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Are you working online? Do you buy or sell products and services electronically? What payment methods do you use? If you don’t have any, let me show you “How to Easily Create a PayPal Account.”

For the past few weeks, I’ve gotten lots of emails from my esteemed readers asking about how to join PayPal and how it operates. Well, today, I have decided to write a post detailing this service.

PayPal is a global online payment system that allows the transfer of funds from one account to another. It’s also a faster and safer way of buying and selling goods and services from sites like Amazon and eBay.

What are the requirements?

The requirements for opening a Paypal account are as follows:

  • Full names
  • Postal/Physical address
  • A working phone number and,
  • An email address.

PayPal is very sensitive. Make sure you type your full names as they appear on your National Identity Card, Social Security Number, or your driving license. Otherwise, you will experience difficulty verifying your account.

Also, use a working email address. There is a long digit code that is sent to your email address immediately you open the account. They may instruct you to use that code to verify your account. So, using a wrong/invalid email might mean losing that code. Your contact info is also sent to that same email. Be sure to keep your email account safe and secure at all times. If someone gets ahold of such information, by accident, they might hack your account or worse still withdraw your hard-earned money without your consent.

How to OPEN a PayPal Account

create a paypal account

Making a PayPal account is as easy as opening a Facebook account. All you need to do is click here. You will see ‘Sign up for free’ as shown above. Click on that button and you will be taken to the next page shown below.

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register with paypal

Here you have:

a)  Opening individual account

b)  Opening a business account – best for merchants

c)  Open an individual account – best for beginners

For now, just choose ‘individual’. You can change it later if you wish. Click on ‘open an account’. From here you will be taken to the next page that looks like this.

paypal registration

As we discussed earlier, insert the correct information here. Type a valid email address, a complex password, your full names, date of birth, postal/physical address etc. Make sure this info is correct.

Note: The page was too long. I had to divide it into two

paypal terms and conditions

Here, you insert your day-time phone number. This may be used if you have a dispute or any other problem with your Paypal account. They can communicate with you live rather than sending emails back and forth.

If you have a credit card tick that button that says ‘link my credit card…’ If you don’t have one yet, leave that box blank and that section will become inactive. But, if you do, you will be required to insert a 3-digit code found on the left side of your credit card. Hit agree and create an account button. If all information is correct your account will be created.

After that, the next step is to head over to your email account in your inbox and click on the PayPal email. You will see a message similar to this one below.

payoneer card

How to verify your PayPal account using Payoneer Card

You can verify your account in two ways. One is by clicking on ‘verify your account’ or by adding a card. Either way, the process is the same. My account is verified. So, let’s use the other method.

The next step here is to click on ‘Link your card’ if you have a Payoneer or Equity bank. In this case, I have a Payoneer card.

·         Go to your PayPal account.

·         Hover on Profile

·         You will see a drop-down menu with details like ‘Add Email’, ‘Add Bank Account’, ‘Add Credit Card’ etc.

·         Click on ‘Add Credit Card’

·         Then ‘Add Card’

·         You will be taken to the next page

·         Insert your full names and choose a card type

·         If it’s a master card or a visa card, choose one that is appropriate

·         Then hit the ‘add card’ button.

·         The verification process will start.

·         A small amount will be deducted from your Payoneer account but it will be returned later. This is to ensure that you are indeed the owner of that account.

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How to transfer money from PayPal to Your Payoneer card

Go to your PayPal account and click on ‘Withdraw’ as shown below.

paypal credit

The next page will show you ‘Withdraw funds to your bank account’. As you can see below the transfer will take 3-4 Business Days. The transaction is free in the US but they charge a fee in countries like Kenya. In my case, they normally charge me 1% of the total amount. If it’s $200 they charge me $2 for the transaction. In my personal experience, the best way to reduce transaction costs is to wait for the amount to accumulate before requesting a transfer.

money transfer

The next page will show you the balance you have in your account. There is also a section for you to enter the amount you wish to withdraw. They will ask you to confirm the bank account. It’s really important to have the right bank account because if the info is wrong the payment will be reversed back to your account and a reversal fee will be charged on your account.

bank wire transfer

After choosing the correct bank account selecting the amount to withdraw,  this is the message that you will receive in your email account. It will contain:

·         Total amount transferred

·         Bank Account and,

·         Transaction ID

payoneer credit

In 3 business days, this is what you will see in your Payoneer account. A detailed message showing that your funds were successfully loaded to your account.

Note:  I understand that PayPal no longer accepts new Payoneer cards but old cards are still in use. So, I have written this post as a guide. The process of creating and verifying your PayPal account with your MasterCard or Visa Card is still the same.

Next, I will be covering “How to Connect Your Equity Bank to Your PayPal Account”

Have you connected any of your cards to your PayPal account? Was it successful? What challenges did you face? Please, feel free to share them below.

If you haven’t signed up with Payoneer yet, get signed up today. It’s a simple process that will take you fewer than 5 minutes, and you won’t have to worry about failed online transactions again.


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