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TranscribeMe offers the  best transcription jobs for beginners and do not require prior transcription experience.  They have a large clientele ranging from business, research, education, and medical fields that anyone who wants to work from home can take advantage of.

This is a great opportunity specifically for entry-level transcribers who wish to make money from home as transcriptionists. If you are one of them then this TranscribeMe review is for you.

Do You Need Training Before Joining TranscribeMe?

Actually, this is a yes/no for me.

I say ‘yes’ because transcription is not an easy profession to get into, but it’s not impossible either. I know this because I was a transcriptionist for a number of years before switching to blogging.

For you to make it work, you need proper training and the right mindset.  You need someone or a resource that can hold you by the hand and show you the basics of general transcription.

So, before  we head over to the review, I would encourage you to check out this Free 7-Lesson Transcription  Training from Janet Shaugnessy.

Janet has been a  professional transcriptionist for more than a decade. She created this free course to shorten your learning curve and help you succeed as a paid transcriptinist. You can check it over here at Transcribe Anywhere.

And, I say ‘no’ because TranscribeMe has it’s own online training program. They have a designated transcriptionist portal that contains their style guides, audio files to transcribe and a set of rules that a transcriber must understand before getting hired.

I will talk more about the TranscribeMe exam below, but my advise is this.  If you are planning on working exclusively for TranscribeMe, there is no need to take the free training offered by Janet. But, if you plan on working for more than one transcription client, then it’s a great idea to check out the free e-course. 

How Does TranscribeMe Work?How Does TranscribeMe Work

The way TranscribeMe works is very interesting, actually. They use a crowdsourcing system that makes transcribing less tedious and more flexible to the transcriber.

Unlike in the traditional transcription setup where large chunks of audio files are sent to the transcriber for transcription. Here, a client submits his or her audio files. The files are split into smaller parts then uploaded to the WorkHub for transcription. Files do vary in length but on average, they range between 10 seconds to one minute.

Once all the files have been transcribed, they are again joined together and handed over to the Quality Assurance team for accuracy. The QA team will then add appropriate timestamps and speaker IDs. A final review will be done and the file will be sent to the customer.

What is the TranscribeMe Application Process?

The TranscribeMe application and hiring process is really straightforward.  Anyone who wishes to join the company can do so by filling out the form found on the  signup page.

They’ll ask you for your name, email, transcription experience and employment status and transcription langauges. But, you don’t have to worry about experience or being employed. These are just formalities. As for the languages, if you know other languages, feel free to select those. Just to let you know. Multi-lingual transcribers earn more money than those who transcribe just in English. So, this will be a big plus for you.

The TranscribeMe Exam

After applying, the next step is taking and passing the test (the TranscribeMe exam). The test consists of multiple-choice questions centered around grammar, punctuation and their style guide. Make sure you read and understand the guide thoroughly before proceeding.

Once you finish the initial test, the next section will have two audio files for you to transcribe. Remember to use the TranscribeMe style guide and include proper grammar and punctuation when typing out these files. This is the final part of the entrance exam and will determine whether you are eligible for work or not.

If you pass the exam, you will be contacted within 12 business days. If you fail, you get two attempts to retake the test.

How Much Does TranscribeMe Pay?

If you’ve been asking questions like “Does TranscribeMe pay well?” or “How much can you make with TranscribeMe?” Well, the short answer is, yes. They do pay. How much? This will depend on an individual but their pay rates are calculated at around $15-$22 per audio hour.

Note: According to the transcription industry standards, it takes a transcriber about 4 minutes to transcribe 1 minute of audio. What this means is that you’ll need at least 4 hours for every 1 hour of audio you get.

TranscribeMe average earnings are at $250 per month with top earners getting $2,200. Does this mean they pay well? No necessarily, but it’s pretty decent considering you don’t have any skills or experience.

The Payment Method

TranscribeMe pays securely via PayPal on a weekly basis. Once your account has accumulated some money, above $20, you can request for payment at any time.

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How Does Real-Time Transcription Happen at TranscribeMe?

Using your email and password, log into the TranscribeMe portal called the ‘WorkHub’. Click on the “Job” button and short files will automatically appear. To earn the best rate, try to complete them as fast and as accurate as you can.

On their work portal you will see the “play, stop, rewind, forward, slow, faster” buttons that you can click whenever you want to stop or play the audio file. Also, the style guide will be on the right-hand side of the interface in case you want to refer something.

Here is a TranscribeMe YouTube video to give you more details.

TranscribeMe Reviews: Is TranscribeMe Legit?

When looking at the TranscribeMe reviews left both on Glassdoor and on their own website, it’s very clear to see that this is a legitimate transcription company that offers a conducive environment for both transcribers and the clients.

Most transcribers say that they love flexible working hours, great support, nice working environment and there is room for growth. What this means is that you get to work whenever you want, and as much or as little as you want.

TranscribeMe also has a forum for transcribers called yammer that you can join and get to ask questions and interact with others in your free time.

A review can never be complete without the cons, so let me give you the obvious ones. The two cons obvious about TranscribeMe is that the pay is low and work is not always available. You can log in, at times, and not find any files to transcribe.

Does TranscribeMe Hire Worldwide?

Yes. This is a worldwide opportunity accessible to both new and experienced transcribers. Anyone from any part of the world can apply, get accepted, and start making money in the same week of application.

transcribeme account review

How to Prevent Your TranscribeMe Account from Being Blocked

If you’re new to TranscribeMe, it’s possible to get rejected from selecting new tasks. Thankfully, you can actually prevent this from happening.

Today, I have a great transcriber who has been with TranscribeMe since it started. He understands how the whole process works and will share his tips and insights.  Over to you Tim!

Timothy Gere is taking over…

Just when you thought you were starting to get it, you try to login into your TranscribeMe account, and you get the dreaded notification…

“Your account has been blocked. You will receive an email with further information shortly. ”

One of the things trainers or “account peddlers” may never tell you is that TranscribeMe accounts get blocked. I know you are wondering, “Why would my account get blocked?” This section of our TranscribeMe review will help you understand better why, and how to avoid it altogether.

Why Would Your TranscribeMe Account Get Blocked?

Your account will get blocked if you keep producing poor quality transcripts that have unnecessary errors. TranscribeMe has Quality Assurance workers – “QA’s” – who evaluate and approve or reject the chunks of transcripts you submit. The company clearly states that a transcriber must not get a rejection rate of 10% for all the transcripts submitted.

With more than 10% rejections, your account will inevitably get blocked without prior warning, or if you are lucky, you may receive prior notice. Transcription accounts are reviewed on a monthly basis. Once your account is blocked you cannot get it back. Their decision is final. So, strive to produce good quality work at all times. Otherwise, you won’t get a second chance.

Major Causes of Work Rejection 

1. Mishears

Typing totally different words from those spoken by the speaker. If the speaker says ‘gone’ type it as is. Do not type ‘gown’. This is misleading and is a misrepresentation of the intended meaning. If you’ve listened to a word and you cannot totally make out what’s being said, insert [inaudible] and then a timestamp after it.

    Make it a point to listen to a file at least three times before inserting [inaudible]

2. Missing Words

It is so wrong and unprofessional to type five or six words out of a 20-word sentence. This is child’s play and is not acceptable. If the file has heavy accents or the speaker is speaking too fast and you cannot hear what’s being said, just cancel that file and work on a new one.

3. Poor Sentence Structure + Grammar

Do not mix present and past tense in the same sentence. If it’s a sentence spoken in the past use past tense. If it is spoken in the present use present tense. Don’t mix the two.

4. Punctuation and Misspellings

Make sure to punctuate your work correctly. For example, inserting a full stop where you should be putting a question mark is wrong.

5. Style Guide Adherence

In transcription, there are many ways of producing quality transcripts. You have the freedom to transcribe files using different style guides as long as the correct company rules are adhered to.

What are Some Minor Errors that may be Overlooked?

  • One or two honest mistakes won’t be penalized if the reviewer clearly sees that you put in a lot of effort to produce clean work. The most important thing in transcription is accuracy and good word capture.
  • You will not be penalized for minor spacing issues if your transcript is accurate.
  • A misspelled word in a block that is several sentences long is often ignored if your transcript is outstanding.
  • One or two [inaudible] tags, when audio is somewhat difficult while the rest of transcription is superb is acceptable.
  • A missing period or several commas or even a quotation mark, if the rest of transcription is excellent, is often ignored, and your work will still be accepted.
  • Make the reviewer see that you put a lot of effort into your work by avoiding obvious & unnecessary mistakes.
  • Always proofread your transcripts before hitting that submit button.

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Personally, before I hit that submit button, I always ask myself, “If I were the QA… would I accept this job?” If I have a strong feeling that my work may be rejected, I do not submit it. I always look for clear and better audios that I know I can transcribe accurately and with ease.

You will not be penalized for canceling jobs that you are not comfortable working on. In fact, you are allowed to cancel as many jobs as you want if you are not comfortable working on them. Take advantage of this privilege and find good quality audios to work on.

Note:  What you will realize is, as you keep working and as you gain more experience, you will be more comfortable working on a variety of files than when you first started.

transcribeme reviews

TranscribeMe Review: Protecting Your Account

Actually, this is all you need to ensure your account stays intact, which is what we all want. If you get most of your income from TranscribeMe then it’s very important for you to protect your account. Don’t let silly mistakes like the ones I mentioned above to ruin your chances of bringing in extra income.

If you feel like transcription is the career path for you, I highly recommend the Free 7-Lesson Mini-Course offered by Janet Shaugnessy over at Transcribe Anywhere. She will teach you what transcription entails, whether it’s a good fit for you, how much you can earn, and why transcription is an in-demand skill right now.

Need more transcription resources? Feel free to check out these awesome ebooks:

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