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Do you perk up when you see a job description for a position that pays $40 per hour or more? Jobs that pay 40 an hour are not uncommon as there are also many work from home and flexible positions that pay this much. 

Jobs that pay a higher income may even allow you to work fewer hours during the week and achieve a better work-life balance.

If you’re looking for stable jobs and career ideas that pay $40 an hour or more, here are some of the best options.

How Much is $40 Per Hour? How Much is $40 Per Hour

When you landed your first job as a teen or adult, maybe $10 an hour or whatever the minimum wage was at that time might have sounded like a good idea to you.

However, now that you have some years under your belt and perhaps more expenses and financial responsibilities, jobs that pay $40 an hour might sound like a much better option to help make ends meet. 

When you break it down, $40 an hour is $1,600 per week if you’re working a full 40-hour work week. That adds up to around $6,400 per month before taxes.

Even if you’re working part time, $40 per hour is not bad. You’ll earn around half of that which is $800 per week or $3,200 per month if you’re working a 20-hour weekly schedule. This is still a livable wage. 

Earning more per hour will always help you be able to pursue more flexible work opportunities and have the option to work fewer hours while still being able to pay all your bills and meet financial goals.

Higher-income jobs can be available for anyone if you know where to look and how to get started. Let’s check out some of the best jobs that pay 40 an hour with no experience and with experience.

Online Jobs That Pay 40 an Hour

Online Jobs That Pay 40 an Hour

We can all be grateful that we live in a time where the internet provides lots of opportunities to make money online. Many of these online jobs can be high-paying ones.

Below are 10 online jobs that pay 40 an hour to consider trying.

1) Proofreader

make money as a proofreader

Are you always catching errors when you read books or things online? If you have a passion for grammar and the English language, consider becoming a proofreader and reviewing other people’s content.

You can proofread books, blog posts and articles, marketing copy, court documents and more. You might find online proofreading jobs on sites like FlexJobs or Proofreading Services or, you can launch your own proofreading business and have more control over your rates.

Caitlin Pyle, a professional proofreader who earned more than $36,000 per year when she started proofreading part-time, creating a program called Proofread Anywhere which teaches you how to become a proofreader and start your own successful online business.


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2. Virtual Assistant

become a virtual assistant

Virtual assistant work is in high demand right now and this is an easy way to make $40 an hour using skills you already have or can learn easily.

A virtual assistant or VA is someone who takes on everyday tasks that are all handled remotely or online. Common VA tasks include everything from gathering research, scheduling meetings and paying invoices to blog management, social media management, and email management. 

If you are organized, a quick learner, and like helping others succeed, you’ll enjoy working as a virtual assistant.

VAs usually get paid hourly and it’s standard to earn anywhere from $30 to $40 per hour or more once you gain enough experience.

You can send email pitches to clients and gain enough work to build a part-time or full-time virtual assistant business. 


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3. Online Tutor

online tutoring jobs

Online tutoring is one of the jobs that pay 40 an hour and allow you to set your own schedule and rates. You will need some experience or expertise in order to tutor other students, but you don’t necessarily have to have teaching experience.

Varsity Tutors is a company that pays online tutors anywhere from $12 to $40 per hour while Aspire Tutors typically pays $25 to $40 per hour.  

Some of the most highest-paying subjects to tutor include math, AP subjects, SAT and ACT prep, and foreign language. You can also tutor two to three students in one session to earn $40+ per hour.

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4. Data Journalist

A data journalist is someone who gathers numbers and statistics, results from studies, historical data, and other facts to enhance the value and context of a journalistic story.

Data journalists do an excellent job of protecting the integrity of journalism and they get paid well to do it. 

If you enjoy writing and researching, consider going into this field and working online. Data journalist assignments tend to be more involved and may take longer to complete, but the pay is also better.

According to Payscale, data journalists can make anywhere from $49,000 to $75,000 per year. As a freelance data journalist, you can set your own rates and earn as much as you want.

To learn more about how to get started as a data journalist, check along with this quick-step guide

5. Virtual Life Coach

Life coaches play a very important role in helping people overcome life obstacles and gain more fulfillment overall.

Most professional life coaches are trained and certified and life coaching is something you can do online via virtual coaching appointments. According to the School of Mastery, life coaches can earn $160 per hour on average.

As a virtual life coach, you can narrow down your expertise and also sell virtual training or products to help your clients as well. To learn more about how to become a life coach, check out this guide from Zip Recruiter

Other Jobs That Pay 40 an Hour

If you don’t mind working outside of your home, there are plenty of jobs that pay $40 an hour. It’s no secret that most high-paying jobs require experience or certain credentials, but it’s not always required.

Plus, you may be able to obtain affordable training or learn on the job and increase your hourly rate within your first 12 months with some of these job options. 

6) Personal Trainer

If you’d rather spend your free time at the gym helping other people meet their fitness goals, a role as a personal trainer can help you do that.

Personal trainers typically make anywhere from $15 to $60 per hour depending on experience and where they work.

You may be able to get hired on at the gym as a personal trainer or even work as a private personal trainer and make money. 

Consider getting certified to improve your credentials and make sure you’re friendly and encouraging to get more repeat clients.

7) Bartender

Utilize nights and weekends to maximize income as a bartender. The hourly rate for bartenders isn’t much but the real money is made with tips.

Tips do have to be split between bartenders, but there are normally only a few people on one shift at a time.

Some bars can get very busy at night so you should be able to train and improve your bartending skills earlier in the day.  

You can find bartending jobs in almost any town and you can even think outside of the box and consider bartending at restaurants, bowling alleys, and more.

8) Dental Hygienist

Dental hygienists partner with dentists to take care of patients who need dental care. The actual responsibilities they have can vary by the office or state that they work in.

Dental hygienists may not get all the shine that a dentist gets, but they are a vital part of the team. Tasks can vary from things like x-rays, assessing oral health history, to removing plaque from teeth.

A dental hygiene background is recommended for these positions. Programs can be typically completed in 3 years. 

9) Flight Attendant

If you don’t mind heights and love to travel, becoming a flight attendant is another way to be paid $40 an hour.

While this is generally a well-paying career field, the amount you earn can vary but the average salary is $51,000 to $125,000 per year. Factors like seniority and location can make a big impact on how much an attendant makes.

For example, the people who work out of airlines in large US cities like Chicago, New York City, or Los Angeles may earn more than a flight attendant who does most of their work on flights through smaller cities. 

One of the top priorities of flight attendants is passenger safety. You may know from taking your own flights over the years that flight attendants are responsible for going over rules and enforcing them once the plane is in the air.

Other than that, you get to travel and enjoy new cities practically for free.

10) Pharma Sales Representative 

Pharmaceutical sales representatives are hired to persuade medical professionals that the treatment, drug, or device in question can be great for their patients.

Pharmaceutical companies will send these reps to meetings with different physicians. The goal is to get those in the medical field to sign on with whatever you’re trying to offer.

Sometimes those meetings will include giving out free samples so physicians have a good idea of what they’ll be getting. 

You’ll have to know a lot of information about certain medications and how they affect the body. Reps also have to know about the disease or condition the medicine is supposed to address.

Having all of this knowledge will help you be able to answer any questions a doctor might have.

To help your chances in landing a job you’ll need at least a bachelor’s degree and also a certification as a certified National Pharmaceutical Representative.

According to ZipRecruiter, a pharma sales representative can make around $44 per hour or $91,000 per year.

Knowing What Job Pays $40 an Hour Can Help You Plan Ahead

Jobs that pay 40 an hour can help you earn more than $75,000 per year with full-time hours.

Whether you’re looking to work from home or venture into another career that involves travel or working on-location, you can still earn more than enough to meet your needs and support your family.

It can also be relieving to know that you don’t always need a special degree or years of education under your belt. 

Bartending, becoming a flight attendant, or working as a virtual assistant are all jobs that pay 40 an hour without a degree.

Sometimes it may take a while to work your way up to this income level, but getting started with the right that has the potential to pay you more with experience is key.

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