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Watching Netflix is such a popular pastime that the term ‘Netflix and chill’ is no doubt embedded into today’s culture.

While millions of people have a Netflix account and enjoy watching the content on this platform each week, it may be a little shocking to realize that you can actually get paid to watch Netflix as well.

If you enjoy watching streaming platforms and discovering new content, you can certainly get paid to watch movies and other shows on Netflix.

The company hires people to perform tasks that involve watching some of the content or you may even be able to create your own reviews and get paid that way.

Keep reading to see how you can get paid to watch Netflix while enjoying new content.

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How to Get Paid to Watch Netflix

How to Get Paid to Watch Netflix

Believe it or not, there are many legit ways to get paid to watch Netflix. Once you learn about all these opportunities you may wonder why you didn’t monetize your Netflix-watching skills sooner.

Below are some key jobs to consider. 

1. Get Paid to Watch Netflix As a Netflix Tagger

A Netflix tagger is someone who watches a program on Netflix and labels it with a category tag. Have you ever searched Netflix to find a particular show or movie?

There are many categories ranging from documentaries to comedies and action shows. 

 If you just watched a thriller, Netflix might suggest similar shows and movies making it easier for you to explore the platform.

Netflix taggers are responsible for making sure they assign relevant tags to appropriate Netflix content and this improves the user’s experience.

To become a Netflix tagger, you’ll want to check the Netflix careers page to see when opportunities become available. 

2. Write Netflix Movie Reviews

Create your own blog or YouTube channel where you can review Netflix movies. Many people still prefer to see movie reviews and summaries before they watch a film.

Netflix has a ton of movies to review with new ones being added each week. 

Quite a few of Netflix’s new movies don’t make the trending category or top recommendations list so this could be the perfect opportunity for you to watch and review these movies.

Once you establish your blog or YouTube channel, you can set up ads to make money or partner with companies that can sponsor your content.

You can also promote Netflix and other similar products and services as an affiliate.

Another way to get paid to watch Netflix by writing reviews is to become a contributor to a popular review site like Cultured Vultures.

Cultured Vultures accepts written reviews of movies, television shows, video games, and more. You’ll earn a fixed amount for every 200 page views your review receives. 

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3. Become a Netflix Channel Manager

Netflix has several YouTube channels and often hires new team members to help manage them.

The role of a Netflix Channel Manager often involves creating thumbnails and playlists, writing detailed descriptions to optimize videos, and choosing which clips to pull from Netflix shows and movies to generate content.

In order to pull clips for content, you’ll need to watch certain Netflix shows and movies each day.

4. Translate and Subtitle Netflix Movies

Speak another language? Sometimes Netflix hires people to translate subtitles for movies so people in other countries can enjoy U.S.-based content.

Netflix does exist in other countries and Netflix Brazil for example is one of the most popular versions.

However, some of those shows may require foreign subtitle translation for anyone watching who prefers to use subtitles as a guide during the program.

In rare cases, you may even be able to write captions and subtitles for Netflix shows and movies in English.

According to Rev, Netflix’s standards for subtitling are pretty strict but you can always build up your skills and wait for the perfect opportunity.

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How to Get Paid While Watching Netflix

How to Get Paid While Watching Netflix

Getting paid to watch Netflix and getting paid while watching Netflix are two completely different things.

When you work for Netflix or write reviews of Netflix shows and movies, you often have to do some work after watching Netflix content in order to get paid. 

On the other hand, you can consider doing some light tasks while you’re watching Netflix and relaxing at home. That way, you can earn money during your favorite Netflix shows and movies.

Below are a few easy ways to get paid doing short tasks while you’re watching Netflix.

5. Take Easy Surveys

surveys for money

Taking surveys online is one of the easiest ways to earn extra money. There are tons of survey sites and anyone can sign up and get paid to share their opinion on various topics. Some of the top survey sites include Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, Opinion Outpost, Branded Surveys, Pinecone Research, and MyPoints.

Signing up is free and you can take surveys either on your computer or from a cell phone or similar device if the survey site has a mobile app. 

This makes it easy to just log on and spend a few minutes taking a survey while you’re watching Netflix. Survey sites pay you either points or cash for each survey you complete.

The points can usually be cashed in for rewards like a gift card to your favorite retailer and restaurant. There’s also no limit to how many surveys you can take.

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6. Watch Paid Video Ads

How to Get Paid to Watch Videos

Another easy way to make money while you’re watching Netflix is to watch or listen to video ads online.

Sites like InboxDollars and MyPoints will pay you to watch short ads or videos whenever you have free time.

These sites may also pay you to complete other short tasks too like play games, complete offers, and shop online.

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7. Browse the Web

Most of us browse the web every day. You may not think much about it but you can actually get paid to search online. This is also a low-effort task that you can do while you’re watching television.

Swagbucks is a loyalty rewards site that pays you to do everything from taking surveys online and watching videos, to shopping online, trying out offers and browsing the web. 

Just change your default browser to Swagbucks and you’ll earn points each time you use it to search. Other ways to get paid to search the web include using sites like Inbox Dollars and the Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel.


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8. Work Other Odd Jobs on Your Smartphone

There are many odd jobs you can do on your phone or laptop while you watch Netflix shows.

For starters, you can scan your recent shopping receipts in to Ibotta to earn extra cash. You can also earn cash back for shopping online with Rakuten.

Or, maybe you want to earn money by reading emails with Inbox Dollars. There are tons of websites and apps for odd jobs that you can do while watching Netflix. Check out more ideas here.


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Other Genius Ways to Get Paid to Watch Movies

Other Genius Ways to Get Paid to Watch Movies

Looking for even more ways to get paid to binge watch Netflix? There are quite a few jobs you can do while Netflix is on in the background. You’ll just need to get creative but these ideas below can help.

9. Pick Up Babysitting Gigs and Watch Movies with the Kids

Pick Up Babysitting Gigs and Watch Movies with the Kids

Love kids? Consider becoming a babysitter on evenings and weekends. Some people steer clear of watching kids during these hours but if you have the free time, babysitting in the evening can actually be an easier job. 

Kids are usually winding down by the evening and parents may need a sitter so they can go on a date night or work a night job. This means, you may be in charge of dinner and putting the kids to bed.

Once that’s done however, you can likely watch television and tidy up until the parents get back home. Or perhaps, you can watch a movie on Netflix with the kids in the evening after dinner or on weekends.

So long as you’re supervising everyone, this could be an easy way to get paid to watch Netflix.

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10. Pick Up House Sitting Gigs

House sitting is another easy way to get paid to watch movies. People might hire house sitters to care for their home while they’re traveling or if they have multiple homes.

Some people even live rent-free by picking up multiple house sitting gigs. While you may be responsible for receiving mail, caring for the plants and small pets, and tidying up, the rest of your time can be spent doing whatever you want around the house – like watching Netflix. 

To find U.S.-based house sitting jobs, you can check out sites like House Sitters America. Also, consider checking out sites like and Trusted House Sitters to find house sitting jobs that might interest you.

11. Pick Up Dog Sitting Gigs

How to become a dog sitter
Andrea | Pexels

Dog sitting is another alternative to house sitting and pet sitting that can help you get paid to watch Netflix.

With dog sitting, you can usually do this from the comfort of your own home. Sign up for Rover and create a profile to advertise your dog sitting and overnight care services. 

Walking dogs can be fun and good exercise. While you’re watching other people’s dogs at your home, you can watch Netflix shows during downtime and while cuddling with your furry friend.

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It’s Fun and Easy to Make Money Watching Netflix

It’s Fun and Easy to Make Money Watching Netflix

If you love streaming movies and TV shows during the week, there’s a good chance you can make money watching Netflix whether it’s working for Netflix in some capacity, doing odd jobs, or picking up babysitting gigs. 

Consider pairing easy tasks that can earn you money with watching Netflix to start. If you feel you have the experience to qualify for a role at the popular streaming service, keep an eye on their jobs page or set up alerts so you can apply for relevant positions when the opportunity arises.

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