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Have old clothes you need to get rid of? Before you head to a donation site, see if you can sell your clothes online for extra cash.

Selling clothes is easy because it’s an item that people are always looking to buy.

Check out some of the best places to sell clothes online along with tips to help you get started in this post. 

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Why Sell Clothes Online?

Why Sell Clothes Online

Does the idea of selling clothes sound like a hassle to you? Or, maybe you’re new to selling things online and are wondering if you’d be better off just having a yard sale. If you only have clothes to sell, hosting a yard sale is not the best idea.

Garage sales are usually popular among people looking for bigger items like furniture, tools, etc. Some may be looking for clothes but they may not be willing to pay much. If you’re looking to get more bang for your buck, selling clothes online is the way to go.

Another benefit is that you can reach a broader range of customers online and possibly even sell your stuff faster. When it comes to shipping, the customer can pay this fee so you can keep more of a profit. 

You don’t need lots of designer clothes and shoes to make money selling your stuff online either. Gently-used clothing items from the whole family can sell well online when you use the right platform. 

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7 Best Places to Sell Clothes For CashBest Places to Sell Clothes For Cash

If you’re wondering where to sell used clothes online, you’re in the right place. Luckily there’s more than one best place to sell clothes for cash.

When comparing all your options, it’s important to focus on things like fees associated with posting and selling your clothes on each website, types of clothes you can sell, and your options for setting pricing. 

1. PoshmarkBuy and sell clothes on Poshmark

Poshmark is a site that helps you buy and sell clothes for women, men, and kids. There is also an app version that makes it easy to list your clothing items to sell.

You can list items for sale by uploading a clear picture of the clothing you want to sell and filling out the description box.

Poshmark lets you set your own pricing and also create your own virtual shopping parties if you have multiple items to sell. 

When someone buys your item, you’ll need to ship it out to them. Poshmark makes this process easy by allowing you the option to receive a pre-paid, pre-addressed label ready to print and place on your shipping box.

Once the sale has been packaged, all you have to do is drop it off at a USPS mailbox or even have it picked up from your home.

Poshmark charges a flat-rate fee of $2.95 to ship orders under $15. For orders over $15, they deduct an 80% commission.

2. Tradesy

how to sell clothes on tradesy

Tradesy is one of the best places to sell clothes online if you have certain brands along with items like shoes, bags, and accessories. Like many of the sites on this list, you can upload photos of your items and set your own price.

The only potential downside of using Tradesy is that you can only resell women’s clothing and accessories. Another thing to consider is that they are very specific in terms of the brands and conditions they accept. 

However, the average seller earns $1,000 per month. When one of your items sells, you’ll make more than 80% commission.

Tradesy has a lot of cool features on its app like the ability to upgrade the quality of your images and effectively manage your sales on the go.

When your earnings become available, you can transfer funds to your PayPal account, debit card, or checking account.

3. Facebook Marketplace

If you have a Facebook account, one of the easiest ways to sell your clothes online for cash is to use the Facebook Marketplace. You can list a wide variety of items for free on the Facebook Marketplace.

Clothing tends to sell very well and you can set your own prices. Since this is a local selling app, you will need to arrange a meetup with the buyer so they can receive the item and pay you for it.

Most people agree to leave the item on their porch for buyers to pick up if they’re paying with cash.

The Facebook Marketplace recently started allowing people to ship items as well which makes it easier to sell. The buyer usually pays for the shipping. 

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4. MercariMercari

Mercari is a site that helps you sell your clothes and other items easily. All you need to do is list your item by uploading a quality photo, writing a description, and naming your price.

If someone buys your clothes, Mercari will provide a shipping label and even allow you to organize a carrier to pick up the item to be shipped out. You can request your package be picked up from a carrier like UPS, FedEx, or USPS.

Mercari also has a local selling option where they will help you arrange a pick-up between you and the person who buys your item. When you make a sale, you can opt in to receive Instant Pay or request direct deposit for larger payouts.

As a seller, you’ll be charged a 2.9% plus $0.30 processing fee each time you sell an item.

5. is an online thrift and consignment store that allows you to sell your gently-used clothes, shoes, active-wear, and more.

Swap’s mission is to reduce waste by making it easier for people to reuse perfectly good clothing instead of just tossing it out.

When you sign up to sell your clothes on, you’ll be able to ship your clothing items to Swap once you confirm they meet the website’s standards. doesn’t accept clothing that has rips and tears or looks too faded. If they accept your clothes, you’ll get paid and will add your items to the site’s inventory to sell online.

If your clothing items are listed for $8 and under, you’ll earn a 15% commission. If your item lists for more than $8, you’ll earn a 70% commission so you’ll definitely want to try to send more clothing that will resell at a higher price.

6. The Real RealThe RealReal

The Real Real is an authenticated luxury consignment online store that sells men’s and women’s clothing, jewelry, accessories, and more. You’ll earn a bonus of up to $100 as a new seller.

Most items on this site sell for hundreds or even thousands of dollars and sell within 30 days. The Real Real pays sellers up to 85% of the sale price for their item.

The process to sell your item is very easy. Just ship it to the company or arrange for it to be picked up.

The Real Real has a team of more than 100 experts who work to authenticate and sell your item fast. Receive your commissions quickly with direct deposit payouts. 

7. eBayselling clothes on ebay

This list of best places to sell clothes online wouldn’t be complete without mentioning eBay. eBay allows you to sell so many things and clothing is included in the list.

You’ll need to upload pictures of your items and write a description detailing the condition. eBay allows you to set with a fixed price or list your item for an auction so other users can bid on it. 

Once you make a sale, it’s your responsibility to ship the item to the customer. Your commission will vary depending on what you sell and the price.

Funds are made available to you after processing which usually takes around 5 business days. 

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How to Sell Clothes Online for MoneyHow to Sell Clothes Online for Money

Now that you know the best place to sell clothes for cash, it’s time to talk about how to start selling your clothes and earn a great profit. Selling items online is easy but does require some strategy.

Here are some of the best tips to help you get started as an online seller.

Tip 1: Be Strategic When Choosing Which Items to Sell

Selling items relies heavily on demand. When you’re considering the clothes you want to sell, it’s important to be strategic and select items that you think people will actually buy.

With children’s clothes, almost anything will sell well since kids tend to go through clothes fast. However, with men’s and women’s clothes, you may find that certain brands are more popular or that certain seasonal items are great to sell. 

Visit some of the websites listed above to get a good idea of which types of items are being accepted and resold for a good price. Don’t waste your time trying to sell clothes that are very worn or won’t meet the quality standards.

Think about what you’d like to buy if you were shopping online or using a consignment website.

Tip 2: Take Clear Photos

Presentation is everything. In most cases, you’ll need to take pictures of your own clothing and add it to your listing. You’ll want to take quality photos that are well lit and fully display what you’re selling.

Try to take photos with natural or artificial light so shoppers can see the clothing well. Also, consider taking close-up images to emphasize certain details like the material and so on. 

Some websites will allow you to post several images so be sure to use this to your advantage. Images are also the best way to show people the condition of the item so they know exactly what they’re buying.

Tip 3: Write a Detailed Description

Interested buyers will take the time to read your description so try to make it as detailed and as helpful as possible. Consider the description section to be free marketing allowing you to really sell your clothing item. 

Start by including the basics like the size, color, brand name, and condition of the item. Take a minute to review how product descriptions appear on popular retailer websites and use that as inspiration.

If you’re selling on a local platform like the Facebook marketplace, be sure to specify how you’d like to receive payment.

Tip 4: Set Competitive But Fair Pricing

One of the best parts of selling your clothes online is that you can set your own pricing. That said, pricing is also a key marketing strategy that you can use to your advantage.

You want to make money from selling your clothes but also want to make sure the pricing is fair and reasonable – especially since the items are likely used. 

The best way to determine your pricing is to base it on similar items that are being sold. See if you can find out how much your item would sell for if it was new. Or, compare it to items that are already being sold on sites like, Poshmark, or Tradesy.

Finally, consider the commission structure and how much you’ll earn after you make a sale. If you price your clothes too low and you only earn 20% of the sale, you won’t make very much. Try to avoid letting commission deductions and shipping fees eat into your profits.

Tip 5: Actively Communicate With Buyers

Some selling platforms will allow you to communicate with potential buyers through an app or messaging system. This could be a good thing so long as you actively communicate with people who are interested in buying your clothes.

If someone sends you a message and you don’t reply, you could miss out on a sale. 

When you list clothes for sale online, make sure you download the app (if available) to the platform you’re using and check in regularly to answer any messages or questions. 

Tip 6: Consider Cross-Posting Items

Cross-posting is when you post the same item for sale on multiple platforms. If you’re looking to sell your clothes faster, this could be an option depending on the website or app you’re using. Be careful that you don’t post to too many sites and end up selling the same item more than once.

For example, if you post something to Tradesy and eBay and it sells on eBay, you’ll need to ship that item out and mark it as ‘sold’ on Tradesy so no one else can try to buy it.

It’s best to stick to local selling platforms like the Facebook Marketplace and Offer Up to cross-post your items. That way, you can control when you make a sale by organizing a pick up with buyers.

Make Extra Cash With Your Old ClothesMake Extra Cash With Your Old Clothes

Like every other item you own, your old clothes have value. Clothes can easily be resold online for a good profit. You just need to know where to list your items for sale.

Depending on what type of clothes you have and the brand, you can use one of more of these best places to sell clothes online.

Also, keep in mind that successfully selling your clothes is not always as simple as listing it online.

Utilize some of the tips above to make sure you’re optimizing your listing and using all the tools made available to market your clothes to other buyers and get a quicker sale. 

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