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Many of us spend money each day on essential purchases like household items, groceries, and more.

Apps like Fetch and Ibotta help you earn cash back on the items you buy so you can actually get paid to shop for your household.

When it comes to the Ibotta vs. Fetch debate, you may be wondering which free app is the better option for you. 

While both Ibotta and Fetch do similar things, there are some key differences to keep in mind.

Keep reading to find out, is Ibotta or Fetch better, or even if you should alternate between using both apps.

What is the Difference Between Ibotta and Fetch?What is the Difference Between Ibotta and Fetch

At its core, both Ibotta and Fetch seemingly do the same thing – help you earn rebates for certain store purchases you make. However, one of the biggest differences between the two apps is the type of retailers you can use to earn cash back.

Ibotta limits the stores you can choose to scan in your receipts to a list of partner retailers only. There are still a lot of store options to choose from, but Fetch is more open and actually allows customers to earn rewards from scanning receipts from any grocery store in the United States. 

Still, this doesn’t have to be the deciding factor on whether you decide to choose Fetch over Ibotta but it is something to keep in mind.

Ibotta still partners with over 300 stores including pet stores, restaurants, movie theaters, home improvements centers and so much more. This adds up to over 500,000 locations across the nation. 

Another pretty big difference to realize when comparing Fetch vs Ibotta is the amount of time customers have to scan in receipts. Fetch limits customers to a 14-day deadline while Ibotta allows for a 7-day grace period.

If you miss the respective time frame to scan in your receipts and prove you purchased the product to get a rebate, you’ll be out of luck and won’t receive points towards a reward. 

This is why it’s always a good idea to get into the habit of scanning your receipts into the app as soon as you complete your shopping trip.

There are many more differences when it comes to how Ibotta works and how you can use Fetch Rewards, but let’s back up and go over how each of these apps works on its own.


Ibotta allows customers to turn everyday purchases into extra cash by earning either a fixed amount or a percentage of the purchase price back.

You can use Ibotta to earn cash back for both online and in-store purchases on everything from groceries and household items, to travel, apparel and more. 

In order to receive cash back from eligible online stores, simply download the Ibotta mobile app or internet browser extension and follow the prompts.

When you visit a partner retailer’s site and have the browser extension downloaded, a reminder will pop up that lets you know how much cash back you can earn by placing an order on the site. 

If you’re planning on doing an in-person shopping trip, just choose the store you’d like to visit in the app and browse any available offers for different items.

Once you find a rebate offer you want to use, select it to redeem. Then, just go shopping as you normally would and scan your receipt into the app (by taking a picture of it) so Ibotta can credit your account with the cash back deal amount. Earnings don’t stop with just using the app to shop though.

Shoppers can also earn a few other ways. For each successful referral you receive $5, and just for joining Ibotta shoppers earn a $10 welcome bonus. Over $860 million has been paid out to Ibotta savers to date. 


Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards gives you the opportunity to earn each and every you use the app. Earn points from snapping pictures of receipts from any store or earn rewards from shopping online. So e-receipts can help earn you rewards as well.

Fetch rewards likes to do special promotions to help generate interest. One current offer being advertised is the chance to earn 10,000 points just for spending over $30 on certain brands like Dove in Walgreens stores.

Users can choose from hundreds of gift cards when they cash out rewards. Gift cards options include Barnes and Noble, AMC Theaters, AutoZone, Bed Bath and Beyond and more.

Fetch Rewards also has a referral program. When you refer a friend, you’ll get 2,000 points and so will they once they scan in their first store receipt.

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Ibotta vs. Fetch Rewards SimilaritiesIbotta vs. Fetch Rewards Similarities

Both Ibotta and Fetch Rewards operate in similar fashion. The rewards programs are both free to join and don’t cost money to start using. Both offer rewards for simply scanning in receipts and shopping online. 

Both give you a window to scan in receipts and don’t close you out on earning rewards if you don’t submit your receipt the same day you shop.

The mobile apps on both platforms are user friendly and make it really easy to use and earn rewards. Ibotta and Fetch both have referral programs in place to help bring more people to the platform. 

1. Require a Picture of Your Receipt(s)

The most popular way to earn rewards towards free gift cards is to take a picture of your receipt and scan it in. Depending which option you use whether use Ibotta or Fetch Rewards you have either 7 or 14 days to get this done.

Some users run into problems sometimes getting receipts taken. This sometimes is just because privacy or permission settings might need to be adjusted.

As you probably know each app on your phone has its own set of privacy settings you have to go through. Just because you put it on one app doesn’t mean your entire body should be able to go. 

2. Include a Variety of Brands

Fetch Rewards lets you scan in receipts from anywhere in the United States. Some of the popular brands available are

  • Suave
  • Pepsi
  • Huggies
  • Kraft
  • GoGurt
  • Popsicle
  • Betty Crocker
  • Stove Top
  • Bayer
  • Alka Seltzer 

Ibotta offers rebates on similar brands but you’ll need to select your store first and browse through offers. With either app, you’re bound to find a cashback deal on something 

3. Cash Out Methods

When considering Fetch vs Ibotta, it’s also important to consider how you’ll get paid and redeem your cash back and rebates as well. Luckily, both apps have a pretty similar process. 

There are a few different ways for you to utilize earnings. Two popular ways that almost everyone has heard about by this point is PayPal or Venmo. They are both easy and your personal account can simply be found by searching for your name, phone number, or email address. 

With Ibotta as soon as you reach $20 in earnings you are eligible for the PayPal or Venmo transfer. Keep in mind that your bank account can easily be connected to these platforms and transferred at your earliest convenience.

You can also use the rewards for a gift card. Gift cards offered through Ibotta are Amazon, Target, Walmart, Sephora, and Starbucks. 

With Fetch rewards, you receive points which can also be redeemed for popular gift cards for retailers, restaurants and other stores. 

4. You Must Have Receipts

Another way the two platforms are similar is the way they help users to pay attention to their receipts and purchases. Without keeping track of your receipts, it will be difficult to verify your purchases and make money on the app.

It’s always best to get organized and place your receipts in your wallet or somewhere handy that you won’t forget. Set a designated time to go to the app and scan your receipt in so you can earn cashback rewards before the expiration period. 

Ibotta vs. Fetch Rewards DifferencesIbotta vs. Fetch Rewards Differences

Both Ibotta and Fetch Rewards have their differences as well. If you’ve been wondering: “What is the difference between Ibotta and Fetch, knowing the key contrasts among the apps can help you decide which one would be best for your needs. 

Of course, you can always test both apps out but if you want to save time, here’s a full run down on how Ibotta and Fetch Rewards’ features vary.

1. Earnings in Points vs. Cash

The biggest difference between Ibotta and Fetch Rewards is how you earn rewards. With Ibotta, you’ll earn cash back or a rebate and varies depending on the offer.

For example, Ibotta might offer you $0.10 on granola bars at Target or $2.00 back on a certain brand of lotion from Walmart. 

With Fetch Rewards, you’ll earn points for each offer instead of a cash amount. About 1,000 points will earn you $1 which is important to keep in mind so you can monitor how much potential reward money you have in your account.

Either way, your rewards will add up with more offers you redeem. However, this could be a big deal if you prefer to get paid in cash vs. points.

Cash is generally more flexible to deal with since you can use it for anything. With points, you are limited in terms of how you can redeem those rewards and where you can ‘spend’ them. 

2. Pre-planning Shopping Trip Requirements

Before you go to the store or shop online and scan your receipt in, you’ll likely have to do some pre-shopping requirements with both Ibotta and Fetch Rewards.

Ibotta typically has more requirements for earning cashback on your purchases. As you’re browsing through items at your selected retailer on the app, you can choose which specific offers you want to redeem. 

Once you select an item, you may have to complete a few small tasks like reading a fact, taking a poll, or watching a short video. Some of the supported retailers that work with Ibotta may require you to scan in a QR code or receipt barcode to redeem your offers.

Also, make sure you carefully read the requirements for the offer. Sometimes you will be asked to buy two of the same item or meet another requirement. 

When your offer is redeemed in the app, you’re free to go shopping in the store and send your receipt in whenever you’re done.

With online shopping and Ibotta, the requirements are different and not as involved since with the browser extension, the program already knows you’re on the site and can verify what you’re buying.

With Fetch Rewards, there may not be as many pre-shopping requirements. Once you find an offer you like, all you have to do is buy it then upload your receipt to the app to verify that you purchased it.

3. Frequency of Earnings

Fetch rewards will award you points with every receipt that you upload to the app. You’ll earn 25 points for receipts from places like convenience stores, supermarkets, wholesale club stores, and pet stores.

You’ll also earn 5 points for receipts from clothing stores, electronics, retailers, and restaurants. More points can be earned when you redeem a specific product offer. It’s nice to know that you’ll earn rewards for any shopping that you do so long as you scan in your receipt. 

With Ibotta, you typically have to redeem a specific offer to earn cash back. You won’t be able to upload just any and every receipt and earn rebates.

Sometimes Ibotta will offer you a small amount of cash back to scan in a receipt from a particular store. But remember, Ibotta does not offer rebates for every retailer that you might shop at.

4. Minimum Payout Amounts

Once you have a cash back balance of at least $20 with Ibotta, you can redeem your earnings. From there, you can either keep building your balance or withdraw the money to your PayPal or bank account.

You can also redeem your cashback rewards for gift cards but some minimum gift card redemption prices might start at $25 while others will start at $20. 

With Fetch Rewards, the minimum payout is 3,000 points which is $3. You can also let your points build up to qualify for larger gift card amounts.

Fetch Rewards offers gift card rewards in different amounts ranging from $3 or $5 to $25 to $30. Most gift cards are delivered electronically to use as e-gift cards while others 

5. Ibotta Lets You Link Loyalty Cards

One key benefit of using Ibotta is that you can link your loyalty rewards accounts at other stores. This allows Ibotta to electronically see and review your receipts to review for credit.

If you are a loyalty member at certain stores like Walgreens or CVS, this could be helpful since you can earn more rebates on products you buy without necessarily scanning your receipts in on your own. 

Just use the Ibotta app to digitally connect your loyalty accounts with other qualifying retailers. You’ll still need to redeem offers by adding them to ‘Your List’ prior to shopping.

This means you can’t just go shopping and earn cash back without actually checking the Ibotta app to select the offers you’ll redeem.

Still, it eliminates a step by allowing you to earn loyalty points with the retailer and also send your receipt to Ibotta at the same time.

6. Fetch Rewards Helps You Earn on Prescriptions

Medical prescriptions can be expensive, but Fetch Rewards helps you save on those costs by enrolling in their program called SingleCare.

This service is quick and easy to use. All you have to do is present your SingleCare code to a pharmacist who will then check to see if you can get savings on your prescription.

If you get savings and decide to purchase the medicine, you’ll get a discount and also receive more Fetch Rewards points. You’ll see the points you earn usually within 24 hours. 

Is Ibotta or Fetch Better?Is Ibotta or Fetch Better

When considering your top pick between Fetch vs Ibotta, it’s important to narrow down what you’re looking for in a cash back app.

Both Fetch and Ibotta offer rebates and cash back rewards for popular stores but if you’re looking to use smaller or local chain stores more often it’s best to check to see if those places are covered first. 

Another question you’ll want to ask yourself is whether you’re okay with getting paid via points and gift cards as opposed to cash.

Both apps do offer a lot of variety and their own unique features, but if we had to rank the best one it would be Ibotta at this time. Ibotta offers higher cash back rates and also more options to redeem your earnings so you can use them for whatever you want.

Ibotta has also slowed down on all their pre-shopping requirements in order to redeem offers allowing you more options and making it easier for you to earn rewards on certain products more quickly. 

Of course, you can always give both options a try and this may be best so you can test out each option. Give yourself a few weeks of using the apps to determine which one works better for you.

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