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Opinion Outpost is a legitimate survey site that can help you earn extra money during your spare time.

Surveys are quick and easy to take and Opinion Outpost is a promising site to get started with.

In this Opinion Outpost review, we’ll go over exactly how the platform works, what type of surveys you can expect, and how to optimize your earnings.  

What is Opinion Outpost?

what is opinion outpost

Opinion Outpost is a popular survey site that has been around for some time now. You can earn on the Opinion Outpost platform by watching ads, taking free online surveys, or even testing products.

There is currently not a mobile app available for the platform. Even though users can only access the platform through the website, that doesn’t mean that it will still be so in the future. 

Big popular brands pay Opinion Outpost to gather consumer opinions. They want to know what people love and are willing to pay to find out more.

Opinion Outpost prides itself as one of the most legitimate and simplest ways to make easy cash. The sign-up process is easy and quick, and doesn’t take much information.

Some of the data they collect when you sign up include your gender, date of birth, home zip code, and email address. 

How Does Opinion Outpost Work?

ow opinion outpost works

For each survey you complete, you’ll receive points. Those points can then be redeemed for cash or other rewards. With the email address you provide at sign up, you’ll receive surveys directly to your inbox.

Those emails will be tailored to you and the information you have provided to the platform. They try and send you surveys that are a perfect fit for you. 

Businesses need this feedback to find out the best way to provide for customers. Consumers are how companies make money, so this is one of the many ways they can gather helpful information.

You benefit from cash or gift cards and the companies benefit from valuable opinions. Both sides win in this situation. This Opinion Outpost review will tell you all about the ways to earn.

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1. Paid Online Surveys

surveys for money

Some surveys are worth more than others. Just for signing up, you’ll receive 6 points if you complete the introductory survey.

Some of the questions included here are about pets, household income, occupation, and ethnicity among other things.

Not only do you get points for completing the introductory survey, but Opinion Outpost uses this information to match you up with future survey opportunities. 

Once you find a survey you’re interested in, you are asked screener questions to ensure you are a good fit for the survey.

It’s typically only a few questions then the actual survey will start. Points are rewarded as soon as you complete the survey. 

You’ll know the length of the survey and the number of points you’ll be rewarded before you even start. You can find surveys either through the email you provided at sign-up or by checking out your profile on their website. 

The website lists about 6 surveys that are available to you right on your profile. After you complete one another will be added. The longer the estimated time to complete the survey the more points are available. 

For example, they currently have an offer of 15 points for completing a 25-minute survey. Compared to just receiving 3 points for a survey that’s supposed to take 10 minutes.

The average survey on the platform is worth around 10 points but can be worth as much as 250 points in some cases. 


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2. Giveaways


For each survey you complete, you’ll also be entered into a separate drawing for a giveaway. This is something Opinion Outpost has been doing for a few years, including every month so far this year. Winners are notified through their email. 

They even have a hall of fame listing the names of recent giveaway winners. The more surveys you take during the month, the more entries you’ll have into the drawing.

The amount given isn’t listed on the site, but it’s something that is probably well worth doing. Upon completing a survey your entry will automatically be entered into this monthly drawing. 

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3. Product Tests 

product testing at opinion outpost

Another way to earn Opinion Outpost rewards is by testing products. Opinion Outpost will send screener emails to you to see if you’re a good fit.

After the questions, if you’re picked they get your address to send the product to test in the mail. It would typically be a new product that they are trying to get consumers’ opinions on. 

The product might just be a trial size that you try out for a couple of weeks. After completing, the company would expect some sort of summary of what you thought about the product. 

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4. Location-Based Services 

Your location can play a role in your earnings, as well. Opinion Outpost can also target a survey based on your location. For example, if you visit a restaurant or shop you could be selected to complete a survey about how your experience was with the business. 

This does require an opt-in and isn’t available unless you complete this step. This opt-in gives Opinion Outpost to use your location to see if a survey is needed based on what you visit. 

5. Google Ads and Advertisement Feedback 

google ads

There are two additional ways you can earn. One is by the Google ads that you see when online. Google and Opinion Outpost have partnered up to allow surveys to come available based on advertisements you see online. 

This can allow for your survey to be something you’re a little more familiar with, but that’s not always the case.

There is also advertisement feedback which can be a video you watch or another form of advertisement. The thing about this method of earning is it’s not based on something you see on Google. Instead, it’s ad feedback on something you’re sent.

A company might want feedback on a product or service they are thinking about running or trying and this is a way for them to collect some feedback. 

Is Opinion Outpost Legit and Safe?

Yes. Opinion Outpost is a legitimate company and absolutely safe to use. One of the big things they do to help ensure fraud doesn’t happen on their platform is with mobile verification.

Each time before redeeming your points for a reward you’ll be asked to enter the verification code that is sent to your phone. 

That way, you can avoid having your points stolen and used by someone else. Opinion Outpost also states that your information is kept private besides to companies who are a good fit for a survey. Those two reasons make Opinion Outpost a safe way to earn money online. 

How Opinion Outpost Pays

How Opinion Outpost Pays

Opinion Outpost rewards its users with either PayPal cash or gift cards which is very similar to other survey sites.

There are now over 2 million people around the world who have accounts with Opinion Outpost. If you opt to receive a cash payment of your survey earnings, you’ll be paid via PayPal. 

Opinion Outpost also partners with hundreds of retailers to provide you with gift cards. Some of those retailers are Visa, Amazon, CVS, Domino’s, Apple, and Home Depot.

Through these two methods, Opinion Outpost pays out around $390,000 each and every month to gather useful data for businesses. Over three million surveys are completed on the platform each month. 

Despite the high amount of surveys that go into your inbox each month none of them will be the same. Most of your points are available immediately. Diary studies and focus groups can take up to 6 weeks to post though.

Most surveys are worth 10 points so with just 10 surveys you’ll be rewarded 100 points. Those 100 points can be used to cash in a $10 gift card. 

Pros and Cons of Using Opinion Outpost

This Opinion Outpost review wouldn’t be complete without carefully addressing the pros and cons of this survey site.

While Opinion Outpost is one of the best, it’s always important to weigh the benefits and drawbacks first so you’ll have realistic expectations before signing up.


  • Many options to earn
  • Multiple payments methods
  • Mobile phone payment verification 
  • Plenty of surveys to choose from
  • You know how much a survey is worth prior to starting


  • Can be screened out of a survey with no points if you provide inconsistent answers
  • No mobile app is currently available
  • Points expire after a year 

Get Paid to Influence Content, Products, and More!

Get Paid to Influence Content, Products, and More

This Opinion Outpost review carefully broke down the survey site and how you can earn. If you’re are still asking yourself, is Opinion Outpost legit? the answer is yes.

It’s great that there are multiple ways to earn on Opinion Outpost whether you’re looking for surveys, Google ads, focus groups, or location-based services.

Opinion Outpost plays it safe and has a few safety measures in place to limit fraud on its platform. This includes verifying each payout request.

Companies really count on the opinion of their consumers. You can influence what the next big product or service will be. These surveys might not seem like much but they are very valuable. 

There will always be surveys in your inbox and this is something that isn’t going away anytime soon. It isn’t the highest paying, but it’s simple and something you can do right from home.

There are many survey sites out there, but Opinion Outpost stands out in the field. 

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