do you have what it takes to become a virtual assistant? Let’s find out!

Most companies are looking for professionals with the following skills:

  • You must be a great communicator both verbal and written.
  • Ability to mult-task. You should be able to do different tasks for the client.
  • Be able to work well under pressure.
  • Be tech-savvy. Know how to use common computer programs like Microsoft Word, do web research. 
  • Work with less supervision. You have to think for yourself and work efficiently. No need to contact the client for every little thing.

Now that you know what’s expected of you, let’s jump onto the companies.

Companies Offering Virtual Assistant Jobs

1. Time Etc

Looking for virtual assistants to perform administrative work, do form filling, make travel arrangements and scheduling. Having writing, blogging or social media experience will be an added advantage. You’ll work as an independent contractor and can set your own hours. In fact, they even encourage you to work for other organizations, as well!

Equipment needed

  • Fast internet connection
  • A PC or Mac
  • Microsoft Word installed
  • Skype and a headset (you can get one on Amazon)


  • Good English and organization skills
  • You must have at least 2-3 years relevant experience
  • Be able to work 5 hours per week minimum
  • Be able to work with them for at least one year
  • A home office that’s well set up and in a quiet environment
  • Be available Monday through Friday.

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2. Lifebushido

This is a virtual company that was started in 2006 and they hire virtual assistants all over the world. Offer part-time work with flexible working hours. You start with 5 hours per week. If your work is satisfactory, they add it up to 20 hours per week. If you want to join Lifebushido email them at [email protected].

3. Fancy Hands

This is a company looking for virtual assistants with great communication skills. You need to have a fast internet connection, working audio headset, ability to talk on the phone and be able to do internet research.

Work will involve data entry, scheduling appointments and making phone calls. They pay per task and each task ranges from $3 to $7 on average. When you produce excellent work you can be promoted to a managerial position where you get to manager other assistants and ensuring smooth running of tasks. Payments go out every week. They pay every Tuesday via Dwolla. Schedules are flexible. You choose what time works best for you.


4. Worldwide 101

They hire virtual business assistants. Prefer candidates with 7+ years of experience in administration, customer service or marketing. After application, you will get a reply after 14 business days. If accepted, you work a minimum of 25 hours per week. Amount you get paid depend on your skill level, experience and seniority. But, on average, they pay $18 to $20 per hour.

Their requirements:

  • A working computer with up-to-date software
  • First and reliable internet connection
  • Manage time well
  • Be proactive with a can-do attitude
  • Be tech-savvy
  • Have great communication skills
  • A quick learn who understands new concepts pretty quickly

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5. Assistant Match

They have open positions for virtual assistants.  These are their requirements:

  • High-speed internet connection
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Great communication skills (both email and on the phone)
  • Be available during regular working hours
  • Be able and willing to check and response to emails and voicemails on a daily basis
  • Must have proven working experience in an office
  • Be able to pass criminal background check

6.  Contemporary Virtual Assistance

This is a virtual assistant position open to UK-based residents only. They pay $10 per hour for a start. They offer extensive training and mentoring to accepted candidates.

You must have:

  • A high-speed internet connection
  • Access to a telephone
  • Have experience with Google applications.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite
  • Be familiar with social media platforms like Facebook and Pinterest
  • Knowledge in other areas like WordPress, Infustionsoft, Graphic Design and Photoshop are highly appreciated

7. Vicky Virtual

This is a virtual company that hires receptionists to work from home. One of the requirements is a candidate must be living in the US. Work involves answering incoming calls. They pay $10 per hour.


  • A computer in good working condition
  • High-speech internet connection that’s stable
  • Quiet working environment
  • Ability to use different softwares, email and live chat programs
  • Prior customer service or phone-based support is a plus
  • Ability to input client’s data in various software programs.
  • Have great communication skills both written and spoken.
  • Have a clear vision of about 24 inches from the computer to ensure you see and understand information on the computer screen.

8. Paragon Planners

They have both full-time and part-time jobs. If you are looking for a company that values long-term relationships, then this is the place to be. They usually have open positions for scheduling and appointment setting, event planning, admin/operations support and marketing. Send Michelle Allen an email at [email protected] if you are interested.

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9. 99 Dollar Social

99 Dollar Social is currently hiring Social Media Content Specialists to work from home on a part-time basis. Before work is assigned you must complete 6-7 hours of self-paced online training and a few conference calls. After that, you get 10 accounts to handle minimum and pay is on a flat-rate basis, not hourly. But, most workers here earn $12 per hour on average.

You must have:

  • A computer in good working condition
  • A high-speed internet connection.
  • And be social media savvy

10. Smith.AI

They hire virtual receptionists. They have flexible shifts that will suite your schedule. These shifts can last for 2-7 hours depending on how much work there is to be done. But, they can be broken down into shorter periods to accommodate your lifestyle needs.

Work involves:

  • Answering calls
  • Booking appointments
  • Taking messages and transferring calls among other duties.

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Other Virtual Assistant Companies That Normally Have VA Positions

  • BELAY Solutions
  • Red Butler
  • Zirtual
  • Ziptask
  • Virtual Office VA
  • Clara Labs
  • 24/7 Virtual Assistant
  • Equivity VA
  • FireGang
  • Uassist.Me
  • OkayRelax
  • VASumo
  • NS Virtual Services

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Job Boards & Freelance Marketplaces with Virtual Assistant Jobs

11. Upwork

Formerly oDesk, Upwork is the best freelance marketplace when it comes to online work. They have different categories like SEO, graphic design, social media marketing, and virtual assistant jobs is not exception. Just go to then type virtual assistant jobs in the search bar and a list of all VA jobs posted from 24 hours ago to a few minutes ago will be listed. You can also go to categories then click on “admin & support” section. It will bring up VA jobs, as well. The only drawback here is you have to bid on projects before you can work on them. 

12. Fiverr

A gig is bought every second on Fiverr. This is the best micro job site so far. Fiverr works differently though. Here, you create your profile and list your services. Clients who are interested in those services contact you, make an order then you start working. No bidding is required.

You also get to set your own rates. Minimum is $5 per gig but you can increase that using gig extras and charge as high as $100 per task. Just go to, type “freelance virtual assistant services” a list of fellow virtual assistants will come up with their gigs. See what they are offering, craft your own services and set your own rates. As simple as that!

13. Flex Jobs

This is a great platform because they screen all jobs before posting. So, you can be assured that you will find legitimate virtual assistant jobs here. Only drawback here is you have to register and pay $14.95 per month or $49.95 per year.  Other than that, it’s an awesome place to land full-time/part-time telecommuting, remote work and freelance work from home jobs.

14. Glassdoor

This is a great platform where companies advertise their vacancies. Before going to the companies you should check out Glassdoor first. One thing I like about this platform is they give ratings/reviews to companies so you are able to know at a glance if the company is good to work for or not.

15. Indeed

This website has virtual assistant positions available. Just search ‘virtual assistant’ in the search bar and a list of all posted VA jobs will appear that you can appply to. One thing I love about Indeed is it’s free to register.

16. PeoplePerHour

This site operates in the same way Upwork and Fiverr operate. One, you register, set up your profile and your rates. Clients interested in what you are offering will contact you and create projects for you. Two, you can register, set up your profile then start looking for virtual assistant projects.

17. Remote.Co has hand-curated listings of remote virtual assistant positions. They have jobs in other categories like transcription, writing, graphic design, as well. Just go to the website and click on the ‘jobs‘ section or type ‘virtual assistant jobs’ in the search bar and all available VA openings will be listed. Companies like Equivity and Lifebushido use this platform to advertise their openings.

Virtual Assistant Services You Can Offer From Home

Gina has a FREE list of 150+ services you can offer as a virtual assistant. Click the image below to get it.

virtual assistant services

Final Thoughts

The need for virtual assistant services has never been greater. This is evident in the number of companies and job boards coming out in large numbers to hire professionals just like you.

So, go ahead, choose a couple, send out your best resume and jumpstart your virtual assistant career! This is a profitable career that can earn you up to $60 per hour while sitted in the comfort of your home. What could be better than that?

Are you thinking of starting your own virtual assistant business? If you are then I highly recommend 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Sucess. This is a course created by Gina Horkey. She has been a virtual assistant for many years and makes a full-time income from her VA business. She will teach you everything you need to know to get started.


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