Work From Home: Getting Started!

Are you looking for a way (s) to work from home and make money online? Do you want to start a side hustle so you can supplement your income, or start an online career that can replace your current day job? If you are looking for any of these then you are at the right place!

Earn Smart Online Class is a website dedicated to finding and sharing work from home opportunies with work-at-home moms, dads or college students. These include:  hiring work from home companies, job leads, home business ideas & side hustles.

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Side hustles that you can start include:

  1. Answering paid online surveys
  2. Testing websites
  3. Starting hobbies that make money
  4. Downloading and using SmartPhone apps

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Want to start a career but are not sure which career path to take? Take these 9 online courses and decide. Totally FREE!

These articles will give you more detailed information on your career path (s)

You chose a career and now you need training? No problem!

Udemy is one of the best online learning platforms out there. It has courses ranging from app development, web design, transcription to entrepreneurship.

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Are there scams? Absolutely!

Forgive me if I’m sounding negative but, yes, there are so many scams online. There are certain people looking for innocent victims just like you who want to start their online careers but don’t know where to start. That’s why I created this amazing resource to get the gueswork out of the process and give you nothing but the best work from home jobs, companies and leads that will get you there faster.

So, which scams should you be aware of?

1. Asking for upfront payment

This is a biggie, really. Any good and reputable company knows that you are looking for a job so that you can make money. Why would they ask you for money that you don’t have? Chances are, these people asking you for money are broke themselves and they want you to be their bank for as long as they have you under their belt in the name of offering work. My advice is, run as fast as you can from such people. They will take the little money you have and leave you dry. Legit companies are 100% FREE to join. Never pay to sign up for work from home opportunities.

2. Promising huge amounts for little to no work

This is another scam that you should be aware of. Just ask yourself. If you are doing little to no work, where are the huge figures coming from? They are just playing around with your mind because they know you desperately want a job. One thing to note is that, working online requires just as much as effort as you would put in if you were working offline, in an office. You have to put in the hours and efforts to see real results. Don’t let anyone fool you into wasting your time working on something tht will not yield any results. Even if it’s that little work, don’t do it. Your time is valuable and you have to use wisely to get ahead.

3. No contact information

More often than not, you will see a company looking for workers. But, when you go to their website (s) there is no contact information. This is a sign that something is wrong. Any company that is seriously looking for people to work for them will have their channels of communication open so that you can ask questions and find clarity on areas you don’t understand. No email or phone number means you have no way of reaching them or making a complaint if something goes wrong. Don’t waste your time on these kinds of jobs. Again, save your time and energy for jobs that really matter.

4. Free Or Sample Work

I have seen cases where a company or an individual asking for people to complete work for free so that they can guage your work and see if they can hire you or not. Well, this comes in two fold. One, you can do free work. Let’s say 10 or 20 minutes of work so you can prove your skills. I see this a lot on platforms like Upwork. But, a good client will pay you for the sample work.

Two, it’s not a great idea in my opinion. Some clients will tell you to do sample work that may include working 3 or even 4 hours, only for them to come back and tell you that your work is not up to par. So, if a client suggests free work before hiring, tell them you will do sample work but it should be paid for, even if it’s just 1/3 of the amount you are supposed to be paid. If he or she agrees, you’ve got a legit client. If not, walk and look for better and deserving opportunities.

Want to add blogging to your side hustles or career (s)? Sure thing!

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Resources That May Interest You


HostGatorI host all my websites on Hostgator.  No downtime, great customer support! Every time I have a query they respond in good time.

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TailwindTailwind functions the same way as BoardBooster. It is also a pin scheduling tool that will post on your boards on Pinterest. You can also use it for Instagram. They created a tribe feature recently that allows you to populate your content in all on the tribes you have within Tailwind. For a deeper explanation here is a Tailwind review.

Click here to get a Free Month of Tailwind.


GrammarlyThis list will not be complete without mentioning Grammarly. This tool checks and eliminates grammatical errors from your content thus improving your writing. I have installed the Firefox extension. It captures errors even in my Facebook posts! Amazing!


ConvertKitConvertKit is the new kid on the block. Everyone is talking about it. I’ve created a new website and will be getting the 1-month trial. They have great automation, you can create multiple opt-ins on your site, landing pages and it also allows you to tag subscribers.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

Making Sense of Affiliate MarketingMichelle Schroeder earned six figures in her first year of blogging and she teaches other bloggers how to do the same. Ever since her name and her course has been on everyone’s lips. There are countless reviews about this course on the internet. If you haven’t enrolled yet, you are really missing out.

I enrolled for this course and I have to say that the information is priceless. One thing I love about the site is the Facebook Mastermind group where you get to share your posts, ask a question and interact with other bloggers who want to achieve the same results as you. Now, I have so many new ideas that I can implement to grow my blog and my income, as well.


All the best!