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Late night work at home jobs. Many people are looking for evening or late night work at home jobs that they can complete from home. It can be a work-at-home mom or someone with a day job. I have put together a list of late night jobs that pay well that you can do part time at night or on weekends. Let's look at these home based night jobs online!Many people are looking for evening or late night work at home jobs that they can complete from the comfort of their homes.

They do this for various reasons: It can be a work-at-home mom who can hardly concentrate while the kids are up and playing or a person who has a day job and find it difficult to work two jobs at the same time. And so, these part-time jobs at night or on weekends come in really handy.

That’s why I wrote this post with you in mind so that I can show you night shift home-based jobs that pay well.

Let’s check out the night jobs!

One thing that I always tell my readers is, companies are different. One company may work for me and not for you. If that’s the case, don’t give up. Apply to as many companies as possible until you find one that suits you best. 

Evening or Late Night Work At Home Jobs


VIPKid is a reputable online teaching platform that can earn you up to $22 per hour.  This awesome teaching company is always looking for English teachers from the US or Canada to teach young students in China.

VIPKid offers an American elementary education experience via video-conferencing (using webcams and headset). Each lesson lasts for 30 minutes.  25 minutes of active learning and 5 minutes for comments and feedback.

vipkid reviews

VIPKid also offers a flexible working environment with the potential to earn $2000 per month or more.

Click here to join VIPKid and  start earning up to $2000 per month working in the evenings!

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2.  Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a great rewards program that can earn you awesome rewards for completing simple tasks.

As a member, you can get paid for taking paid online surveys, searching the web, completing trial offers, watching videos or shopping online.

Every time you complete a task, Swagbucks awards you points called “SB” points redeemable for Amazon gift cards or PayPal cash bonus.

make money with Swagbucks

I love Swagbucks because their tasks are easy and can be done in the evenings while binge-watching your favorite Netflix series or while snuggling on the couch with your dog.

And that’s not the only nice thing about this company. Swagbucks will also send you a $5 sign up bonus immediately you register.

Click here to join Swagbucks and claim your $5 sign up bonus!

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3. Scribie

Scribie has good part-time work at home jobs that you can do in the evenings from home. It involves transcribing raw audio files to Word documents.

Scribie pays $1 for every six minutes of audio transcribed. Their rates are lower compared to other transcription companies like Rev,  but I love how efficient their payment system is.

They make sure you receive your funds within 24 hours of making a withdrawal. This is the thing I love most about Scribie. You get your money almost immediately unlike other companies that take weeks or even months before getting your paycheck.


Click here to join Scribie and start earning money in the evenings or over the weekend!

4. 99 Designs

99 Designs is a perfect marketplace for graphic designers to showcase their skills and talents and earn money from your hobbies.

. You can offer your graphic design services here in exchange for money depending on the needs of the client(s). It operates in the same way does.

late night work from home jobs at 99Designs You can create websites, logos, business cards, applications, illustrations, brochures, etc.

Click here to join 99Designs and start earning from your creative skills!

5. has open positions for both translators and transcriptionists. You choose to work during the day or go with the night shift. They have home-based jobs available 24/7. - transcription companies

I personally did not want translation jobs, but I used to earn $45 per hour while taking online transcription jobs. They pay every Monday of the week for the work done the previous week.

No late payments and they never run out of work, even during the off-peak season.

Want to learn more about transcription? Check out Janet Shaugnessy’s FREE course!

It will help you understand what transcription is all about and if it’s the right career path for you.

6. Global Test Market

Join Global Test Market and earn $5 for every online survey you complete. They paid out $30 million to their members in 2016 alone. They use the points system where you earn points after completing surveys.

You can then redeem those points for PayPal cash or gift cards at Amazon. They say they are the best-paid survey website in the world and I believe them.

7. TranscribeMe

TranscribeMe is a  transcription company similar to but has shorter audio files, usually 2-4 minute audio clips. Work is available 24/7 and you can work whenever you want.

TranscribeMe pays $20 per audio hour and payments normally go out on a weekly basis, every Tuesday via PayPal. They have a $10 payout threshold that you must reach before making a withdrawal.


8. EarningStation

EarningStation is a paid market research company similar to Swagbucks. You also get paid for surveys, playing games, shopping online, watching videos and more.

All those activities accrue SDs (Station Dollars) that you can redeem for gift cards at Amazon, Walmart or PayPal cash.


When you register at EarningStation and join 5 websites as an added activity, you earn extra points (1,000 points) which equal to $10. They call this the “Easy $10.”

They usually send out email alerts whenever a new survey is available. So, check your emails more often so you don’t miss them.

Click here to join EarningStation and get your Easy $10 bonus!

9. TutorVista

TutorVista is a tutoring company similar to  VIPKid. They have open positions for both part-time and full-time tutors.

Work is assigned in the evenings or night time hours in the US or UK and sessions run for 45 minutes per subject.

For you to qualify, you must be a post-graduate, be able to work 4 hours minimum and have a modern computer with a high-speed internet connection.

Click here to join TutorVista and starting earning today!

10. is another online tutoring company looking for teachers to help with student homework during the day or at night. They have more than 40 subjects in their curriculum, including but not limited to English, Maths, and Science.

As a tutor, you get an opportunity to interact with students from grade 4 to 12 and college.  Payments go out on a regular basis and no invoices required. This is a great way to earn extra income if you asked me.

11. Fancy Hands

This is a virtual assistant company with open positions for virtual assistants to work during the day, in the evenings or at night. You have a choice to set your own schedule and work as much as you want.

Work involves making phone calls, booking appointments and doing data entry work. Pay rates vary but most workers earn $3 to $7 per task.

One thing I like about this company is that they pay on a weekly basis, every Tuesday to be precise. Before getting started, make sure that you have a faster internet connection, a pair of headsets (you can find inexpensive ones on Amazon) and the ability to do web research and speak on the phone.

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12. Appen Butler Hill

Appen Butler Hill has part-time work from home jobs that you can do at night or in the evening. They range from social media, transcription, translation, search engine evaluation and crowdsourcing projects.

They expect you to be available for a minimum of 5 hours per week Monday through Friday. You may have to complete certain assessment tests before getting hired and they may run for weeks. So, some commitment is required when hired.

I will admit that some of their tasks don’t pay much but if you are experienced and have been working with the company for a while, you can make as high as $25 per hour. They have a $50 payout threshold that you must meet before your funds are released.

13. Brainfuse

This is a tutoring company looking for tutors to teach students online. As a tutor, you will get paid $10 per session which normally lasts for one hour, that translates to earning $10 for every hour you spend teaching.

They pay twice a month through direct deposit to your bank account or via check. I will also add that this is a flexible work from home job that you can do in the evenings or at night.

14. Humanatic

I worked for this company for a while and I can confirm that it’s legit. As a call reviewer, you are required to listen to recorded phone calls then give answers according to the instructions given by the company.

They have a $10 payout threshold that you must meet before requesting for funds. Once you reach that limit your money will be transferred to your PayPal account on a weekly basis.


I love their workflow and payment systems because it allows you to see how much you make per night and also can show you the top earners that day.

15. Lionbridge (Smart Crowd)

Join Lionbridge and start earning money by completing simple and easy tasks in the fields of data entry, testing, interpretation and web research.

This is a flexible work at home opportunity that allows you to work whenever you want and however much you want. They pay on per task basis and payments go out on a monthly basis. You must complete a placement evaluation test before getting started.

16. Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk)

This is another short tasks site that pays you for every task that you complete. They have created short tasks called HITS (Human Intelligence Tasks) that every worker completes in exchange for extra income.

I have to admit that the amount given is not much but it’s a great starting point for those who are just starting out online. Tasks range from transcription, translation, writing etc. One thing worth keeping in mind is that a requester (who is the owner of the work) may approve or reject your work. If he or she rejects your work, you won’t be paid. But, if he approves it funds are credited to your Amazon Mechanical Turk account, then you can redeem it using the Amazon Gift Card.

17. ClickWorker

Join ClickWorker and get paid for every single task that you complete. The tasks can be as simple as filling a form or posting on social media. Once you get enough funds in your ClickWorker account you can withdraw via PayPal or direct deposit to your bank account.

If you are pressed on cash and are looking for a way to bring in new sources of income, I would encourage you to do as many tasks as possible then choose PayPal as your mode of payment.

With PayPal, you will receive your money on a weekly basis but the direct deposit will hold your funds until the end of the month.

18. LanguageLine Solutions

If you have amazing interpretation skills I would encourage you to join LanguageLine Solutions. Work completed will be paid on per hour basis, but you have the option of requesting your payments on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. They use direct deposit for US residents and check for those outside the US.

One disadvantage I see with this company is they assign work according to location and the experience that you have. For example, someone living in the US will get more work compared to a non-US resident.

19. Scribendi

Scribending has great work from home opportunities for proofreaders and editors, but you must have proofreading, writing or editing experience to qualify. Also, they expect English to be your first language.

Their application process involves filling out a form then submitting your resume. If they like what they see, they will respond and ask you to take a test so as to prove your skills and experience.


Most applications take as much time as six months. So, don’t give up or lose hope if you don’t hear back from them within a couple of weeks.

In the meantime, I would advise you to look for other ways to bring in extra income like taking surveys on EarningStation, Pinecone Research or Global Test Market.

If you want to learn more about proofreading

31 online proofreading jobs for beginners. 

20. TextBroker

TextBroker is a work at home company that pays writers to deliver high-quality, detailed articles. This is a reputable writing company that has been in operation since 2008.

They pay per word and the amount payable per word is dependent on your skill level. The higher the skill level, the higher the pay.

Payments go out on Fridays for work done the previous week, but you must meet a $10 payout threshold before requesting for the funds.

Also check out this post on get paid to write: 70 freelance writing jobs for beginners.

21. LeapForce

Join Leapforce and enjoy the convenience of working from home as a search engine evaluator. Here, you work as an at home independent agent with flexible working hours.

Just like most companies do, they have a two part evaluation test that you must complete before work can be assigned to you. They pay $13 per hour and payments go out once a month via check or direct deposit.

22. Usertesting

Usertesting is a good part time evening job that you can do any day of the week.  The work involves visiting certain websites or apps, completing given tasks then sharing your experiences with the world. They pay $10 per task and most tasks run for 20 minutes.

23. Userlytics

Userlytics is a usability testing website that pays you to test and give feedback on apps, websites, concepts etc. They also pay $10 per tasks and they run for 10 to 20 minutes. They require you to have a microphone, a webcam, Windows 7 or newer and a recent version of Java.

Also check out 13 companies with website testing jobs. 

24. Time ETC

Time ETC is a virtual assistant company that hires independent contractors to work during the day or at night. Your work involves completing administrative tasks like making travel arrangements, scheduling appointments or filling out forms.

Some of their requirements include: have a home office set up in a quiet environment, commit to a 1-year contract, work a minimum of 5 hours per week and have good organizational skills.

Other Evening or Late Night Work At Home Jobs to Check Out!

Flexible evening overnight or late night work from home jobs. Many people are looking for evening or late night work at home jobs that they can complete from the comfort of their homes. They do this for various reasons. It can be a work-at-home mom who can hardly concentrate while the kids are up and playing, or a person who has a day job and find it difficult to work two jobs at the same time. And so, these part time jobs at night or on weekends come in really handy.  That's why I wrote this post with you in mind so that I can show you night shift home based jobs that pay well. Lets check out the night jobs!

25. VIP Voice

26. Live World


28. 3 Play Media

29. ModSquad

30. ORC International

31. Alorica At Home

32. Advanis

33. Working Solutions

34. NexRep

35. LiveOps

36. Learn Light

37. Reasoning Mind

38. Pleio

39. PineCone Research

40. Apple

41. BSG Clearing

42. Uber

43. Zero Chaos

44. Tellwut

45. SigTrack

And there you have it, folks! A list of 45 late night work at home jobs that you can do in the evening or over the weekend. If you are still looking for more opportunities, feel free to check out this list of flexible late night work from home jobs. 


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