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Best Delivery Driver Jobs Hiring NowIf you are searching for the best delivery driver jobs, you’ve come to the right place!

Delivery driver jobs are in high demand nowadays and they can be a great way for you to earn extra money on the side.

I recently wrote a detailed post about the best gig economy jobs that pay well and food delivery driver jobs were top on the list.

Statistics released by revealed that the online food delivery market has hit $22+ million in 2019 and that number is expected to increase to $28+ million by 2023.

Pretty exciting! Right?

But, how does this concern you?

Well, if you are looking for part-time delivery driver jobs or even a full-time gig, these statistics can really work in your favor.

Restaurants need food delivery companies like Postmates and DoorDash to provide a convenient delivery service to customers who need restaurant food but can’t get to the restaurant.

So, food delivery companies go out looking for delivery drivers like you and me. And this creates an opportunity for you to make a decent amount just by delivering food to customers on their behalf. You can do this over the weekend or in the evenings if you have a full-time (9-5) job.

But, do you know what the best delivery driver jobs are?

If you don’t know, that’s alright.

My job today is to show you delivery driving jobs that are hiring and that pay well too!

We are going to cover on how food delivery works, delivery driver jobs requirements, the favorable delivery driver companies to work for, how much each company pays and how to sign up for each.

Keep reading to find out more!

How does food delivery work?

The general concept of food delivery is very straight forward, really, all thanks to technology.

How this works is, restaurants choose which food delivery services they want to work with. It can be Doordash, Uber Eats, Postmates or any other delivery company for that matter.

They base their decision on the company’s efficiency, customer service, and geographical location. Then the chosen company interviews delivery drivers and assign them work (orders) using food delivery apps.

The DoorDash app is a great example of food delivery apps that have bridged the gap between restaurants and consumers.

As a dasher, you download the driver app, fill in your contact details then wait for a representative to reach out to you. If you qualify, this will be communicated to you and your account will be activated.

You will then login into the app, get access to all available orders, choose the ones you want to fulfill then start earning on your own schedule.

Delivery Driver Jobs Requirements

Different food delivery services have different driver requirements but the most common across the board for delivery driver jobs are:

  • Must live in the United States or Canada
  • Be at least 18 years or older
  • Have a valid driver’s license and auto insurance – a must for every driver
  • Get yourself a Smartphone – iPhone or Android
  • Have access to a car and a clean driving record

Now that you’ve met the driver job requirements, let’s have look at the companies offering delivery driver jobs this year.

 Best Food Delivery Driver Jobs (Near Me)

I want to point out that we have a lot of companies offering the same service but my focus is on the best food delivery driver jobs that you can take advantage of starting today. Let’s have a look!

1. DoorDash

DoorDash drivers

DoorDash offers the best delivery driver jobs and they are always hiring drivers (dashers). Their main focus is on delivering restaurant meals to customers in various locations.

I love DoorDash because they pay per delivery and you get to see how much you’ll earn before you take on the order(s). They also reward drivers by giving out $1 for every delivery made and still allow you to take home all the bonus tips you receive from the customers. How cool!

Unlike other delivery driver jobs, DoorDash is quite flexible on the transportation methods to use when delivering meals.  You can use a car, a bike, a scooter or even walk if the customer is nearby. No restrictions whatsoever.

For you to qualify, you must be at least 18 years old, have a car or a scooter, a valid driver’s license and auto insurance

Earning Potential: The average earnings of a driver (dasher) at DoorDash is about $18/hour.

Delivering food for DoorDash can be a great way to bring in extra income in the evenings or over the weekend. If you are interested in working for DoorDash you can sign up directly on their website or download the DoorDash app on your phone.

Click here to join DoorDash and earn up to $25 per hour working on your own schedule!

You can also check out this detailed DoorDash review to get more information.

2. PostMates

postmates delivery driver

Postmates was founded in 2011 and offers an on-demand food delivery service that covers food, groceries, alcohol and other related items. Postmates has earned a solid reputation and prides itself in delivering groceries and liquor in under an hour.

And this is a great thing for the Postmates drivers. The faster you can get groceries or alcohol to a client the more orders you’ll fulfill, and more orders mean more money!

A lot of restaurants, not to mention grocery stores have partnered with Postmates to not only increase their sales but also to offer a convenient and affordable delivery service that their customers can rely on. They operate in 385 cities across the United States.

Postmates has taken the food delivery service a notch higher nowadays. They provide a free delivery bag and a Postmates Prepaid Credit Card to the drivers.

The card always has enough funds and can be used to pay for orders if you reach a restaurant or a grocery store and find that the orders have not been paid for yet. How convenient?

Just like DoorDash, you must be 18 years of age, have a car or a bike and a driver’s license for you to qualify.

Earning Potential: Postmates has a wide customer base with restaurants and convenient stores, and most Postmates drivers earn about $25 an hour. You can also earn bonus tips from customers on a good day.

Pros of Delivering with Postmates

  • Free to sign up and fast to get started
  • Earn money on your own schedule
  • You keep 100% of your earnings when you complete a delivery
  • You get to see how much you earn after each delivery
  • You can cash out instantly or get free weekly deposits
  • Free delivery bag and a prepaid card loaded with funds
  • You get to easily identify busy areas in your city using the Postmates driver app
  • Lots of tips and bonuses

Cons of Delivering with Postmates

  • If you fail to deliver orders on time you will be denied access to new orders
  • You may have to make deliveries in locations that are far away

Want to get your hands on the Postmates jobs? Great!

You can sign up through the website directly or download the Postmates fleet app here and get started today!

The Postmates app is an awesome food delivery app that will help you make even more money if used correctly.

3. Uber Eats

Uber Eats is a subsidiary company to Uber, a popular ride-sharing company.  You can earn money from Uber Eats by delivering food orders to customers in your city or the surrounding areas.

This delivery company is among the best food delivery companies out there today, and that’s why it’s come third on the list.

Uber Eats was founded in 2014 but has quickly gained traction leveraging its parent company’s popularity and market penetration.

Making food deliveries for Uber Eats is fun and enjoyable. You have no boss, meaning you are your own boss with flexible working hours, and you get to explore your city as you drop off food. Uber Eats jobs are amazing if you asked me.

Driver requirements differ in different countries or cities. The Uber Eats driver requirements for my country/city are: you must be 18 years old, have a vehicle or a motorbike, valid driver’s license, a valid national identity card, police clearance certificate, and valid comprehensive insurance.

How to Get Started As an Uber Eats Driver

Pros of Delivering with Uber Eats

  • Popular and reliable
  • You can work whenever you want, simply log in and start doing deliveries
  • Large customer base which translates to more order deliveries and more cash for the driver

Cons of Delivering with Uber Eats

  • Uber Eats vehicle requirements are stringent and will depend on your vehicle model and year.
  • Whereas most companies will take a 20 percent fee off the delivery order, Uber Eats takes 25 percent

Already have an account? Log into your Uber Eats driver app here and start making money delivery food!

4. Instacart

instacart groceries car delivery

If you want to get paid to shop, then you should definitely check out Instacart.

Instacart is a same-day grocery delivery service that hires shoppers and delivery drivers in the United States and Canada.

Instacart shoppers can make money in two ways:

  • Full-Service Shopper
  • In-Store Shopper

A full-service shopper shops and delivers groceries to the customer’s doorstep while the in-store shopper just shops and bags the groceries within the store.

A full-service shopper earns more because he does double the work and might even receive tips from the customers, but both jobs pay really well.

Let’s have a comparison of the two Instacart shoppers to help you see what’s a good fit for you.

Full-Service ShopperIn-Store Shopper
  • Work as an independent contractor
  • You need to have a vehicle
  • Choose hours that work for you
  • Shop and deliver groceries
  • Get paid weekly
  • Work as a part-time employee
  • No need to have a vehicle
  • Flexible schedule. Set your own hours
  • Shop and bag groceries for pick-up
  • Get paid weekly

Instacart shopper requirements for both full-service and in-store shoppers are almost the same. You must be 18 years or over, eligible to work in the United States, consistent access to a vehicle, have a recent Smartphone and be able to lift 30-40lbs

For full-service shoppers, Instacart is very considerate and they even allow you to work as a food delivery driver for other services like Lyft, Postmates or Uber Eats. No restrictions whatsoever!

Interested in becoming a personal grocery shopper for Instacart? Download the Instacart shoppers’ app here to get started!

5. GrubHub

GrubHub has grown into quite a powerhouse in the food delivery space. This food delivery company has more than 19.9 million active users serving 115,000 restaurants across 2200 cities in the United States.

GrubHub drivers get to set their own hours, deliver on their own schedule and still get paid competitive rates.

For you to qualify as a GrubHub delivery partner, you must be 19+ years old, own an iPhone with iOS 10 or higher, have a checking account for direct deposits and pass a background check.

If you will be making deliveries using a bicycle, you’ll need to have a valid state ID while for the vehicle requires a valid driver’s license (for at least 2 years) and auto insurance.

Drivers working with GrubHub benefit from the large customer base that this company has built over time. Partnering with this company as a driver allows you to schedule your own working time blocks for a good balance between life and work.

How to get started as a GrubHub Delivery Partner

  • To start delivering with Grubhub is quick and easy
  • Just head over to the signup page then submit your application
  • Include your driver’s license and insurance
  • A representative will reach out and set up your account
  • The next step will be on-boarding – here, you will learn more about the GrubHub app, how to set up your schedule and how to pick up orders ready for delivery.
  • Get your orders and hit the road!

Click here to become a Grubhub delivery partner and start earning today!

Pros of Delivering for GrubHub

  • Has an upfront payment structure with drivers earning $ 3.25 for every delivery and a generous bonus for every $ 0.50 on every mile covered.
  • In selected markets, GrubHub offers an hourly minimum wage of $10 provided you service more than 90 percent of the orders that come your way.
  • Has a large customer base, which means more delivery orders for the driver.
  • You get to set your own schedule
  • Get weekly cash deposits

Cons of Delivering for GrubHub

  • The app has the tendency of being inaccurate at times
  • You may have to make deliveries in far locations.

6. Amazon Flex


Becoming a delivery partner for Amazon Flex is another great way to earn money on your own schedule. You can make $18-$25 per hour just by delivering packages with Amazon.

You will be your own boss, work whenever you want and you will still get time to do things that are important to you.

How to Get Started As an Amazon Delivery Service Partner

To get started with the Amazon delivery driver jobs, you need to download the Amazon Flex app, select a service area you want to deliver Amazon packages to, then provide your tax and payment details.

As an Amazon delivery service partner, you’ll get four delivery opportunities to make money: – Deliver packages directly to the customer from Amazon delivery station (delivery blocks are 3 -6 hours)

Prime Now and Amazon Fresh – Deliver groceries and household items directly to the customer from Amazon delivery station (delivery blocks are 2-4 hours)

Store Orders – Deliver orders directly to the customer from local stores  (delivery blocks are 2-4 hours)

Instant Offers – These are on-the-spot deliveries near your location, only available in selected areas (deliveries take 15 – 45 minutes)

For you to qualify as an Amazon driver, you must be 21 years old, have a driver’s, a Smartphone (iPhone or Android),  a car for Prime Now orders and a 4-door mid-sized or large vehicle for orders.

How Driving for Amazon Flex Works

You will need to have the Amazon Flex app handy. You will be able to tell Amazon about your availability using the delivery blocks. When there is a package for delivery during your shift, Amazon will direct you to an Amazon delivery station from where you will pick up the package, scan, load and deliver to a designated customer address.

The Amazon Flex app provides you with the necessary directions. Once delivery is made, you can then see your earnings on the app.

Pros of Driving with Amazon Flex

  • Many opportunities to make money
  • Set your own work schedule
  • Great earnings. Earn $18 to $25 an hour
  • Be your own boss

Cons of Driving with Amazon Flex

  • Amazon Flex is only available in select states at the moment
  • The driver may have to return undelivered goods
  • On occasion, the deliveries can be quite far

If you want to turn your free time into part-time or supplemental income, then  I highly encourage you to give Amazon Flex a chance.

Click here to join Amazon Flex and start earning $25/hour!

7. Shipt

shipt shoppers

Shipt is very much like Instacart but here you do both jobs. You can choose one over the other. You get paid to shop and deliver groceries (fresh foods) or household items to customers.

For you to work well as a shopper, you will need to get the Shipt shopper app. Everything from scheduling, accepting orders and shopping for the orders is done through the app. So, have it handy beforehand.

Getting started as a Shipt shopper is very quick and easy

  • Go to the Shipt sign up page then apply
  • A representative will reach out then schedule an interview
  • After the interview, you will wait for your account to be approved
  • Once approved, you will download the Shipt shopper app then start receiving orders

The Shipt shopper requirements are: be at least 18 years of age, get a valid driver’s license and auto insurance, a reliable vehicle (1997 or newer), know how to select fresh produce, insulated cooler bags, a Smartphone and the ability to lift 40 pounds.

Most Shipt deliveries take an hour and you get paid $22 per hour for each delivery. You get weekly payments for work done the previous week.

Pros of Delivering for Shipt

  • Choose your working hours
  • You have the freedom to choose which orders you want to take.
  • The app shows you the earnings estimate for each order
  • Earn up to $22 per hour

Cons of Delivering for Shipt

  • Drivers’ pay is on a weekly basis (this could be a pro for some drivers)

8. Caviar

Caviar, as the name suggests, is a luxury delivery service that caters to high-end restaurants. The only issue is that most high profile restaurants don’t do takeaways.

But the few that do are willing to pay a premium for delivery service. And that’s where a caviar food delivery service comes in. A driver partnered with caviar can expect perks like;


  • You can earn up to $25 an hour on a busy day.
  • Get paid instantly
  • 1 Parking fees reimbursement for every 100 tickets
  • Their app allows you to see drop-off points and earnings before accepting a delivery request


  • Caviar is not very well positioned in the market yet, so it means delivery orders are not frequent
  • Their customer base is awfully small

9. Saucey


If delivering alcoholic beverages to happy customers and earning while you are at it sounds appealing, then you will probably fall in love with Saucey. The Saucey app allows shoppers to digitally order most alcoholic beverages and have them delivered to their door.

This can range from Vodkas, beers, Gins, wine, whiskeys and so forth. In some markets, Saucey requires that you have access to a vehicle, but some of their market segments allow for riders to use a bicycle, scooter or motorbike.


  • You choose which areas you want to deliver to
  • You can earn between $10 to $22 an hour
  • The vehicle requirement is not too stringent


  • Popular but small coverage with plans to extend to new zones and US cities
  • The app does not include an in-tip feature

Making deliveries for Saucey is a laid back job with little stress plus you get to manage your time off work. Although the apps coverage zones are not so expansive, its current geographies have a lot of booze orders that will keep a driver earning consistently.

10. Deliv delivery Jobs


Founded in 2012, Deliv has become a go-to courier solution for large national multichannel retailers. Deliv prefers riders to do their deliveries in most markets with the exception of New York where you will need a vehicle. Their top earners make about $22 an hour.

Most drivers partnered with Deliv appreciate the fact that you are only assigned deliveries with a 15-mile radius.

Deliv Delivery Driver Requirements:

  • Must be 18 years of age
  • Access to a car (1998 or newer
  • Latest Smartphone with data plan
  • You should speak English fluently
  • Be able to lift 50 lbs
  • Have 1+ driving experience
  • Pass a background check
  • Be able to offer great customer service

Pros of delivering with Deliv

  • Earn up to $22 an hour
  • Use a motorcycle in nearly all markets
  • Sizeable customer base and deliveries cover a wide range of categories. From food and beverage to parcels

Cons of delivering with deli

  • Lack of consistent hours

If you are more of a rider and not a driver, then you may find Deliv to be the best option for you as most of their delivery partners are actually bikers. Bikers will feel right at home with Deliv.

11. GoShare

Driving with GoShare, you can expect a lot of pulling, hauling and lifting. As such, a mid-sized vehicle such as a box truck, van or pick up is a vehicle requirement. With GoShare you have the option to work as a GoShare helper or GoShare driver.

The GoShare app does an amazing job of pairing businesses, companies and individuals who need some heavy lifting done by GoShare drivers with different sized trucks and vans that will suit their needs.

Items to be moved can range from office furniture to house moves and everything in between. Their crew will load, secure, transport and offload your items. GoShare drivers can earn $42 to $70 an hour.

Pros of Driving for GOShare

  • A great option for pickups and truck drivers
  • Option to work as a GoShare helper or GoShare delivery driver
  • High paying gigs. You can earn up to $70 per hour
  • Only work on projects that you like
  • Get paid weekly

Cons of driving for Goshare

  • Some experience in handling bigger and heavier items is prudent in order to avoid injuries
  • No room for riders or smaller cars

If you have a big truck that is lying around doing nothing, you can get it to earn through Goshare.

People who own a truck or van and have the know-how on moving bulkier loads such as huge boxes without dislocating any discs can make a decent buck doing this.

Conclusion on the Best Delivery Driver Jobs

If you can drive, have a decent car and looking to make an extra buck on the side, there is no reason why you shouldn’t consider partnering with the above brands as a grocery shopper or delivery driver.

Although food delivery services like Uber Eats may have strict vehicle requirements, they still offer good pay with flexible working hours.

You will also notice that not all delivery companies expect you to have a car. Some of them allow using a scooter, motorbikes or even going on foot.  This will not only lower your fuel cost, but you can weave through downtown traffic like no one else.

Whichever way you look at it, best delivery driver jobs may be the perfect fit for you. Why? Because they come with decent pay and you get to choose the hours and days to work, which indeed is a luxury that most people working on a regular job (9-5 workers) don’t enjoy.

For as long as you meet the minimum requirements set by any of the delivery businesses above i.e. a decent vehicle, clean criminal record, valid driver’s license, and a Smartphone, you are good to roll.

By now if you had questions like “which food delivery service is the best for drivers? How much do food delivery drivers make? Or, what driving jobs pay the best?” I believe that they’ve all been answered.

Have you worked as a delivery driver or know someone currently using delivery driver jobs to make extra money? I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment below!

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10 Best Delivery Driver Jobs Hiring Now


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