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Finding legitimate work from home jobs can be an uphill battle if you don’t know where to look.

You risk meeting scammers who promise real work from home jobs that can sustain you and your family, only to realize that they are after your hard-earned money.

We’ve all been there.

But, don’t let this scare you! I’m going to show you some of the best legitimate work from home jobs hiring now.

Whether you are searching for full-time or part-time work, this is the place to learn more about them.

I  cover opportunities for moms, dads, retirees, and even college students to make money online.

What I love most about working from home online is you get an opportunity to be your own boss, stay at home with your family, travel the world and still meet your financial needs.

When I first started researching how to work from home, I craved all of the above. It was difficult to achieve at first, but I’m happy to report that my blog has allowed me to be my own boss and achieve financial freedom.

I’m sure that these work from home jobs will get you the type of lifestyle you desire.

Note: These are all no fee work at home jobs that can be found on FlexJobs or Glassdoor.

Disclaimer:  This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, when you make a purchase. Please, read our affiliate disclaimer or privacy policy for more information.

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18 Legit Work From Home Jobs with No Fees

Check out this comprehensive list of 18 of the best work from home jobs to suit your schedule.

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1. Online Proofreading Jobsproofreading jobs to make money at home

If you are searching for real work from home jobs that pay well and are flexible, then online proofreading jobs are your best bet!

As a  freelance proofreader, your work involves going through written documents like books or manuscripts then correcting spelling mistakes and removing any other grammatical errors.

Earning Potential:  You can earn up to $50,000 Per Year

Whenever I think of online proofreading jobs, the one name that comes to mind is that of Caitlin Pyle and her free online training.

Caitlin is a successful online proofreader who earns $50,000+ per year just by proofreading documents from home while enjoying her fun vacations.

real work from home jobs online proofreading jobs

She created a FREE 45-minute proofreading workshop that can teach you how to work from home simply by proofreading documents. It takes hard work to get started, but once you have some clients set up, the work keeps flowing.

Get Instant Access to the FREE Proofreading Workshop!

To see if you have the skills it takes to become a proofreader, take this free proofreading test.

2. Online Survey Jobsonline survey jobs

Another way to work from home is by answering paid online surveys in your free time. Online survey jobs will not earn you six figures but will definitely put a substantial amount in your pocket each month.

Survey Junkie is a great example of work from home companies that pay people to fill out questionnaires about certain products or services.

The company collects invaluable information straight from the consumer (like you) and compiles it for brands. This helps companies improve their products and services, which is worth paying you for!

Online survey jobs can be a great side hustle that you can do while watching TV or while at the grocery store.

People like taking online surveys for money because they are easy and fun to do. Best of all, they won’t take up too much of your time. Just 10 to 30 minutes max.

Earning Potential: You can earn up to $500 Per Month

My favorite survey companies with online survey jobs are:

In addition to taking online surveys, you can shop online, complete trial offers, watch videos or scan receipts to make even more money.

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3. Bookkeeping Jobslegitimate work from home jobs

Working as a bookkeeper offers some of the highest paying work from home jobs on the internet right now. You can earn up to $80 per hour with no experience. Yes, you don’t need the experience to become a bookkeeper.

Your work involves recording financial transactions of small to medium-sized businesses.

If you are looking for no fee work at home jobs that pay well, then I highly encourage you to give bookkeeping some serious thought.

Earn Potential:  Most Bookkeepers Earn $20 – $80 Per Hour

Ben Robinson of Bookkeeper Business Launch specializes in teaching people how to start profitable bookkeeping businesses without any expertise. He teaches the methods he has used to gain clients and make a decent income over the years.

Ben has a FREE 3-part video series that shows you everything you need to know about bookkeeping.  To learn if this is something that you could do to work from home, grab this training while it’s free!

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4. Online Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest work from home jobs out there, and you don’t even need a degree to get started.

As an online affiliate marketer, your work involves promoting other people’s products to your target audience, and when someone buys you earn a commission.

Affiliate marketing programs like Bluehost, teachable, Convertkit, and Shopify are always happy to pay good money for referrals.

How it works. You sign up to be an affiliate of a company. The company provides you with a unique tracking link. Every time a reader clicks your link and makes a purchase (at no extra cost to him or her), you make a commission!

I got to learn about this from Michelle Gardner’s course: Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing.

online affiliate marketer

Michelle’s course taught me affiliate marketing for beginners. It goes in-depth on how to select the right products to promote to your target audience and how to maximize your earnings.  Click here to find out how I earned $4,789 in January.

Does affiliate marketing sound like something you want to do? It’s one of the best work from home jobs for beginners.

Join the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course and start earning today!

5. Start an eCommerce Storeworking from home with an online shopify store

Many online store owners are earning six figures while working from home. Sarah Titus is a good example. She creates and sells digital products like planners and printables. This is a genius method since digital products never sell out! Learn how to make printables to sell just like Sarah is doing.

Sarah leveraged the robust selling tools that Shopify provides and she has grown her business to a monthly income of $200k+.

And guess what?

A huge portion of that money came from her online store.

Click here to set up your online store and start selling printables!

6. Creating Online Coursescreate_and_sell_beautiful_online_courses_on_teachableBloggers who have huge audiences normally create courses online using a platform like Teachable. On the platform, you can create and sell your courses.

Alex and Lauren of Create and Go earn six figures blogging and a big chunk of that money comes from their online courses.

Michelle Gardner, creator of  Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing, is another blogger who has had great success with creating courses online.

Create and Go has a number of courses but the bestselling ones that I can share with you here are:

7. Work From Home Freelance Writing Jobswork from home jobs for moms - freelance writing jobs

Freelance writing jobs are perfect work from home jobs for moms, dads or everyone else who has a creative side to them. Gina Horkey is a successful freelance writer whose name always comes to mind whenever I talk about online writing jobs.

She started working on freelance writing jobs in 2014 and was earning $4,000 per month in the first six months of starting her hustle. She transferred her knowledge and experience into a freelance writing e-course that can help you start and run a successful freelance writing business.

I  highly recommend her course, 30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success if you want to break into freelance writing. She shares strategies and ways to find plenty of legitimate work from home jobs hiring now.

I got lucky to have an interview with Gina sometime back and she shared her experiences with us. Here is the interview: Make Money From Home As a Freelance Writer

8. Virtual Assistant Jobs

A virtual assistant is someone who completes a number of tasks on behalf of someone else online. Most people who are in need of virtual assistants are busy online entrepreneurs, bloggers, pod-casters and business coaches who don’t have the time to do this themselves.

You can work from home, as a virtual assistant by setting appointments, managing social media accounts, creating content or doing keyword research on behalf of your clients. There are even virtual assistant jobs for beginners!

Gina Horkey also took up work as a virtual assistant when she first got started. She later created an amazing course: 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistance Success.

The course is designed to help you launch your own virtual assistant service from home in fewer than 30 days.

Not ready to invest in a course? Grab her FREE copy of 150+ virtual assistant services you can offer from home. The list can help you pinpoint the skills you have that online businesses need.

If you are tight on money, check out my guide on how to become a virtual assistant for free.

9. Flea Market Flipping Jobs

Flea market flipping is when a person buys items at a lower price in one market and then sells them at a higher price in a different market. Basically, this person is flipping items for profit.

Melissa and her husband Rob of Flea Market Flipper have been flipping items for profit for a number of years now.

I had a special interview with Rob and he shared how they made $133,000 through their flea marketing flipping business. 

Together, they made $133,000 in 2016 working 20 hours a week. Even more importantly, they can spend more time with their family than they ever could while working a full-time job.

They also have a great course, Flipper University, that teaches beginners how to earn up to $2,500 per month in the first year of flipping items.

They only accept a few enrollments per every few months. So, their course is not always available. But, if you are interested in flipping, go to Flipper University and join their wait-list. They will notify you when the next enrollment is open.

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10. Online Transcription Jobswork from home online transcription jobs for beginners

A transcriptionist is someone who turns audio or videos files into text. I was a paid transcriptionist for many years before I turned to blogging. You can learn how to become a transcriptionist in my complete guide.

I got most of my online transcription jobs from Rev, Upwork, and

While working on Upwork and, I had the opportunity to work for high-profile online business owners, SEO experts, social media marketers, podcasters, digital marketers among others.

One thing I wish I had back then was a resource like Transcribe Anywhere to hold my hand and help me scale my transcription business.

I had lots of trial and error until I finally got it right. But, you don’t have to take the long route as I did. You can get there quickly by taking this FREE 7-lesson online transcription mini course.

11. Blogging Jobshow to start a blog

Blogging is a cool way to make money from home daily. As a blogger, you get the opportunity to share ideas, connect with like-minded people and earn income with ease.

I have read so many success stories of six-figure bloggers who started out with no blogging experience whatsoever but are now killing it online.

A few I can mention here are Alex and Lauren of Create and Go and Michelle Schroeder-Gardner of Making Sense of Cents.

Michelle’s course: Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing helped me to earn a full-time income online. I mentioned this while discussing becoming an online affiliate marketer.

Don’t be left out. Grab her course and learn how to make money blogging.

Here’s an exclusive offer for all Earn Smart Online Class readers. Start your blog for just $3.95 with Bluehost. You get a FREE domain, FREE SSL Certificate, and 24/7 customer support when you use my exclusive Bluehost referral link. You can’t find this offer anywhere else. So, hurry and get started today!

12. Become an Airbnb Hostwork from home jobs for moms

Do you have extra space in your house or apartment? Rent it out to guests and make money as an  Airbnb host!

Airbnb is a company that enables you to create a listing of your house or the extra space in your house so that guests can rent it for extra cash.

You do this by uploading pictures and details of the apartment, how much you charge, indicate any rules that the guest(s) should be aware of.  If everything is okay, the guest(s) will make a reservation, and then inform you of the date to come.

He or she will come, enjoy his or her stay then pay you the amount agreed upon.  Remember, all these interactions happen via Airbnb. This is one of the best work from home jobs for moms because it just requires a few minutes of your time.

Have an empty room or apartment that you want to rent for a while?

Become an Airbnb host today and start earning money from home!

13. VIPKid Jobs

If you are a degree holder in any field and have time on your hands, you can start teaching with VIPKid and earn up to $22 per hour.

VIPKid is a Chinese based company known to have online English teaching jobs. They hire teachers to teach English to young Chinese kids via Skype.

If you need legit work from home jobs then taking up online English teaching jobs from VIPKid will be a good idea.

VIPKid is a reputable platform that has received recognition from Forbes, WallStreet Journal and the Huffington Post. Forbes ranked VIPKid as No. #3 on its list of the 100 best jobs working from home.

Check out this VIPKid review to learn more!

You don’t have a Bachelor’s degree?

No problem!

Apply to Magic Ears instead. Magic Ears is another great company with legit at home jobs for teachers and they don’t require you to have a degree.

14. Work From Home as a Scopist

You may be wondering, “What is a scopist?” A scopist is someone who edits documents for court reporters, and you do this from the comfort of your home. Scoping is a new work from home job opportunity that you can take advantage of to bring in extra income.

Linda Evenson is a professional scopist who has been in the industry for over 35 years. After becoming a successful scopist, she decided to create Internet Scoping School that has seen her students earning as high as $4,500 per month in just a few short months.

Interest in scoping?

Join her FREE 7-day scoping mini-course that will teach you how to make money as a scopist.

15. Become a Fiverr Selleronline proofreading jobs on Fiverr

Fiverr is a global online marketplace that allows freelancers to offer freelance services referred to as  ‘gigs’ starting at $5.

As a Fiverr Seller, you can sell your graphic design, transcription, translation, virtual assistance, proofreading, or data entry services at a fee.

For example, I was offering my transcription services on Fiverr before I became a blogger. And, I was earning $2,000 per month while working part-time even as a beginner.

Now, I want to add that this was way back when Fiverr was still a startup. Fiverr has now become a household name and Forbes wrote a detailed post of 3 people who are earning six figures a year offering their freelance services on this platform.

Want to offer your freelance services on Fiverr? Dive in and create your first service listing! You won’t know how successful you can be until you sign up for free and give it a try.

16. Pinterest Virtual Assistant Jobs

Pinterest has become a household name these days and for good reasons. Many people use Pinterest to get free website traffic to their blogs.

And guess what?

Most of these people don’t have the time to stay on the platform thus needing Pinterest VA’s. And this is good for you!

As a Pinterest Virtual Assistant, you will work just like a normal virtual assistant but your main focus will be on Pinterest.

You will be in charge of creating eye-catching pins using Canva or PicMonkey. Beautifully designed pins are the very least you’ll want to understand before becoming a Pinterest VA.

Additionally, you would be sharing pins at specific times using Tailwind, gaining more followers, and making sure that the Pinterest accounts are achieving the objective the client expects.

Gina Horkey (seems to be my favorite) collaborated with Kristen Larsen and created a wonderful Pinterest VA course. It’s open for enrollment this month. So, watch out for that.

Get Pinterest Traffic Avalanche course. I enrolled for this course a few months ago and my blog traffic has nearly doubled.

17. Work From Home as a Photographerlegitimate work at home jobs

The internet has made it possible to make extra money with just about anything. And photography is among the real work from home jobs.

In a previous post, I wrote the 19 fabulous places to find free, feminine-styled stock photos.  Well, you will be happy to know that most of those websites have a membership section where they sell their premium photos.

And members are paying as high as $50 per member per month. To do the math real quick. Get 100 or 200 committed members and you will be earning $5,000 or even $10,000 per month on autopilot.

Digital Photography has great resources that can teach you how to become a photographer and take great photos that sell. Join Digital Photography School if photography is something you want to do.

Further Reading: How to Sell Foot Pics

18. Amazon FBA Seller

Amazon is a multi-billion dollar company that helps more than 10,000 Amazon FBA sellers to sell their products online. In 2016, Amazon helped these sellers to generate $1 billion in annual sales. It’s also worth noting that third-party sales on Amazon account for 31% of Amazon annual sales.

As an Amazon seller, your work will involve sending your products in bulk to Amazon then they ship them to customers on your behalf. Amazon handles shipping and inventory, as well.

Jessica Larrew of the Selling Family has been running this business for years and earns six figures doing it.  She has a FREE 3-part video series,  that shows you how to start and run a successful Amazon FBA business from home.

Amazon is a multi-billion dollar company that helps sellers to generate billions of dollars in annual sales. Click here to get started as an Amazon FBA seller!



Final Thoughts on Finding Legit At Home Jobs

And there you have it, folks! 18 legitimate work from home jobs that you can start today to make money online. As you have seen, we have genuine and real work from home jobs for moms, dads, seniors or even college students. Just choose one or two that resonate well with you and turn them into your dream work from home career.

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Have you used any of these work from home jobs or know someone who has?  I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to share in the comments below.

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