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Have you ever thought about selling your own t-shirt designs? Years ago, you might have had to order tons of materials and supplies in order to design your own t-shirts.

Today, modern tools like Teespring allow you to design and sell t-shirts online. In addition, you get to store your inventory online and gain access to helpful marketing tools. 

Teespring is an easy way for anyone to start selling their own designs on t-shirts, mugs, posters, phone cases, and other products.

Want to know how to become a Teespring seller? In this article, we’ll go over how Teespring works and the steps you can take to launch your own t-shirt design business. 

What is Teespring and How Does it Work?

what is teespring

Teespring is an e-commerce platform that allows you to design and sell t-shirts in your own unique digital store.

Starting out as a digital t-shirt design website, Teespring now allows you to create and customize more than 50 different product categories. 

The company handles everything from printing to shipping and providing buyers with customer service.

Teespring provides a text tool and different options to help you design your products. Or, you can choose to upload a custom design.

As a seller, you can determine your own pricing and utilize the built-in marketing tools to get your products seen by more potential customers.

Teespring integrates with other platforms such as Twitch, Google, Instagram, and YouTube to make it easier to display and sell your products. 

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How Do You Become a Teespring Seller?

How Do You Become a Teespring Seller

If you’re wondering how to become a Teespring seller, you need to have an idea of what type of product you’d like to sell.

The site offers plenty of design tools so you don’t need a design idea or even a brand name narrowed down yet although it would help. 

Once you create a design, you’ll want to order samples so you can see how the product turns out firsthand.

This is a very cool feature that you’ll want to take advantage of to ensure the colors and elements you selected during the digital design process actually look the way you envisioned they would in person.

In order to make it official, you can also set up your own Teespring store to showcase your products. You’ll design your digital store based on your unique branding concept and can offer discounts, promotions, and high-quality descriptions of your products. 

The best part about using Teespring is that you don’t need to have e-commerce experience or special business credentials.

Anyone can sign up and start a digital store to sell their products. Teespring takes a lot of the formalities out of the obstacles that many people face when they consider starting a business or selling t-shirts online. 

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How Does Teespring Pay You?

How Does Teespring Pay You

You can set your own pricing for your products and should do this strategically to influence how much money you can make with Teespring.

Whenever you sell a product, you get to keep the profit minus a fee from Teespring. There is an all-inclusive base cost for selling a t-shirt and other products. This fee covers the cost of the goods (material), services, transactions, shipping, and more. 

So for example, if you sell a t-shirt for $24 and the base cost is $10, you get to keep a $14 profit. When you sell a product and the customer payment is processed, the profit will be available in the ‘Payouts’ section of your Teespring account. 

How much you earn with Teespring can vary depending on the type of t-shirt designs you sell, your pricing and base costs, as well as how many sales you make each week or month.

Some sellers have made thousands or even six figures by selling t-shirts on the platform while others have made hundreds.

Teespring does its best to equip sellers with all the tools, resources, and ideas necessary to help them make their first sale after launching their store. 

6 Steps to Make Money on Teespring

Steps to Make Money on Teespring

Let’s break down the process regarding how to make money on Teespring. We know that Teespring is a dropshipping platform that holds the inventory and handles all the shipping and orders for you.

Still, the process of launching your own digital t-shirt store can seem daunting. Luckily, Teespring makes it easy to figure out where to start. 

These 6 steps will help you get your first designs finished and get your store up and running in no time. 

Step 1: Sign up for a Free Teespring Account

create a teespring account

The first step is to sign up for a free account with Teespring. Just go to and click ‘Start Creating’. You’ll need to enter some basic information like your name, email and the type of product you’ll like to create.

You can also select the option that lets you get started with Gmail or Facebook so you share your information quickly and get started right away. 

This is the best time to think about which type of products you want to make and what name or brand your store will have.

Feel free to check out other stores for inspiration to drive your own creative ideas. 

Step 2: Design Your First T-Shirt

Design Your First T-Shirt

Now it’s time for the fun part, designing your first t-shirt. Teespring makes it very easy to design your first shirt with its interactive, text, color, and graphics tools.

To get started, click ‘Design’ then choose which type of t-shirt you want. There are premium tees as well as long-sleeve shirts and hoodies. 

Choose the color you like and upload images or add text and other graphics. You can also design the back of your shirt as well.

Teespring makes it easy to preview your t-shirt design as you work on it and make changes. Again, once you design it, you’ll want to order a sample of your product so you can see how it looks and feels in person. 

If you’re uploading a custom design, make sure you have the copyright to it. If you’re creating your own design on the platform from scratch, Teespring will ensure no one else can copy it directly (each detail) and try to resell your product on the platform.

Teespring also offers a Design Guard to be added to your listing if you own a registered trademark or copyrighted design.

Step 3: Select Colors and Products

Select Colors and Products

Once your design is finished, it’s time to choose the specific products you wish to create. You can choose between men’s and women’s t-shirts as well as kids’ shirts, sleeveless shirts, and more.

Remember, Teespring also allows you to sell tons of other products whether it’s bags or coffee mugs. This means you could take your design and add it to these products as well. 

Don’t forget to choose different color options for your product. That way, shoppers can choose which one they like best and this could potentially increase your sales.

Teespring offers a maximum of 17 different color variations for most products. So long as your design will show up nicely on different color materials, be sure to include a few color options for customers to choose from.

Teespring does a great job of letting you know how much you could expect to earn from selling each type of product.

Depending on the product you choose, you get a base profit price since they already factor in the flat-rate fee. From there, you can adjust your pricing but you’ll always have a good idea of what your profit will be when you make a sale. 

Step 4: Set Your Products and Add a Description

Once you’ve finalized the design, color and style options, and pricing for your product, it’s time to set up your listing. Choose a title for your product and write a clear description.

These are both required fields you’ll need to fill out in order to add the product to your Teespring store.

For the description section, consider telling the story behind the design. Explain what the product is clearly and specify which type of t-shirt it is.

Then, talk about the design and perhaps what it symbolizes or why you made it. It would also be helpful to share some ideas about why people might want to buy the shirt.

For example, maybe your shirt is geared toward travelers, pet lovers, or people who work from home. 

From there, you’ll need to add a URL for your product and it’s best to use the product name but keep it unique from all your other listings.

The URL will help you be able to link directly to the product. Finally, you can choose whether your product should be listed publicly, privately, or unlisted (only visible to you and with a direct link). 

Step 5: Publish Your Listing for Sale

Next, publish your listing so you can start making sales. Once you publish your listing, it will go in your store and you’ll be able to share and promote the link. Publishing your listing does not mean you can’t go back and make changes or adjustments later. 

On your product listing page, there will be a drop down menu containing the different products and color options you offer.

From there, customers can add the product to their cart and place an order securely through your Teespring store. Once the payment is processed, the profit you made from the sale goes to your Teespring payout balance. 

Step 6: Promote Your T-Shirts

Promote Your T-Shirts

Promoting your Teespring store is key if you want to make more sales. There are tons of t-shirt stores out there so your need to market yours so more people will know about it.

Teespring allows you to add keywords to your product descriptions which is helpful. You can also promote your store on social media or through your blog’s audience. If you have a newsletter, be sure to include a link to your Teespring store in your emails. 

When you promote your shirts on social media, consider posting images of yourself or friends wearing the products so people can see them modeled.

Teespring states that sellers see a 50% increase in their sales when they promote real samples of the product. 

Integrating your Teespring store with other platforms is a great way to promote it as well. If you’re wondering how to promote Teespring for free, join Teespring’s Boosted Network is a collection of marketplaces and automated promotional tools.

When you join the Boosted Network, your products will automatically be added to Amazon and eBay. Also, when you integrate your store with Instagram, customers can shop and order right through Instagram. 

Teespring also has a paid ads feature so you can try to set up advertisements to get your products seen by more people.

Consider this an investment in your future business profits and don’t be afraid to start with a lower budget. It makes much more sense to test out your ideas for paid ad campaigns with a smaller amount.

Then, increase your budget when you notice which ads seem to work and generate conversions. 

Starting a T-Shirt Business Has Never Been Easier

Starting a T-Shirt Business Has Never Been Easier

If you’ve been thinking about starting a t-shirt business or considering ways to start dropshipping products, Teespring is an excellent option.

Anyone can learn how to make money on Teespring so long as you have a little creativity with your design idea. Teespring provides everything you need to start creating t-shirts and list them for sale even if you want to set everything up in one day.

Just be sure to come up with a promotion plan to market your products and get them in front of more people. Consider offering promo codes (through Teespring) to the first few customers so you can kick your business off to a great start.

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