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Taking surveys for extra cash has become an easy way to earn for many people. And InboxDollars has become a go-to survey site when it comes to making money doing simple tasks or activities online.

InboxDollars takes pride in ensuring that your information stays safe and secure, which makes them one of the most trustworthy sites out there!

Despite what some Inbox Dollars reviews might say, this site is legitimate and will earn you real money. You may not make a ton of money, but it is still a legit, safe, and flexible option to consider. 

The thing about Inbox Dollars that most users appreciate is the fact that there are multiple ways to make money on the site. This isn’t the case for all survey sites, so it’s great that they offer multiple ways to earn.

We’ll talk more about those types of ways to earn and how to get started in this Inbox Dollars review. 

Disclaimer:  This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, when you make a purchase. Please, read our affiliate disclaimer or privacy policy for more information.

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What Is Inbox Dollars? 

what is inboxdollars

Survey sites are great because they partner with companies to help gather information from consumers. They’ll then use this data they collect and help decide what products and services they use in the future.

They will make a change whether they would be taking something away or adding a new product into their lineup. Inbox Dollars is one of those places companies turn to get this useful content.

InboxDollars is a website that allows you to make money by doing various tasks online. It was founded back in 2000 by Darren Cotter, and has since grown into one of the most successful companies of its kind.

This website pays members for doing simple tasks like reading emails, taking surveys, shopping online, searching the web, playing games, and even watching videos, and has paid out more than $50 million in cash to its members.  

All you have to do is sign up, then wait for the points you’ve earned to add up in your account. You can then choose requests like getting a check mailed to you or selecting an electronic gift card that is sent to your email.

As an added bonus, you also get a free $5 signup bonus, just for joining!  This site may not have the biggest payouts, but it does offer decent opportunities for anyone looking to make some easy cash.   

If you don’t have the option to earn extra money outside of your home, Inbox Dollars can be a good fit for you.

The brands that are trying to gather the information pay Inbox Dollars then and some of this gets paid to users like you for completing short tasks that help with market research.

There have been plenty of cases where members have made hundreds in a single month and on the other hand, someone could earn just a few dollars. 

Is InboxDollars Legitimate?

is inboxdollars legitimate

InboxDollars is definitely legitimate but you won’t become rich using the platform (spoiler alert). Inbox Dollars rewards you for sharing your opinion and experiences along with completing short tasks. That said, there are plenty of scam websites out there these days.

A few signs you can look out for when trying to spot a fraudulent opportunity is if they aren’t clear about how much you can earn.

Before signing up for any money-making opportunity, make sure you have a good idea of what you can earn and how compensation works. If they don’t make this clear then you might be interested in a company that’s trying to trick and lie to people. 

Another easy way to tell if a company is fraudulent is if they ask for money from you upfront. Some places will say you have to buy a kit of some sort or something similar to get started.

This is a red flag that should make you rethink using whatever side hustle option you were considering. So while using Inbox Dollars you can be confident that it’s a legitimate site.   

How Does InboxDollars Work? 

When up against other survey sites, Inbox Dollars stacks up pretty well. One big reason for that is the multiple ways you can earn money with InboxDollars.

You’ll get paid points redeemable for cash when you take surveys, try new products, play games online, search the web, or shop online at your favorite stores.

You’ll also get points for signing up friends and family, plus you’ll earn bonus points for each person who signs up using your custom referral link. ”

The best way to join InboxDollars is by visiting the Inbox Dollars site then entering your accurate email address and password.

After that, a confirmation link will be sent in your email and you must click on it to become an InboxDollars member.

Just for signing up and creating an InboxDollars account, you’ll receive a $5 bonus. Then, you’ll earn cash for completing simple activities mentioned above.

Inbox Dollars is able to pay users because companies pay them to help gather information for them. We aren’t sure exactly how much Inbox Dollars gets paid, but it’s probably a good amount. 

The information companies are looking for helps them decide on current and future products or services. Some of those partners they have worked with in the past include companies from technology, retail, and market research., Netflix, Walmart, Publishing Clearing House, and H&R Block are just a few of the many companies that have worked directly with Inbox Dollars. 

Many media outlets including Mashable, Bustle, Forbes have mentioned Inbox Dollars as a top way to earn extra cash online. You qualify for different surveys due to the personal information you provided when signing up.

Of course, you won’t qualify for every survey, that would all depend on where you are in life. Marital status, children, employment, gender, age, and race are just a few of the factors that are considered for who qualifies for certain surveys. 

How to Make Money on InboxDollars Fast

how to make money with inboxdollars

1. Complete Surveys

One of the best ways to earn money with InboxDollars is through online surveys. You can make anywhere between $0.01-$5.00 for completing a survey. So there is a pretty big gap.

Sometimes it’s easy to work with little reward in return. The length of the surveys also varies as well. The average length of time it takes to complete a survey is between 5-20 minutes. 

Be careful of any ‘test questions they might try and throw at you. If you answer the demographic questions differently than you did when you initially signed up then they might flag your account.

If this continues for a period of time, they might stop sending you surveys altogether. If you have a pending payment request for over 10 days without logging in then your account can also be considered inactive. 

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2. Watch Videos

You can also sit and watch short videos to earn rewards through Inbox Dollars in your spare time. You won’t earn much for watching videos. Sometimes it’s just one or two cents per video. Videos are usually just a few minutes long.

Categories of videos can vary between daily financial updates, daily entertainment updates, daily lifestyle updates, breaking news, and Hollywood updates. Some can be as long as 7 or 8 minutes as well. 

Some categories require you to watch 10 or 11 videos before you earn a few cents for watching. You’ll need two internet tabs one to view the videos on and a different one to switch to the next video when you finish.

Pop-ups must be allowed in order to view the videos. 

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3. Turn Receipts Into Cash 

You can also be paid for offline and online shopping. You can scan in your receipt and turn that into cash. There are two types of recipes to upload.

Either magic receipts or any receipts. In order to scan your receipt through the website, the platform will have to verify you by sending a text message to your phone. 

Once you enter the verification code sent to your phone you’ll be ok to start uploading. Magic receipts are looking for specific items to be on your receipt. The items rotate and in order to claim the offer it has to still be live on magic receipts.

Offers are updated weekly and go live on Thursdays at midnight. So make sure you upload your receipt before 11:59 Wednesday.

Receipts must be easy to read and clear and sometimes you might have to take two separate pictures if you have a ton of items on your receipt.

There are over 1000 different retailers to choose from when considering where to shop. You’ll receive a few cents for each receipt you upload. 

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4. Play Games and Read Emails 

There are a few ways to earn that are only scratch and win. One of those scratch-and-win activities is to play online games.

The more games you play the more they fill up the scratch and win bar. The scratch and win bar is there to help you know when you a due for another reward.

PaidEmails is another way to fill up your scratch and win chances. However, PaidEmails might not hit your inbox every day.

The more active InboxDollars members can see up to 3 PaidEmails in their inbox each day. Once you do see and read the email, confirm you have read it by clicking the confirmation link at the bottom of the email in your email address. 

Some PaidEmails require an additional step to confirm you’ve read it so be sure to pay attention to make sure you get the proper credit. Accounts made prior to 4/19/2018 will receive cash credit for each email they read while ones created after will get the scratch and win progress. 

5. Redeem and Print Coupons

While you can upload copies of your receipt to earn rewards, you can also redeem and print coupons. You can access these offers right from the top of the page on the website.

Users can earn up to $0.20 for each coupon they redeem. You can also enjoy an additional $0.01 for every coupon you print. 

You have to print in multiples of 2 to earn cashback. You can upload up to 50 coupons per day. It might take up to 12 weeks before your account receives the credit for using a coupon.

When printing a coupon you will see that credit in your account on the next business day. So printing credits only happens Monday-Friday. 

Any printing you do on Friday-Sunday won’t be credited until Monday. You can print your coupons from both the mobile and desktop versions of the platform. 

6. Offers 

One of the other ways to earn with Inbox Dollars is through offers. They have a separate section for offers that you can cash in on in your free time. There are offers that range from many different companies.

For example, Sunbasket is offering $90 off your first four deliveries and an additional $60 cashback. 

There is also a current offer of $250 cashback for opening a Chime bank account. The $250 will be credited if you get a direct deposit set up on your account within 30 days of opening the account.

The terms of every offer will be different. Some offers can take up to 7-10 days to credit to your account. 

How Much Does InboxDollars Pay?

It wouldn’t be a good Inbox Dollars review without mentioning how much you can earn. In order to cash out your balance, members can request payment through their accounts. New members need to have at least $15 to request their first payment.

Any of the additional payment requests can be made once you reach at least $10. There are three main payment methods on Inbox Dollars: check, PayPal, or free gift cards. Payments take 3 business days to process for PayPal and gift cards. 

Gift cards will be virtual and you don’t have the option to get a physical card sent to you. A bank account or bank card must be connected to your PayPal account in order for Inbox Dollars to use it as a payment method. If you want to you can also gift earnings to friends or family by email. 

This can be a nice surprise birthday or holiday gift they weren’t expecting. Scratch and Win has 3 milestones. Each one of those has the potential for a maximum reward of $10, $25, or $100.

Reward winners are recognized on the site with their names and the amount they won. Once a payment has been processed it can’t be reversed.

So make sure you are certain on which payment method you would like to receive your earnings. 

If for any reason your PayPal account denies your payment the funds will return to your Inbox Dollars account automatically.

For any payment method your account to arrive your account needs to stay active. If you don’t log in or confirm a PaidEmail within 10 days your account can’t be processed, simply logging back into your account can make your account active again. 

The Gold Membership

Being an InboxDollars gold member has a lot of benefits. You can get access to special offers, WinIt codes, and you’ll also get paid faster compared to non-gold members.

But, how do you get it?

You get the gold member status when you reach the payout threshold and request your first payment.

The gold membership with InboxDollars is an excellent way to get paid for the things you do online (fun online activities).

It allows you to get paid for taking surveys, watching videos, and reading emails. It also gives you access to exclusive offers and a $5 bonus just for signing up.

Make sure you take advantage of all of the opportunities available to you as an InboxDollars gold member. You could easily earn $50 a month by taking advantage of all of the opportunities available to you.

Pros and Cons of Using InboxDollars 


  • The account is easy to follow and earn. Once you create your account you can simply visit the site and start trying to earn rewards. 
  • Multiple payment methods is nice for many reasons. Gift cards could be the perfect way to cash in or PayPal. Not every site offers payment methods outside of gift cards. 
  • Having a mobile app is something that not every survey site can say. Inbox Dollars does have an app though and you can easily earn by surveys, shop, and paid emails can also be accessed through the app. 
  • $5 sign on bonus just for getting started.


  • You won’t get rich through Inbox Dollars. Even though you take 20 minutes to complete a survey and like other survey companies, you might not earn a ton
  • The $15 cash-out minimum to start is a bit higher than other sites. 

InboxDollars Hacks

Knowing a few good InboxDollars hacks can actually help increase your earning potential on the platform. Let’s look at the best hacks that you can use on InboxDollars to earn more cash or points.

1. Get the Sign-Up Bonus

One of the great things about InboxDollars is that they offer a sign-up bonus. When you sign up, you get a $5 bonus. Plus, you can earn an additional $5 for each person you refer to the site.

So, make sure you sign up and use your referral link to refer your friends. You can earn an easy $10 just for signing up and referring others. This is my best InboxDollars hack!

Claim $5 from InboxDollars Today!

2. Use the Browser Extension

The InboxDollars browser extension is a great way to make earning money on the site even easier. With the extension, you can earn cash back on your online purchases. You can also use it to search the web and get paid for your searches.

The extension is available for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers and will notify you whenever there are offers available that you can complete. So, make sure you install it so that you don’t miss out on opportunities to make money!

3.Complete Profile Survey

When you sign up for InboxDollars, you’ll be asked to complete a profile survey. This is a great way for the site to get to know you and offer you relevant surveys.

Make sure you complete the profile survey so that you can start receiving surveys that are relevant to you. Completing the survey also helps you earn your sign-up bonus faster.

4.Check Your Email Regularly

InboxDollars regularly sends out emails with opportunities to earn money. These emails might include offers for cash back, surveys, and more. So, make sure you check your email often so that you don’t miss any opportunities.

5.Refer Your Friends

One of the best ways to earn money on InboxDollars is by referring your friends. When you refer your friends, they get a $5 bonus and you get a $5 bonus for each person you refer.

So, make sure you refer your friends and start earning bonuses. You can easily earn $10 just for signing up and referring others.

Refer a Friend and Get $10 Today!

6. InboxDollars WinIt Codes

InboxDollars often sends out WinIt codes to its members. These codes can be used to win prizes, including cash prizes.

Make sure you check your InboxDollars account often so that you don’t miss any opportunities to win prizes. You could win a cash prize just by using a WinIt code.

7. Follow InboxDollars on Social Media

InboxDollars is active on social media and often posts updates about opportunities to earn money. So, make sure you follow InboxDollars on social media so that you don’t miss any opportunities. You can find InboxDollars on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

8. Install Billy Button

Billy Button is a handy extension for Chrome that makes it easy to earn money on InboxDollars. With Billy Button, you can see all of the offers available to you in one place. This makes it easy to find and complete offers.

So, make sure you install Billy Button and start using it to make money on InboxDollars.

9. Take Longer Surveys

InboxDollars offers survey opportunities that pay different amounts. The longer the survey, the more money you can earn.

So, make sure you take advantage of the longer surveys to make the most money possible. You could earn up to $75 for taking a long survey.

10. Use InboxDollars on Your Phone

InboxDollars offers a mobile app that makes it easy to earn money on the go. With the app, you can complete offers, take surveys, and more.

So, make sure you download the app and start using it to make money on InboxDollars.

11. Take Advantage of Special Offers

InboxDollars often has special offers available to its members. These offers can include cash back on purchases, discounts on products, and more.

So, make sure you take advantage of these special offers to earn extra money. You could save money on your next purchase or earn cash back on your purchase.

12. Complete Tasks

InboxDollars offers opportunities to earn money by completing tasks. These tasks can include writing reviews, completing surveys, and more.

So, make sure you take advantage of these tasks to earn extra money. You could easily make an extra $50 a month by completing tasks.

13. Use the InboxDollars App

The InboxDollars app makes it easy to earn money on the go. With the app, you can complete offers, take surveys, and more.

So, make sure you download the app and start using it to make money on InboxDollars. You can find the app on Google Play or the App Store.

Download InboxDollars App Today!

InboxDollars FAQs

These are the frequently asked questions about making money with InboxDollars.

Is InboxDollars a scam?

No. InboxDollars is 100% legit and has paid their members many times over (over $50 million to-date). They have been featured on several major news outlets such as FOX Business News, Forbes, and CNN. This survey site is free to join and offers their users real cash and rewards. 

In fact, InboxDollars has a 4.1 out of 5-star rating on TrustPilot from 29,000 reviewers, most of which are positive reviews. The only negative I see is that InboxDollars is not accredited by the Better Business Bureu (BBB).

Does InboxDollars Have an App?

Yes, they do have an app. The InboxDollars app is a great way to make money on the go. You can take surveys, complete offers, and even search the web using the InboxDollars search engine. The app is compatible with both Android and Apple devices.

Can I use InboxDollars on my phone?

Yes, you can! You can download the app from your app store and take surveys, search the web, and complete offers throughout the day.

InboxDollars has a large variety of ways for their users to make money. If you prefer to use the phone for all of your tasks, simply download the app and get started right away.

How much money can I make with InboxDollars?

The amount of money that you can make on this site is completely dependent on how many offers you do. If you are completing surveys or trying out different apps, then your earnings will be higher than if you just complete one offer and leave. You can potentially make hundreds of dollars a month with this site, depending on how active you are.

How often will I get paid with InboxDollars?

You will be paid once you have earned at least $30. You can expect to receive your payment within two weeks of this transaction, but usually it only takes a few days.

Once you are at the $30 threshold, you can request payout at any time, and you will be sent a check or given the option to cash out through PayPal or prepaid visa card.

Once you have requested your payout, it can take up to two weeks for it to be received. This is due to the large amount of requests they receive daily. You will receive an email once your payment has been processed so you can keep track of it.

How do I contact customer service for InboxDollars?

The easiest way to get in touch with customer service is through their live chat system which you can find by clicking on the support button on the top right of the page. You can also email them at any time but they don’t have a phone number listed, unfortunately.

Does InboxDollars work internationally?

Yes, it does. However, people in the United States have access to more surveys and offers compared to other locations.

InboxDollars Alternatives

Alternatives to InboxDollars are all based on the same business model of completing offers, surveys, or trial downloads in order to get paid via gift cards or checks for free!

Sites similar to InboxDollars have the free to join option, and there are more options out there to consider when looking for ways to earn from surveys.

It’s actually a great idea to sign up with more than one survey site. The more similar sites you join the more chances you have to earn.

Here are a few Inbox Dollars alternatives you can join. 

1. Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys is a site that only provides survey opportunities for extra cash. This is obviously a different approach than what Inbox Dollars takes.

Inbox Dollars is comparable to sites like Swagbucks for their multiple earning options. Also Branded surveys only offer a $1 bonus for new users while Inbox Dollars is offering it for $5.

They also have the option to either receive your rewards through PayPal or gift cards. 

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2. Swagbucks 

Swagbucks has a lot of similarities to Inbox Dollars. Both are well known and offer a few ways to earn. They’ll also let you earn by watching videos, playing games, searching the web, and shopping. Swagbucks has given out over $680 million in rewards while InboxDollars has paid out over $80 million in cash rewards. 

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3. Opinion Outpost 

Opinion Outpost is also limited to just one way to earn and that’s surveys. With 12 different ways to earn Inbox Dollars offers way more earnings potential than Opinion Outpost. There is currently no sign-on bonus to join Opinion Outpost. 

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4. MyPoints

MyPoints pays you to do more of what you love: shopping at your favorite brands’ website. Earn points for things you already do online, including watching videos, taking surveys and trying free products. Plus get points just for passing on deals to your friends!

5. PrizeRebel

Earn points called “PRP” from the offers, surveys and videos you complete. You can redeem those for prizes! They have a large variety of gift cards to choose from, including!

InboxDollars Review: Final Thoughts 

If your looking for the survey site with the best earnings potential, InboxDollars has to be at the top of that list. It takes time and patience to really be able to earn.

It’s nice that you automatically get $5 for signing up but outside of that you only see a few cents for completing tasks. It stacks up very well against other survey sites and has to be one of the best.

We hope this inbox dollars review has helped make up your mind on whether you think it’s worth your time or not. 

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