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There are so many apps and websites around these days. One of the best ways to perfect a website or app and ensure a positive user experience is to test it out.

Real people can get paid to test and review websites to share their honest thoughts and opinions.

If you want to get paid to test apps, websites, to both, this could be a great flexible income stream that you can do from the comfort of your own home. You may not need too much experience to get started .

Here’s what you can expect and websites to help you get started if you’re looking to get started with this low effort side hustle or full-time job.

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What Does an App or Website Tester Do?

What Does an App or Website Tester Do

Wondering what website and app testers actually do? They mainly evaluate websites to test the performance of the site or app online.

This often involves pretending to be a normal user to assess different areas such as the design and functionality of the website.

Then, you provide detailed feedback based on your experience. Sometimes, this involves writing a full report, completing a questionnaire or even filming a video response of your experience. 

Some website testers actually have coding and development experience and can speak to certain aspects of the website or app more in-depth. This includes website speed, safety, software applications and more. 

The good new is that even if you don’t know Javascript or app coding, you still probably use websites and apps. This puts you in a good place to review them, catch bugs, and test out different features to provide helpful feedback. 

How Much Money Can You Make Testing Apps and Websites?

How Much Money Can You Make Testing Apps and Websites

There are a few different ways to make money testing apps. Some opportunities are offered by websites that pay part-time workers on a contract basis.

Other times, companies may even hire an official website or app tester if they have bigger projects or more work opportunities.

According to Glassdoor, the National average salary of a website tester is $62,453 per year. Some even earn up to $90,000 per year.

Some of the highest-paying U.S. cities for app and website testers include New Mexico, Alaska, Virginia, and Nevada. 

Other gig sites may pay you to test apps and websites even if you don’t have credentials. These companies work with clients that have websites and just want general feedback about the look and feel of the site or app to improve functionality and user experience.

These gig sites may pay around $15 to $25 per hour to test apps and websites. 

Places that Pay You to Test Apps

Places that Pay You to Test Apps

You have a lot of options if you’re looking to get paid to test apps specifically. If you have a smartphone and are willing to provide your honest feedback, this is a great starting point.

Below are some credible options that will help you make money testing apps right away. 



UserTesting pays you to test apps and websites from home. UserTesting works with brands from all over the world to help them improve their latest technologies and innovative solutions with testing conducted by real people. 

New test opportunities are available each day and users have taken more than 1.4 million tests since 2020.

To get started with UserTesting, you need a computer or smart phone that meets their minimum requirements.

To apply, you can sign up on the website and complete a practice test. 

UserTesting allows you to record a video of yourself walking through the website or app and sharing first impressions.

Share your preferences and experience to be matched with the best test opportunities. Once you complete a test, the payment will be added to your account. Tests vary in terms of length and type. 

Testers are paid weekly via PayPal and the payment is released 7 days after completing your website or app test.

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2. uTest


uTest is one of the largest communities of digital software freelance testers around. New users can actually receive training to become better app and software testers. Some of uTest’s clients include Starbucks, McDonald’s, Tesla, Mastercard, Uber, and more. 

Testers earn money for submitting bugs and test cases, completing usability surveys, and referral bonuses. You get paid twice a month as a tester and via either PayPal or Payoneer.

Once you sign up, you have full access to the uTest Academy. This is an educational platform that’s dedicated to training testers and providing them with the necessary skills to be successful. 

Paid projects are offered on the project board where you can see a description of the task, any requirements, and estimated duration.

Some of these app tests may require more time or involve you using the app for several days in order to find bugs. 

Be sure to read each product description carefully before accepting because your payment may be based on a condition such as you finding bugs in the app so the company can troubleshoot.

3. Ubertesters


Ubertesters is a crowd testing platform that hires people to complete a variety of tests for market research such as exploratory, user experience, mystery shopping tests, and more.

All you need to get started is a smartphone, desktop, tablet, and some free time to start testing. 

There are two types of testing opportunities you can apply for. A QA tester (quality assurance) requires previous experience in QA. Or, you can join as a beta tester to provide user experience feedback. There are no requirements to join as a beta tester. 

To get started, fill out a form to share about yourself and your technical skills. Then, one of Ubertester’s managers will reach out with instructions to complete the certification process.

Once you’re approved to join, you’ll gain access to opportunities to test apps, websites, and digital products from global brands.

Ubertesters pays once a month via PayPal, Amazon gift cards, or Upwork. Sometimes they also pay via bank transfer.

4. Test IO

Test IO

Test IO hires freelance testers to check out websites and apps to offer their honest feedback. You can get an exclusive access to new apps from top companies and share your honest opinion and experience.

Testers work part-time and you can sign up easily online. Just enter your basic information via the registration form on the website.

If your application is approved, you’ll get onboarded through the company’s library digital of testing resources. Test IO will send your invitation to receive your first test and you’ll get paid when you submit a bug or reproduction from that particular test. 

As you learn and grow your skills, you’ll receive more invites for tests based on your skills and interests. Most testers get 5 opportunities per day to complete a paid app test.

You can choose which tests you want to take based on your availability and interests. To get paid, you’ll need a PayPal account, IBAN bank account, or an account with Skrill. 

Places that Pay You to Test Websites

Places that Pay You to Test Websites

There are plenty of ways to get paid to test websites during your spare time or even as a regular job. Testing websites might not require as much technical and software experience as testing an app. 

Most people use websites daily and know how to navigate them so this feedback could be really helpful to market research companies and their clients.

Here are 4 places to get paid to test websites. 

6. Enroll


With Enroll, you can take tests from anywhere with your computer, phone or tablet. You’ll be able to see what companies are working on in advance and improve websites before they even hit the public. More than 600,000 tests have been taken since Enroll began.

Enroll pays testers via PayPal and the tests are very easy to complete. Most tests are offered via survey format where you can view screen shots of different websites and answer questions.

Some tests are very short and don’t take long to complete so you can pair this earning opportunity with other flexible side hustle apps and websites. 

7. Ferpection


Ferpection is a UX research consulting company that provides user testing opportunities for websites and more. In addition to remote user testing opportunities, Ferpection also offers paid individual interviews, focus groups, and qualitative surveys. 

There are more than 250,000 testers already working from home with Ferpection and sharing their opinions on different websites. This company makes it easy to send feedback and get paid.

While other sites require you to record videos of yourself or your screen to walk through the entire experience, Ferpection might ask you to send a screen shot or write a description. You can include both positive and negative feedback.

To get started, fill out the sign up form on the website. Complete your profile including your demographics, interests, and experience.

Then, you’ll receive an email when a website test or study matches your profile. Ferpection pays monthly via PayPal or by gift card. You can earn $10, $15, or $20 per website test depending on the complexity and topic.

8. UserFeel


UserFeel is a paid testing website designed by UX researchers. They have more than 500 happy clients and work with more than 150,000 qualified testers.

UserFeel also offers tests in more than 40 different languages and pay starts at $30 per test and up. 

How it works is you sign up online and just make sure you meet the basic requirements which includes having a computer and/or smartphone, built-in or external microphone. Tests are relatively short and pay around $10 unless they are more advanced.

Before you start a test, you may be asked a few pre-screening questions to confirm you’re a good fit for the test. Testers need to have attention to detail and perform the required tasks according to the scenario.

UserFeel does not want testers who just say everything is okay. They want people to provide real feedback and potential issues that could stand out to them. 

9. Userlytics


Userlytics pays you to test websites or mobile apps. So long as you’re at least 16 years old, registering is simple and only takes a few moments. Userlytics works with global testers so there are opportunities in many different countries. 

Once you’ve been approved to take a test, you can be paid $5, $10, $15, $20, or other amounts depending on the type of test. Some tests pay as much as $90 and aren’t difficult to complete.

Even though the pay if not much, the tests are very easy and they are just looking for your first impressions and honest thoughts about the website or app. 

You Can Really Make Money Testing Apps and Websites

You Can Really Make Money Testing Apps and Websites

To summarize, yes, you can really get paid to test apps and test websites. It’s not hard to find a credible user testing app that will pay you for your thoughts and opinions.

Just be sure to offer thorough feedback so companies can actually get their money’s worth. Odds are, you already have the basic equipment needed to take tests from your computer or mobile phone.

Keep in mind that you may need more experience to test apps since the company will want you to find bugs and issues they need to troubleshoot. Consider working with a site like uTest that provides training and opportunities to grow your skills. 

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