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No one likes having to wait weeks to get paid after taking online surveys. This is why survey sites that pay cash are highly sought after. Completing paid surveys online is one of the easiest ways to make extra money during your spare time. 

The only problem most people face is the extended waiting period it might take to actually receive that money. Pair that with the fact that some survey sites don’t even pay cash, and survey sites altogether may not seem too promising.

Luckily, it is possible to get paid quickly to complete short and fun surveys. Check out some of the best surveys that pay cash instantly below.

Surveys That Pay Cash Instantly – Are They Legit?

When you think about online surveys that pay cash instantly, you may think this sounds too good to be true. Try not to consider the word ‘instant’ so literally.

When you’re working online, it’s nearly impossible to get paid instantly. The funds need to be processed and transferred to your bank or a similar financial account.

If you were getting paid cash under the table, that’s a different story since someone can simply hand you the money you’re owed upon completing the job.

With survey sites, all the payments are handled digitally and there are a few minimum requirements to receive a payment. 

On the bright side, some survey sites tend to pay much quicker than others. Here are some common characteristics of these types of sites:

  • After you complete a survey, your points or cash earnings should show up immediately when you view your account balance
  • Users are able to transfer their earnings to a bank account or redeem them right away with the touch of a button

Usually, you need to reach a certain account balance (for example, $10 or 5,000 points) in order to cash in your earnings from taking surveys and get paid.

Surveys that pay cash instantly also have lower minimum account balance thresholds so that it’s easier for you get access to your money.

15 Top Surveys That Pay Cash Instantly

If you’re looking to get paid faster after taking surveys online, here are 15 best sites to get started with.

1. Branded Surveys

branded surveys

Branded Surveys partners with global brands and retailers to pay consumers like you to take different surveys. Each time you successfully complete a survey, Branded Surveys will give you points. Those points can then be redeemed for gift cards or cash.

Once you earn 500 points, you can start considering your redemption options. When you sign up, you’ll earn 100 points just for completing your profile.

Branded Surveys gives you the option of choosing a gift card to a restaurant or popular retailer. Or for faster payments, you can choose PayPal or Branded Pay by connecting your account.

A Branded Pay transfer takes just 48 hours on average to receive your earnings in hand. 

Try Branded Surveys Today!

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2. Swagbucks

make money online by taking paid online surveys at swagbucks

Swagbucks is a rewards site that helps you earn money for completing short tasks. These activities range from taking surveys and watching videos to playing games and searching online.

Swagbucks offers a variety of surveys that only take a few minutes to complete. You’ll earn points for each survey you finish.

Those points can be redeemed for gift cards or cash via PayPal. You can start redeeming your rewards with as little as 500 Swagbucks. 

The great thing about Swagbucks is they allow you to redeem e-gift cards so you can get your earnings faster.

If you want cash, you can opt for a PayPal gift card and receive the money instantly once you’ve verified all your information. 

Be sure to connect a debit card or bank account to PayPal. That way, you can receive your Swagbucks earnings in as little as one business day. 

Try Swagbucks Today!

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3. Opinion Outpost

what is opinion outpost

Opinion Outpost is a popular survey site with more than 2 million active users. There are plenty of paid survey opportunities to go around and like others on this list and this site pays out $390,000 in rewards each month.

Opinion Outpost allows you to redeem your earnings for a gift card, PayPal transfer, a prepaid Visa card. 

There are a few different ways to earn on this site:

  • Paid surveys
  • Product tests – be the first to know about a product before it hits the shelf
  • Reviews – get paid for your feedback
  • Location-based services – take part in surveys that are targeted based on your location. Share your experiences at local shops, cafes, and restaurants
  • Diary studies – This is more of a long-term product testing opportunity where you can keep track of your daily routines and report back with your experiences and thoughts

The average survey pays 10 points but can be as much as 250 points. Earning 100 points on Opinion Outpost will earn you $10.

If you choose the Visa Prepaid card option, the card gets delivered to you electronically so you can use it right away. Spend the money from the card online or you can add it to your mobile app. 

Try Opinion OutPost Today!

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4. Life Points

get paid cash instantly with lifepoints

Life Points offers some of the best online surveys that pay cash. No special skills are required. You just need to be willing to share your thoughts and opinions on other brands.

New users earn 10 points just for completing their profile. It’s important to do this because Life Points will try to match you with survey opportunities based on your interests and demographics. 

You’ll receive email notifications when survey opportunities are available. Surveys take about 10 to 20 minutes to complete and you’ll earn 100 to 200 points per survey on average. Redeem your points for popular e-gift cards and PayPal credits. 

Try Life Points Today!

5. Inbox Dollars

make extra money on Inboxdollars

Inbox Dollars is another rewards site that will pay you for completing a variety of tasks. You can take surveys online, read emails, watch videos, play games, and more.

Inbox Dollars gives you a $5 bonus just for signing up. From there, you can start taking paid surveys so brands can benefit from your valuable opinion on different products and services. 

Most surveys pay anywhere from $0.50 to $5 and take anywhere from 3 to 25 minutes to complete. A few types of surveys even pay as high as $10 or $20.

You can redeem the points you earn on Inbox Dollars for gift cards (choose from more than 250 different retailers) or cash through PayPal.

Unlike Swagbucks, you don’t have to redeem a PayPal gift card to get the cash added to your account. Instead, Inbox Dollars will transfer your money directly to your PayPal account which cuts out an extra step.

Try Inbox Dollars Today!

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6. MyPoints


MyPoints is a rewards site that pays you to shop at your favorite stores. You get a $10 welcome bonus just for signing up.

MyPoints partners with more than 2,000 different retailers including Walmart, Best Buy, Home Depot, and Amazon.

Another way to earn money on this site is by taking surveys. Get paid to share your thoughts and experiences about other products as well as your interests and buying habits.

You can redeem your points for gift cards or a transfer to your PayPal account. Most gift cards require 400 to 3,500 points to redeem for your reward depending on the dollar amount of the specific gift card. 

The good news is, all you need is a $3 balance to redeem your points for a free Amazon gift card and you’ll need around $25 to redeem cash via PayPal. 

Try MyPoints Today!

7. Pinecone Research


Pinecone Research is one of the best sites for surveys that pay cash instantly. You’ll earn points for each survey you complete and those points can be redeemed for gift cards or prizes.

Pinecone Research offers the lowest payment threshold compared to other survey sites. All you need is a balance of just $3 to redeem your rewards and receive the cash. Or, you can wait until you reach a balance of $5 or $15.

The fastest payout option is to select a PayPal transfer.

Completing a typical survey will earn you 300 points. More in-depth surveys require about 20 to 30 minutes to complete but most are around or under 10 minutes. 

Try Pinecone Research Today!

8. Survey Junkie

make $50 fast with Survey Junkie

As you narrow down the best online surveys that pay cash, Survey Junkie should shoot to the top of your list. Survey Junkie is one of the best survey sites around if you’re looking to get paid fast.

Like others on this list, you’ll be able to earn points for each survey you complete. Those points are then able to get redeemed for cash via PayPal or a gift card.

Survey Junkie tends to have higher-paying surveys that take less time to complete. It’s really important to make sure you complete your profile and share relevant demographics and interest.

Not only does this help Survey Junkie be able to match you with relevant survey opportunities. You’ll also earn bonus points for completing your profile. 

All you need is a $10 balance to redeem your balance for cash or a gift card. Since all payment methods are electronic, you’ll be able to transfer your funds quicker once you reach the minimum balance threshold.

Try Survey Junkie Today!

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9. Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions is a rewards site that pays you to complete surveys for different brands and retailers. Each time you complete a survey, you’ll get up to $5 in credits.

These credits can be redeemed for gift cards to popular retailers like Amazon, Macy’s, Target, and more. Getting registered is easy and you’ll be automatically approved for your first survey when you set up your account.

It takes 15 to 20 minutes on average to complete a survey. The minimum balance requirement to request your payment is around 400 points.

Valued Opinions sends e-gift cards that arrive within 24 hours. If you prefer cash to spend how you wish, your best option is to choose the virtual Visa Prepaid Card option. You can use this card wherever Visa cards are accepted. 

10. Prize Rebel


Looking to make some extra money? Prize Rebel is a great way to earn some quick cash. With surveys that pay cash instantly, you can earn money for your opinion!

Plus, there are tons of other ways to earn points, including watching videos and completing offers. And the best part is that you can cash out your points whenever you want! So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and start earning!

11. Ipsos i-Say

Looking to make a quick buck? Ipsos i-Say is a surveys site that pays cash instantly for completing surveys. Just sign up, complete surveys, and cash out! It’s that easy.

And, best of all, you can do it all from the comfort of your own home. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and start earning!

12. InstaGC

If you’re looking for a way to earn some extra cash online, look no further than InstaGC. This innovative platform offers rewards like gift cards, cash payments, sweepstakes entries, and more for completing a variety of simple tasks.

Whether you want to watch videos, take surveys, shop online, or do anything in between, InstaGC has something to offer everyone.

Plus, with a user-friendly interface and easy redemption system, InstaGC is the ideal way to make some extra dough without any of the hassle. So why wait? Sign up today and start earning your rewards!

13. Harris Poll Online

The Harris Poll Online is a great way to voice your opinion on current events, merchandise, and services. The poll provides a quick and easy way to share your thoughts with corporate America, and has the potential to influence the products and services that are offered.

In addition, the Harris Poll Online gives you the chance to win cash and prizes just for participating. So whether you’re looking to make your voice heard or just hoping to win some extra cash, the Harris Poll Online is definitely worth checking out.

14. Mindswarms

Do you ever find yourself daydreaming about what it would be like to earn some extra cash? Well, daydream no more!

With Mindswarms, you can earn money by sharing your opinions in online surveys. Just sign up for an account, completed a short profile survey to determine which studies you’re eligible for, and start taking surveys and earning cash. It’s that easy!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and start earning!

15. Brand Institute

Looking for a quick and easy way to make some extra cash? Look no further than Brand Institute! This trusted and reliable survey platform provides countless opportunities for you to get paid instantly for taking surveys on everything from popular consumer products to hot political topics.

Whether you’re looking to earn some extra income during your downtime at home or while waiting in line at the grocery store, Brand Institute has got you covered.

So why wait? Sign up today and get paid instantly for taking surveys! You won’t regret it.

FAQs on Surveys That Pay Cash Instantly

FAQs on Surveys That Pay Cash Instantly

What Features Make a Good Survey Site That Pays Fast?

Not all survey sites pay well and fast. The ones that do tend to have low minimum balance thresholds to redeem your rewards along with multiple payment redemption options.

It’s no secret that surveys can’t make you rich. So if you’re earning $0.50 to $3 per survey, for example, and you have to wait until you reach a balance of $100 (or points equivalent to this amount) you’ll be waiting for a long time. 

Instead, some of the best survey sites allow you to cash out your earnings after taking each survey. Or, they may allow you to redeem your rewards once you reach a balance of $5 or $10 which helps you get paid faster.

Multiple payment redemption options is nice as well because you get to choose how you’d like to receive your money. Some prefer cash while others like gift cards or a direct bank transfer. 

What Are The Best Payment Options?

The best payment option a survey company can offer is either cash via PayPal, a Visa gift card (or similar), or a direct bank transfer. Direct bank transfers or ACH is rare with paid surveys but it’s great because you will get your money quickly in just a business day or two.

PayPal is one of the most popular payment options because it’s flexible and fast. Signing up for a PayPal account is free and you can connect your bank account so you can send the payment from PayPal to your bank quickly. 

Gift cards are also a nice way to get paid, but this can be limiting if you prefer to spend more with more than one retailer. A Visa Prepaid card is a great alternative to receiving a gift card from one particular retailer.

Are There Surveys That Can Pay Hundreds Instantly?

Surveys are typically low-paying compared to other options for making money online. While you matt earn $10 or more for completing a survey, this is not common. However, if you’ve heard that you can make hundreds per survey, this isn’t entirely false. 

Focus groups are very similar to surveys since you get paid to share your thoughts and opinions about a brand. However, focus groups often take place in person either one-on-one or with a group of other participants as a research panel.

There are some virtual focus groups available. Typically, you can earn $100 to $350 per focus group that you successfully complete. Check out sites like Respondent, and to find high-paying focus groups in addition to using quick-pay survey sites. 

Don’t Wait Too Long To Get Paid After Taking Surveys 

Don’t Wait Too Long To Get Paid After Taking Surveys 

If you’ve ever wanted to tell a company or brand what you think of them, taking surveys is one of the best ways to get paid to do this.

Surveys that pay cash instantly can help you get ahold of your money when you need a little cash fast. Waiting for weeks or even months to get paid after taking surveys can be too frustrating. Instead, use some of these sites to start getting paid when you want.

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