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Are you an experienced medical transcriptionist looking for work? Awesome! Here's a list of 21 companies currently hiring for remote medical transcription positions! 1 or years transcription experience is enough to get you started.For a while now, my loyal readers have been asking me about the best companies offering remote medical transcription jobs.

Now, I don’t write much about medical transcription, but I made a promise to compile a list of the best medical transcription companies hiring now.

It took a bit of research to get the best, but here we are. Let’s have a look!

Training for Remote Medical Transcription Jobs

Before we begin, I want to tell you that most medical transcription companies expect you to get proper training before they will hire you.

Yes, we have entry-level online medical transcription jobs, but you’ll have a fair advantage if you become a certified medical transcriptionist.

A good medical school that I can recommend is CareerStep. They teach everything there is to know about medical transcription.

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 Equipment Needed for Medical Transcription Jobs from Home

To become a transcriptionist, you need to have a working computer, Microsoft Word, a high-speed internet connection, a quality headset (preferably noise-canceling ones), and a Foot Pedal.

If you are thinking of buying a transcription kit that will fit your transcription needs, get Express Scribe Pro Transcription Software with USB Foot Pedal.

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Remote Medical Transcription Jobs

This list contains companies that offer both entry-level medical transcription jobs and those that require experience.  If you need flexibility, you can even work from home at night for these companies.

1. Absolute TranscriptionC:\Users\machine\Desktop\absolute_transcription_has_remote_transcription_jobs

Absolute Transcription is a legit company that requires at least 3 years of clinic or acute care experience.

You must type 12,000 lines per pay period for full-time (40 hours a week) and 8,000 lines per pay period for part-time (25-30 hours a week).

They have a short test that you must pass before coming on board and payments go out on the 1st and 15th of every month via mail.

2. iMedx


If you are looking for medical transcription jobs from home then give iMedx a test drive. They have both full-time and part-time positions for transcriptionists.

They require at least one year of acute-care hospital or medical transcription experience.  You need a computer, fast internet connection, and the ability to work on voice recognition editing projects.

They have an initial assessment test that you must complete before getting hired. Work is available 24/7 but they require a 2-hour TAT on all given projects.

3. Applied Medical Services

applied medical services_medical transcription jobs from home

They hire independent contractors for work at home jobs in medical transcription, medical billing, and coding.  Qualified Independent Contractors must have at least two years of full-time medical transcription experience in a clinical or hospital setting.

4. Athreon Transcription Company


Athreon has online medical transcription jobs for US and Canadian applicants only. This is an established and very reputable medical company that has been in existence since 1988.

They have open positions for medical and legal transcriptionists. You’ll need at least 2 years of experience but they have flexible working hours.

For you to qualify for the home-based transcriptionist jobs, you’ll need to produce proof of graduation from a recognized transcription training program like CareerStep or TranscribeAnywhere.

Work is available 24/7/365 accessible through their online transcription platforms and they pay on a weekly basis via PayPal.

5. Eight Crossing

They offer office and work-at-home medical transcription positions. You must have a minimum of two years of experience transcribing multi-specialty medical reports.

For home-based medical transcriptionist jobs, you must have a reliable internet connection and a minimum ability to process 1,000 lines per scheduled day.

6. Mrecord

This medical transcription company hires US citizens only. You must have been an active medical transcriptionist within the last five years. You also must have a minimum of six months’ transcription experience.

Update: Mrecord is no longer hiring

7. M*Modal


They are looking for full-time and part-time medical transcriptionists and editors to provide clinical documentation services.

Earn a $500 Sign-On Bonus for Full-Time Acute Care (Tier 2 or Tier 3) medical transcriptionist working between 12:00 pm and 3:00 am in your respective time zone!



They are looking for experienced inhouse coders and medical transcriptionists. You can email them at to find out more about their open positions.

You can also head over to their website to find out more about their medical transcription requirements.

9. Nuance Transcription


Nuance requires a minimum of one year of acute-care experience with a wide variety of specialties. You must have a high-speed internet connection and be able to work a minimum of 20 hours per week for part-time positions.

10. Perfect Transcription


Perfect Transcription is always looking for professional medical transcriptionists to add to their team. You must have a strong command of the English language and be a diploma holder.

You need to have worked for a medical transcription company for a period of three years or two years prior to medical transcription in a given specialty.

11. Phoenix Medcom, Inc.


They require a minimum of 3 years of experience for Acute Care work, and 2 years experience transcribing for a specialty practice, clinic, surgery center, etc.

12. PMSI

4+ years’ hospital transcription experience for acute care accounts.  Part-time and full-time positions are available.  Subcontractors only–excellent compensation! They want U.S. medical transcriptionists only.

PMSI No longer hiring

13. Preferred Transcriptions


They have both general, legal, and medical transcription positions. You must have a minimum of 2 years of experience in a hospital, clinical setting, or with another medical transcription service.

You must be willing to work at least 20 hours a week, complete assigned work within a given turnaround time, and be willing to sign a confidentiality agreement. Send your resume to

14. SpectraMedi

They have open positions in full-time and part-time medical billing. Medical billing experience in multiple disciplines is required. Their remote medical transcriptionists work online, using their own software and supported by a complete medical or technical and business team.

15. StenoMed

For you to work as a medical transcriptionist for StenoMed, you must have the following: in-depth understanding of medical terminology, a working computer, vast knowledge in the English language, etc.

16. Superior Transcribing Service, LLC


You must be an experienced transcriptionist with at least 2-3 years of experience in the medical transcription field. Send your resume to

You can also go to their website to learn more about their open positions.

 17. Terra Nova


Currently have full-time positions for Canadian residents only but keep checking for worldwide opportunities, as well. They require a minimum of five years of transcription experience covering many specialties.

Excellent knowledge of medical terminology and good organizational skills are highly preferred.

18. Transcend Services

Minimum of one year of acute-care experience to include histories & physicals, operative notes, consults and discharge summaries, as well as other report types. Minimum of 20 hours per week for part-time contractors.

19. Transcription Net

You must have at least three (3) years of medical transcription experience transcribing any of the following medical specialties: orthopedic, radiology, pain management, physical therapy, internal medicine, medical records, or pulmonology. Email resume to

20. TransRX

These are medical transcriptionist jobs from home for US and Canadian citizens only. You must have 5 years of medical transcription experience.

Requirements include: A working computer with Windows 98 or higher, Microsoft Word, high-speed internet connection, five years experience as a medical transcriptionist, and you must own a Wav pedal.

21. X-Press Transcription

This is a home-based medical transcriptionist job that needs at least two years’ experience working in an acute-care, diagnostic radiology environment. E-mail your job history/resumé to

22. Advanced Transcription, Inc

You must have 2+ years experience in a clinical or MTSO settings with a stable internet connection. Send your resume and salary requirements to

23. Penrad Imaging

Positions available to Colorado residents only because onsite training is required.

24. Precyse

Must have 3 years’ experience. Full-time positions available

25. SoftScript

They require 3 to 5 years of medical transcription experience. US citizens only.

More Information

I hope you found this list of medical transcription companies helpful. Getting medical transcription jobs from home can be a great way to supplement your income if you have the right training plus experience.

The companies I have listed above always have remote medical transcription jobs. If there are no vacancies in some of the companies, leave them alone for a while. But, keep checking from time to time to make sure you don’t miss any open positions.

If you prefer general transcription, here is a list of general transcription companies offering remote transcription jobs. You can save it and check it out at your convenience.

Don’t want to work for medical transcription companies? You can get training for legal transcription instead!

Useful Medical Transcription Resources

  • AHDI – Are you looking for reputable medical transcription training schools? AHDI is the place to be. You will get certified, approved, and credited medical education programs that you can trust.
  • MT Jobs – This is a site dedicated to medical transcriptionists and medical transcription companies. Feel free to search for medical transcription jobs and resumes.
  • MT Stars – This is an awesome community where US medical transcriptionists can network. They have medical transcription jobs and a resume bank.

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For a while now, my loyal readers have been asking me about the best medical transcription companies hiring remotely. Now, I don't write much about medical transcription, but I made a promise to compile a list of medical transcription companies hiring now. It took a bit of research to get the best, but here we are. So, let's have a look!

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