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Want to make $500 fast? This list has 14 simple ways to make $500 fast! Click the post and find out how to make money fast today! Wondering how you can make $500 fast? I can help you!

I understand how frustrating it can be when you want to pay a bill or buy groceries but lack the funds to do.

You try borrowing from your friends and they all seem to be in the situation that you are in, but the rent still needs to be paid. What now?

My advise?

Get online and take up simple tasks that can make quick cash!

We have lots of ways that you can explore to make $500 quickly.

A good number (like paid online surveys) can be done in your free time, and some can even make $500 in a day.

So, let’s go over this list of 14 simple ways to make $500 fast!

How to Make $500 Fast (14 Free Ways)

1. Make $500 FAst When you take Online surveys

make money with survey junkie

Survey Junkie is a free survey site with over 5 million members. Survey Junkie will pay you real money to answer surveys from the comfort of your home.

Most surveys take 10 to 15 minutes to complete and you can take them in your free time.

Survey Junkie also has a $2 sign up bonus when you create an account and complete your profile.

Click here to create a free Survey Junkie account and make sure you provide the correct information. Surveys are normally sent via email. If the email is wrong, you will miss them and you won’t make any money.

For every survey you complete, you will earn points redeemable for free gift cards or PayPal cash.

Answering surveys won’t make you rich but they can fetch you an extra 500 dollars this month.

Click here to start earning with Survey Junkie today!

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2. Install the Nielsen App and Make $50 Fast

make money with Nielsen computer and mobile panel

Love browsing the internet? You can claim $50 today from Nielsen Consumer Panel. Nielsen is an awesome website willing to pay you $50 yearly to have their app installed on your devices.

It could be a tablet, a smartphone or a laptop. It doesn’t really matter what you use. Just have the Nielsen app installed and you will earn the $50 continuously.

Click here to install the Nielsen app and earn $50 today!

3. Quickly Get $500 with ZippyLoan

make $500 at zippyloan

Another faster way to get $500 is to take a personal loan. ZippyLoan is an awesome website that can easily get you $500 in one day

All you need to do is just go to the ZippyLoan website then answer a few questions like your contact details and the amount of money you need. You also get the opportunity to check the offers and decide if they are what you need.

I love ZippyLoan because it is a financial platform that connects borrowers and lenders and you can borrow between $100 and $15,000 as soon as tomorrow!

ZippyLoan offers low-interest rates and you can service your loan for a period of 60 months. How cool is that?

Click here to visit ZipplyLoan and get your $500 today!

4. Make More Than 500 Dollars from DoorDash

Food delivery companies are always looking for drivers to deliver food to customers on their behalf. A company like DoorDash will pay you up to $25 per hour to make food deliveries your home town or locations near you.

If you work 5 hours per day, that’s $125. You multiply that by 4 days and you have your $500. If you’ve been wondering how to make $500 in a week, now you have your answer.

Click here to go to the DoorDash website and find out how you can start earning $500 this week!

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5. Walk Dogs and Make $500 or More

If you love playing with pets especially dogs, you can grab petting sitting jobs from Rover and earn up to $1000 per month.

Rover is a relatively new app that connects dog owners with dog sitters/walkers. I love Rover because it gives ou the opportunity to set your own hours and decide how much you want to be paid for each sitting.

Rover has a wide range of services that you can offer as a dog sitter/walker. You can choose dog boarding which involves caring for a dog overnight in your home.

Dog boarding offers the highest earnings. Dog owners are willing to double the amount they pay for other services.

We have the dog walking, doggy daycare and house-sitting or drop-ins where you check up on pets from time to time.

Ready to get started with this side hustle?

Click here to sign up for a free Rover account then create your profile. In the profile, give detailed information on the types of dogs you want to care for and show your availability.

Once you complete this process, you will start receiving requests from pet parents.

Rover really cares for their pet sitters and for every task that you complete, they will send you your payments in just 2 business days.

Click here to start walking dogs and earn up to $500 in just 2 weeks!

6. Make $500 in a day or so on Declutter

Declutter is an awesome website that can make you money by selling your phones, tables,  DVDs, CDs, Blue-rays or video games.

Selling here is pretty easy. You just scan the bar-code of your items for sale and the app will tell you how much you can sell the items for.

One thing I love about Declutter is that shipping is free and you get your money within 2 days of shipping the products. They will send you a check or direct deposit into your bank account.

They also have an extra 3% bonus. Click here to receive your extra 3% bonus on trade-in.

7. Make $500 by Using a Free Money-Saving Bot


If you think about it, saving money is a way of making money. Think of the hundreds or even thousands of dollars you lose every year on subscriptions you rarely use or don’t need.

Trim is an awesome app that can negotiate your Comcast bill, cancel unnecessary subscriptions and even find you better insurance.

Interested in saving money?

Just connect your financial accounts to Trim and let the app do the hard work of saving money for you.

Getting started with Trim is quick and easy. It’s 100% free. 

Click here to join Trim today!

8. Join Fiverr and Earn More Than $500

Offering your freelancing services on Fiverr can be a great way to bring in extra cash fast. Joining Fiverr is quick and easy. Takes 5 minutes max and you can set up your services and start earning as early as today!

You sell your services starting at $5 but there is room to charger more per order, up to $1,500 on larger projects.

I worked for Fiverr for a number of years and I earned $500 in a week.

Click here to learn more about the earning potential of Fiverr!

9. Find Out if Stores Owe You Money 

Paribus reviews

Did you buy stuff recently and the prices of those items dropped? It’s time to get the extra money back. You can use this cool app called Paribus to get your refunds.

Paribus is a free app that scans your emails for any online purchases across hundreds of retailers. When they find a price drop on an item(s), they work hard to ensure that you get the extra cash back. It could be $20, $100 or even $200.

You don’t even need to know that there is a price drop. You’ll just receive the refunds once the whole process is over. How cool is that?

Click here to sign up for a free Paribus account and start getting refunds on all your online purchases.

10. Make $500 from InboxDollars

InboxDollars is a trusted company that’s been in existence since 2000. This awesome company will pay you money to watch videos of cute cats or cooking shows.

They have a FREE $5 sign up bonus and you can make $500 by searching the web, taking paid online surveys, playing online games or reading emails. They’ve paid out $10 million so far to its participants.

 Click here to receive your $5 bonus and start earning with InboxDollars!

11. Get Cashback and Make $500 from Ebates

make money with ebates

Ebates is a cashback website that’s partnered with over 2,000 online stores to give you 1% to 40% cash back on ALL your online purchases.

And that’s not all. You can make 500 dollars through the Ebates referral program.

If you’ve got lots of friends who do online shopping you can refer them to Ebates and make $25 per person.

No much work is needed on your part. You simply refer people to the website and earn FREE money whenever a new person signs up using your affiliate link, and there is no limit of the number of people to invite. You can invite as many people as you like.

Got friends and family who want cash back?

Click here to join Ebates for free and get your $10 welcome bonus plus $25 for each referral!

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12. You Can Earn More Than $500 from Airbnb

make $500 fast as an airbnb host

If you have an extra room in your house that you don’t use, you can rent it out to guests using the Airbnb app and make up to $200 per week.

Not sure how to go about it?

Just head over to Airbnb and look around. Airbnb will even tell you how much you can earn per month in your side of town.

For example, Airbnb is telling me that my side of town can earn me up to $756 per month. That’s extra income I can get every single month for taking just a few simple steps.

I love Airbnb because it’s free to join and very easy to create a listing. Guests are pre-screened before coming and they pay before they arrive.

You don’t have to worry about them not paying because Airbnb makes sure that you get your money via PayPal, direct deposit or international money transfer.

Click here to find out how much you can make in your area and list your room to start earning today!

13. Earn $500 Passively at Lending Club

Lending money is an old passive income idea that you can take advantage of today. But, thanks to Lending Club, you won’t be lending money the old fashioned way, which involves a lot of risks. Lending Club is an awesome website that connects borrowers with private investors.

As an investor, expect an investment return of 6-10% in interest rate.  It is less risky because Lending Club allows you to lend as little as $25 per person.

Click here to join Lending Club and starting earning 6-10% interest!

14. Add Some Extra Cash to the $500 Using Slice the Pie

You can also make money fast today by reviewing music at Slice the Pie.

Slice the Pie is a paid music reviewing site that pays you to give honest feedback on uploaded music. You will earn cash on every review you leave.

They do this to help upcoming musicians to know what the crowd thinks of their songs.

Your reviews must be well thought out and in good English. Generic reviews will be rejected and you won’t get paid.

Slice the Pie also has a referral program and you can earn money by referring others. You will receive a cash bonus every time they review music.

This is a legit company that pays via PayPal twice a week.

Click here to start earning cash on Slice the Pie.


And there you have it, folks! A list of 14 free ways to make $500 fast to help you pay rent, buy groceries or save for that wonderful vacation you’ve been dreaming about.

I believe that if you’ve been searching for phrases like “how to make $500 fast, how to make $500 in a day, free money fast, how to make 500 dollars fast in one day or how to make $500 fast as a kid” your search is now over.

Using one or those ways combined will see you taking home more than 500 dollars. I can guarantee you.

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