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CPA marketing for beginnersThere are many ways that you can make money online without spending money. You can take part in surveys, play video games for points, and then redeem as cash or downloadable software.

But how much money can you really make from these methods?

On the other hand, if you have some extra cash to invest in methods that help you to multiply your income, that is an option as well.

How does CPA Marketing Work?

What if I told you that for every $1 you spend, you can get $2 or $3 back? If this were true, would you want to learn how to spend money and make huge returns on investment?

There are many affiliate marketers on the internet, including myself, for whom this is true and they do it with something called affiliate marketing or CPA marketing.

Affiliate marketing is promoting or recommending other people’s products for a commission. When you promote or recommend an affiliate product, you get a unique affiliate link that when clicked on and someone purchases the product, earns you a commission.

That commission can range from as low as 4% of the product sale to as high as 75%.

For example, if an affiliate product costs $100 for the consumer to purchase and it came through your affiliate link, you would earn a cool $75 if the commission percentage was 75%.

Now, what if you spent just $1 promoting that product to make that sale? That would mean that you would have a 74x return on investment (ROI).

What Is It and Can You Make Money with CPA Marketing?

CPA marketing is like affiliate marketing and stands for cost per action marketing.

This type of marketing allows you as the affiliate to earn a commission or get paid, based on an action that the consumer takes.

That action may be when a sale is generated, when a lead is created, or even when you get someone to make a call.

Instead of them investing thousands of dollars in their own advertising, companies sometimes seek out the assistance of affiliates to help them generate customers.

This keeps their costs down and they reward the affiliate just for helping them out.

This is another spectrum of making money online and in this CPA marketing guide for beginners, I will show you how I and countless other affiliates make money this way and use paid advertisements to accelerate our success.

The paid advertisements, in this case, are with Bing Ads which is a platform owned by the Microsoft Corporation.

cpa marketing for beginners

Here’s what you will learn:

  • Where to find affiliate products and CPA offers to promote
  • What the best types of affiliate products and CPA offers are to promote
  • What paid platforms you can use to promote affiliate products or CPA offers
  • How to do CPA marketing using Bing Ads to make money

Where To Find Affiliate  Products And CPA OFFERs To Promotecpa offers

The idea of making money by promoting other people’s products may sound good to you, but where do you actually find these products (CPA offers)?

You can find products from this highest paying affiliate programs list.

Affiliate networks are companies that host affiliate products and are the middleman between you and the owner of the product.

Affiliate networks, therefore, make it easy for you to select products that are attractive and give you guidelines on how to promote the products.

Also, the good thing about affiliate networks is that when you join, you are assigned an affiliate manager who has an interest in helping you.

That is because the more money you earn, the more money he/she earns.

Now you can find these affiliate networks on the internet by doing a Google search, but I strongly recommend joining the following networks since I have already worked with them and know how they operate in terms of providing affiliates with assistance, paying affiliates on time, and recommending great products to help you make money.

Some of the best CPA Marketing networks to work with are:

Before you click on any of the links above, I must warn you that these affiliate networks, whilst I am recommending that you join them, do have a rigid process that you must follow to get in.

For example, most of them will require that you have your own website with content on it.

Most of them will require that you already have some experience with affiliate marketing and that you know what you’re doing.

I recommend that if this is a method that you would like to work with, you do your own research by going to YouTube and searching for information on how to get accepted into these networks.

I hope that what I have said does not deter you because once you are in, the opportunity to add affiliate marketing and CPA marketing as an income stream is very lucrative and can be life-changing.

What Is The Best Type Of Affiliate OR CPA Product To Promote?

So you have been accepted into one of my recommended affiliate networks.

Great! What next?

You need to pick a product and start promoting it.

With a large selection of products, how do you find out which one is the best to promote?

Well, the truth is, there is no best product because you have to test advertising the products. That is because, whether or not you make money from these products depends on a person on the other side of the internet clicking on your affiliate link and buying the product.

I want you to remember that in order to make money from affiliate marketing, real people need to click on your links, submit their credit card details, and buy.

There’s no magic to making money … that’s simply how it works.

Because you cannot tell what someone else is thinking, there is no way you as the affiliate will know whether they will buy your recommended product.

But at least you can put the offer in front of that person and persuade them to buy.

Now I am not saying that you will test the thousands of products that are available in your network. What you can do is ask your affiliate manager for help.

When you join an affiliate network you will have access to their contact details.

Simply reach out to them, introduce yourself, and ask questions.

Here’s what you can say:

“Hi [Affiliate manager’s name] My name is [your name] and I am ready to promote offers by [name of traffic source]. Can you tell me what are the best offers that are converting really well?”
They will then come back to you with a list of offers that are doing well which you can select from. This list may be 10 products. That helps you to narrow down your choices from thousands of products.

What Paid Platforms Can You Use To Promote Affiliate products or CPA offers?

paid platforms to promote CPA offers

When you think about paid platforms, think about where potential customers hang out. Where do people usually go online and where can you put your offer in front of them that they can see it?

Some places include social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and Twitter. These platforms have a way in which you can buy an advertisement.

Apart from social media platforms, there are other platforms where people search for solutions to problems or specific products using search engines like Google, Bing, or Pinterest.

If you can think about where people show up, it is likely you can buy advertisements and promote the affiliate product.

For this post, however, I will tell you more about Bing Ads.

Bing Ads is an advertising management platform where you can buy space on the Bing search engines and advertise your product.

Here is what an ad looks like on offers on bing

You probably saw it already if you use Bing as a search engine, but those ads are highly likely placed there by affiliates.

You can also use Google Adwords which is the ad platform for Google, but Bing offers lower competition and therefore lower prices since not many advertisers use Bing.

To get started with Bing, they offer you ad credit as a new customer. Simply Google the phrase “Bing Ads Coupon” and you will find a selection of websites that offer coupons that you can use the first time you advertise.

bing ads coupon

How To do CPA Marketing and Use Bing Ads To Make Money

Once you have signed up and have a product in mind, it is time to create your first campaign with Bing.

Setting up an ad with Bing does take a bit of practice but like with anything, once you get the hang of it, it becomes a breeze.

A few things that I would recommend you do when using Bing as your traffic source:

  1. Create more than one campaign so you can test products and see which ones give you the highest conversions.
  2. Always observe your competitors by doing a search of Bing and seeing how they are wording their ads, whether they are linking directly to the affiliate offer, or linking to a custom landing page.
  3. Use a maximum of 10 keywords. It is not necessary to use over 10 keywords in your Bing campaign.

Here is a step-by-step video that I found to help you get started with a Bing campaign (CPA marketing training).

Wrapping Up

Like anything, you may not get it right the first time, but if you keep learning and implementing, eventually it will all make sense and you will start seeing success.

I have been on this affiliate marketing journey since 2016, got my biggest break when I generated over $10k with CPA marketing and Facebook ads, and still never stopped learning.

Watch out for part two where I talk about how to promote CPA offers on Facebook

I went on to learn how to use Bing to promote offers, have been at it since 2017, and finally got the hang of it to the point of feeling comfortable enough to spread the knowledge to you.

I wish you much success and if you choose affiliate marketing, never give up.

Have you used CPA marketing before or know someone who has? Did you like this CPA Marketing for Beginners Guide? Leave a comment below!

Dawn-Marie NesbittDawn-Marie Nesbitt is a blogger, affiliate marketer, and digital marketing strategist at I Am Dawn-Marie. She helps small businesses and new entrepreneurs grow their business online with digital and social media marketing strategies. Aside from work, she loves to travel, has an eye for graphic design, and is a major foodie. You can follow Dawn-Marie on Instagram and Pinterest.

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