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Share this post: is among the best transcription companies offering audio transcription jobs for both experienced and beginner transcriptionists.

This company was founded in August 2010 after getting funding from Globespan Capital Partners, and its existence has revolutionized the transcription industry.

Rev has an awesome online working portal that supports clients who upload audio files and the transcriptinists who work on them.

I worked for this transcription company for a number of years before I turned to blogging and I loved the ease of use of their platform. Allow me to give you a detailed rev review.

Transcription Training

Working from home as a transcriptionist is not an easy job. It is a skill that requires proper training. So, before I give you a complete Rev transcription review, I would like to recommend a really awesome Free 7-Lesson Mini Course that is suitable for work from home transcribers just like you. It will get you on the right track and shorten your learning curve. So, check it out at Transcribe Anywhere. Transcription Requirements

For you to start working at, you must have fast typing skills, a good command of the English language and a PayPal account that has no restrictions.  Your fast typing and good grammar skills will come in handy when taking their 60-minute test that you must complete accurately. I wrote a detailed post about this at WorkOnlineKenya. Feel free to check it out.

In terms of transcription equipment, you need a working computer, a high-speed internet connection, a quality headset (preferably noise-canceling ones). In addition, you should install Firefox, Safari or Chrome as one of your browsers and get the latest Adobe Flash Player for easy access of files through their portal.

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Rev transcription pay ranges from $0.40 to $0.65 per audio minute. This, of course, depends on audio quality, number of speakers, urgency of the file etc. From the start, their average pay rate used to be $25 per audio hour, but they raised it to $30 per audio hour in the middle of 2014. So, that’s Rev’s transcription pay rate as at the writing of this article.

Payment Method That Rev Uses

Rev uses PayPal as their only mode of payment as of right now. They pay once a week, every Monday of every week. For example, if you did work from Monday to Sunday last week you will get paid Monday this week. This is a really good revenue stream if you want quick cash.

What is the Earning Potential At Rev?

Rev has a high earning potential compared to other transcription companies like Scribie (pay is $10 per audio hour), and TranscribeMe (pay is $20 per audio hour). It is reported that the average earnings per month stand at $241 and the top monthly earning is at $1,495. This is pretty good as a beginner, believe me.

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is rev a Worldwide Transcription Opportunity or Not?

Yes, this is a legitimate worldwide transcription opportunity. Rev hires globally. If you are a professional transcriber looking for transcription work this is, definitely, the place to be. Unlike other transcription companies where applications are strictly reserved for US citizens, Rev believes in talent, skill, and experience rather than location.

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How is Rev’s Work Schedule?

Now, this is the best part. They have a really flexible working schedule. They have a work portal that allows you to pick the jobs that you like on a daily basis. It does not matter what time of the day it is. You can work as much as you want or as little as you want.

Another great thing about this company is their well never dries out. Unlike other transcription companies where you find a dry spell and there is no work. With Rev, whether it is a Sunday or a Wednesday or Christmas work is always available.

How to Apply

Want to be part of Rev? Just click here and get started. You will see the sign up page. The Rev transcription test is a five-step application process that should take you, at least 60 minutes to complete. I know you may ask, “A whole 1 hour?” Yes. Nothing comes easy in this world. You have to put in some effort to really see great results.

The rev transcription process is as follows:

Contact – You fill in your contact details like full names and email address.

Grammar – Here, you are tested on how to form/use good sentence structures.

Writing – You are expected to write a 1 or 2 paragraph story to see how well you understand English.

Transcribe – This is where the real transcription takes place. You are given a Rev transcription style guide to read and master and a short audio file to complete thereafter. When you finish you click on Submit button. Immediately, you will receive a message thanking you for completing the application process.

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8 Awesome Reasons Why You Should Work for

1.    Work From Home

You do not have to commute to go to work. All you need is a good working computer, internet connection and a pair of headsets.

2.   Weekly Payouts

Many companies out there offer monthly or bi-weekly payout. This is such a great motivator if I must add. I don’t know about you, but seeing actual rewards every single week motivates me to even work harder.

3.    Work Flexibility

As a mother, I find that working on a flexible schedule is the best way to go. With Rev, you can work in the morning today, afternoon tomorrow, and evening the following day. Nobody will ask you why you did that. All you need to do is just follow their rules and submit high-quality work.

4.    Great Support

They have a great support team. For whatever reason, if you experience problems just send them an email and they will get back to you ASAP.  They also have a wonderful forum where you can ask questions and get answers.

5.    Constant Feedback

A good number of the work you complete will be reviewed and results sent to you in real time. This way you get to understand where you went wrong and how you can improve next time.

6.   24/7 Workflow

Work is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. They have a good reputation in that their clients can’t help it but just keep giving them more and more work.

Final Thoughts

As you have seen in this review, it is a trusted company with legit online transcription jobs for both beginners and experts.

Their portal also has a forum where you can meet fellow transcribers and ask questions or get feedback on transcription related issues.

Go to the website and get signed up right away! Once you start working here, you will receive weekly payments. You get to work on your own schedule and won’t have to worry about work again. This is indeed the best place to find online transcription jobs for beginners. Most of the time, they just send you audio transcription jobs, no videos.

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Get this Free 7-Lesson Transcription Mini Course offered by Janet Shaugnessy over at Transcribe Anywhere. She teaches what transcription entails, whether it’s a good fit for you, how much you can earn, and why transcription is an in-demand skill right now.

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    I can’t say just how invaluable your blog is to me right now.I’m a newbie and starting out in a new niche is delicate without a guiding hand.Your blog is not just informative but inspiration.There is an ease with which you write that makes one think ‘you know what?I’m doing this now.’ I’m a freelance creative writer and thought to just broaden my skill set.
    One thing is getting information is costly and without it you will most likely learn the hard way.SO than k you sooo much for your work and for inspiring us to put on our best foot forward at becoming better ‘listeners’. 🙂
    Quick one there.How do you get to qualify to a 96 rating when there do not seem to be any jobs available for basic qualification of 92?This is on the Speechpad platform.

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      Thank you so much for your kind remarks. I’m happy to know you are finding my blog helpful and inspirational. The reason I created it was to enrich the lives of others by providing invaluable information that would help them in their daily lives as professional transcriptionists. I’m really humbled. So, take massive action and don’t stop until you see tangible results. As for Speechpad, I would urge you to be a bit patient. I understand now is a dry season because of the holidays. But, in the peak season you should be able to find jobs. Additionally, I will do more research, collect data and send to all my subscribers. So, if you haven’t subscribed yet I would urge you to do so. There’s lots of info I share with my list that cannot be all found on the blog. Kind Regards.

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