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work at home transcription jobs for beginners at TranscribeMeTranscribeMe is a work from home transcription company that hires beginners with no prior transcription experience.

They have a large clientele ranging from business, research, education, medical just but to name a few.

This is a great transcription opportunity for newbies who want to brush up their transcription skills.

TranscribeMe Transcription Requirements

For you to work here, you’ll need to be  fluent in English, have good  typing Skills, understand proper punctuation and grammar skills.

In addition, get a working computer and install Google Chrome, a high-speed internet connection and a good pair of headsets.

This is their prefered browser. They do not use Firefox or any other browser like Safari.

TranscribeMe Application Process?

If you wish to become a TranscribeMe worker you go to their signup page and fill out the form with your full names, email address, years of transcription experience, whether employed or unemployed etc. After submitting the info you will be allowed to choose between taking an English or Spanish test (transcriber exam). When you pass the test you will be contacted within 48 hours, your account will be activated and you will get access to their work hub which has 8-10 second files that you have to complete.

How Much Do They Pay?

They pay $20 per audio hour for general transcription projects. A higher rate may be received for specialized projects. You are free to withdraw your earnings every week.

What Payment Method Do They Use?

They have two payment methods. Paypal which is a US-based online payment platform that is widely known and used. Two is Alipay which is a third-party payment method from China.

Work Completion Process

Using your email and password you log into the site. Click on “Job” button and  8-10 second files will automatically appear. You have to complete them in the shortest time possible. On their work portal you will see the “play, stop, rewind, forward, slow, faster” buttons that you can click whenever you want to stop or play the audio file. Also, the style guide will be on the right-hand side of the interface in case you want to refer something.

Is It Worldwide?

Yes. This is a worldwide opportunity accessible to both new and experienced transcribers. Anyone from any part of the world can apply, get accepted and start making money in the same week of application.

TranscribeMe Transcription Exams

There are a variety of exams that you can take if you want to get access to more transcription projects. Among them are:

  • British Accent Exam
  • Irish Accent Exam
  • Australian Accent Exam
  • NZ Accent Exam
  • Scottish Accent Exam
  • Medical Test

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