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20 Facebook Groups to Explode Your Website Traffic. Looking for Facebook groups to skyrocket your blog traffic? Here's a list of 20 Facebook Groups to explode your website traffic and increase blog engagement!

Struggling to understand how to get traffic from Facebook for free?

You are not alone, we’ve all been there.

You work hard to create awesome content that readers want, but no one is seeing it, and you wonder why.

The reason this is happening is because you are not promoting your content in the best Facebook groups for bloggers.

Promoting your content is just as important as creating it. What better way to promote it than to use large Facebook groups for bloggers?

Facebook has amazing groups that you can join to network and promote your blog(s).  It’s totally FREE!

You may know Facebook as a social marketplace for liking, sharing and commenting on friend’s posts and images, but it’s a goldmine when it comes to blog promotion and getting free website traffic.

I came to this realization while searching for ways to promote my 2-month old blog at that time. I read somewhere how Facebook groups could skyrocket my website traffic and increase blog engagement.

I put a plan in motion and joined a couple of groups that were targeted toward my niche and it changed my blogging life forever!

I don’t know what your niche is, but as a new blogger, you need to search for Facebook blog groups, best blogger Facebook groups, and Facebook groups to promote blogs. These are geared towards blogging, growing online businesses, and entrepreneurship as a whole.

These groups give you an opportunity to connect with like-minded people.  They also have promo days for sharing your latest blog posts, social media accounts, products, etc.

Having this in mind, I have compiled a Facebook group list compromised of groups that will help you grow your blog traffic.

Disclaimer:  This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, when you make a purchase. Please, read our affiliate disclaimer or privacy policy for more information.

Facebook Groups list to Explode Your Website Traffic

Check out this list to learn how to get traffic from Facebook groups, Pinterest, and SEO. The group owners and members offer tons of free support to new members!

#1. Get Your Blog Together

Get Your Blog Together Facebook group cover

Get Your Blog Together is a Facebook group that focuses on teaching members how to do SEO. It’s run by Trinity Owen of The Pay at Home Parent.

Trinity earns a full-time income from home as a freelance SEO and writer. For more than five years, she studied and applied SEO strategies that help blogs and websites rank on page one for lucrative keywords.

Additionally, Trinity wrote an eBook on how to do keyword research called Get Your Keywords Together. The book goes into incredible detail on the strategy she uses to find keywords that even new blogs can rank on page one of Google for.

If you would like to build organic traffic that helps you earn a passive income from your blog, then this keyword research strategy is worth learning. The strategy helped Trinity increase her organic traffic by more than 6,000% in 2020, and it continues to build and drives more revenue passively.

#2. Blogging Like We Mean It


I cannot say enough good things about Blogging Like We Mean It Facebook group. This group transformed me from a clueless into a successful blogger earning a full-time income online.

Carly Campbell of Mommy on Purpose is the group owner. Carly is a successful blogger and an expert when it comes to growing blog traffic using Pinterest. She normally hosts live videos to discuss what’s working on Pinterest and what’s not.

This group has over 7k members so far, and most of them are successful bloggers ready to answer your burning questions.  That is something I haven’t seen in other blogger groups that I’m a part of.

It offers everything you would want to know about running a profitable blog.

Whether you are new or experienced, Blogging Like We Mean It will offer you a place you can call home.  It’s a safe haven for bloggers.

No promo days. Just daily threads to discuss different aspects of blogging.

#3. Blogging with Purpose


Blogging with Purpose is my second favorite group on Facebook. It’s still new with just 1k members but I like how engaged and interactive it is.

Kelan and Brittany of The Savvy Couple are the group owners. They created this amazing group to support new bloggers and enable them to make a full-time income from home.

When you join Blogging with Purpose, you’ll get support from group members and will learn about blogging strategies that work to enable you to build your money-making blog(s).

One thing I love about this group is how open and free-spirited Kelan is. He shares his own blogging journey with real-time examples to motivate beginners and put them on the right path. You definitely want to join if you are new and looking for some blogging inspiration.

Promo Days: 

  • Monday Madness – Share your latest blog post, podcast, opt-in, landing page, etc.
  • Wednesday Social – Share a social media account that you are looking to grow.
  • Friday Feedback – Share a blog post, email template, social media account, etc that you want feedback on.

#4. Blogging for New Bloggers


Blogging for New Bloggers is a supportive group ran by Lucrezia and Marina of

This is a wonderful community that connects new bloggers so that they can grow together while building their blogs.

They normally have daily discussions where members share tips and offer feedback about blogging.

They have daily promo threads as well that you can take advantage of to grow your blog and your social media following.

Looking for tribes and Pinterest group boards to join? This group has a pinned post with all their Tailwind tribes and Pinterest group boards that need new collaborators.

You can also request to join my Pinterest group board if you are in the work from home/ make money online niche.

Also, feel free to check out this post on the best Tailwind tribes for bloggers.

Promo Days

  • Sunday Blog Posts – Share a link to one of your blog posts, then comment on or share on social media at least 5 other blog posts.
  • Monday Facebook Page – Comment with a link to your Facebook page.
  • Tuesday Re-Pin – Comment with a link to a pin you would like re-pinned, then re-pin at least 5 other pins.
  • Wednesday Sharing is Power – Comment with a link to a blog post you would like shared, then share at least 5 other blog posts.
  • Thursday Blog Post Comments  – Share a link to a blog post you would like comments on, then comment on at least 3 other blog posts
  • Saturday Social Media Following – You can ask for followers/likes for your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, Bloglovin’, or any other social media account.

#5. Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Facebook Group

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

This is a private mastermind Facebook group for Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course students. It’s run by Michelle Schroeder-Gardner of the Making Sense of Cents blog and has over 4k members.

This is a community of online entrepreneurs to share, collaborate, network, and connect with like-minded professionals in the digital space.

Click here to join Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing!

Promo Days:

  • Motivation Monday – You share your top goals for the week as well as what you are working on.
  • Winning Wednesday – Share your recent wins such as a blog post going viral, an amazing vacation, affiliate marketing goals being reached, or similar experiences.
  • Share Day – This is a day to share anything that you want to promote. It can be an affiliate review, blog post, or social media post.

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#6. Pinterest Ninjas


Pinterest Ninjas is a group run by Megan Johnson of  She created this group to help Pinterest Ninja students in boosting their Pinterest profiles and increasing their social media following.

She has set aside days for re-pinning other people’s pins and a promo day Tuesday where you can request others to like your page, follow you on Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram.

But, you must be a student of Pinterest Ninja ecourse before getting access.

#7. Stupid Simple SEO


This is a private mastermind group for Stupid Simple SEO students. It was created by Mike Pearson of Stupid Easy SEO blog. Mike is an expert with all matters SEO and teaches bloggers of all levels SEO strategies that work.

He shows them how they can grow their blogs, rank higher on Google, and increase organic traffic using SEO.  He has a free SEO for Bloggers e-book that you can take advantage of today to start ranking higher on Google.

Already downloaded the free e-book? Get Stupid Simple SEO ecourse! This course will see you ranking on the first page of Google in as few as 3 weeks. Don’t just take my word for it. Click here to get it and see it for yourself!

#8. BTOP Ultimate Blogging Group

btop_ultimate_blogging_groupBTOP Ultimate Blogging Group is run by two best friends, Jeff Proctor and Ben Huber of DollarSprout and Breaking the One Percent blogs. They started barely two years ago and are now earning $20k+/month from their two blogs.

They created this group to allow bloggers to ask questions, get feedback about their blogs, network with other like-minded people, and receive blogging tips and strategies from those who are already earning a full-time income online.

They don’t have promo days but normally run weekly giveaways where they select one winner each week to receive awesome blogging courses or ebooks, totally FREE!

# 9.  Redefining Mom Community


Redefining Mom Community is a Facebook group owned by Monica Froese of Redefining Mom blog. It is a supportive community for mom entrepreneurs who want to start and grow their online businesses. You can find support and collaborate on amazing ideas with fellow mom bloggers.

Promo Days:

  • Schedule It Sunday – this is a day to share your posts with others so that they can include them in their weekly social media schedules
  • Motivation Monday – a day to share what you are doing to stay motivated so others can learn from you
  • Helpful Tips Tuesday – a day to share helpful tips and hacks about blogging or online business in general
  • Winning Wednesday – a day to celebrate each other’s wins for the week
  • Teamwork Thursday – a day to ask help on something that you are working on
  • Share It Friday – a day to share something you want to drive traffic to. It can be a sales page, an opt-in page, or a new blog post
  • Sista Saturday – a day to share what you are doing to relax after having a productive week

#10. women winning online


Women Winning online is a group hosted by Jen Snyder of Women Winning Online blog. It is a place for women bloggers to get encouragement, education, support, and connection!

New to blogging and need inspiration? Get support here!

Promo Days

  • Motivation Monday – Share 1-3 goals for the week
  • Tuesday Tips – Educational ideas to help you grow your blog and business (admin led series)
  • Winning Wednesdays – Share your win for the week. No win is too big or small!
  • Thoughtful Thursday – Share with us something you are struggling with and need help, or share a blog post that has helped you this week!
  • Fun Friday –  Promo Day! Share your blog post, service, or product in the thread.
  • Silly Saturday – Share something fun about you or something interesting that is happening in your life!

#11. Connect & Cultivate with Ivory Mix


Connect & Cultivate is a supportive community for your blog and biz. It offers you support, guidance, and care for your personal blog and biz. Kyla Butler of IvoryMix is a successful blog, ready to support her fellow mom bloggers.

Promo Days:

  • Monday – Share your Instagram
  • Tuesday – Share a click to tweet
  • Wednesday – Blogging 101 (Q & A)
  • Thursday – Promote your best stuff
  • Friday – Share a Blog post
  • Saturday – Share a Pin
  • Sunday – Collaborate

#12. Bloggers Supporting Bloggers


Promo Days

  • Monday – Blog post thread
  • Tuesday – Facebook
  • Wednesday – Different thread every week
  • Thursday -Twitter
  • Friday – Instagram
  • Saturday – Favor thread
  • Sunday – Blogger of the Week

#13. Creative Ninjas


Creative Ninjas is a free Facebook group hosted by Latasha Peterson of Arts and Budgets. She created this supportive community to show creative bloggers and online entrepreneurs effective online strategies that they can use to grow their blogs and online businesses.

Promo Days:

  • Motivation Monday –  This is a day to share your goals for the week
  • Social Media Tuesday – This is a day to share your social media accounts to get followers, likes, and repins
  • Wins Wednesday  – A day to share things going great with your blog/online business
  • Thursday Collaborate – This is a day to find people to collaborate with on guest posts, webinars, podcasts, etc
  • Promo Friday – This is a day to promote your content. It can be a new blog post, Facebook page, etc
  • Pinterest Saturday – You can share your Pinterest profile or pins so that others can repin or follow you

#14. Mom to Mompreneur


Mom to Mompreneur is hosted by Elna Cain of Twins Mommy. She transforms ordinary moms into mompreneurs by showing them the steps needed to grow their blog traffic, income, and email lists.

Elna started blogging two years ago and has grown her blog into a thriving and profitable online business. She shares her knowledge and blogging experiences with like-minded bloggers in her group.

Click here to join Mom to Mompreneur!

Promo Days:

Tuesday Promo – This is the only day you are allowed to promote your blog or biz in the group. You can do it on the thread or on the wall.

#15. Social Boss with Caitlin Batcher


This Facebook group is hosted by Caitlin Bacher. Her main focus is on helping entrepreneurs start and grow profitable Facebook groups.

To help you even further, she created a free report called the “Facebook Group Host Roadmap”. This free download shows you the steps you need to take to run a successful group on Facebook. Check it out if you are thinking of starting your own group.

Click here to join Social Boss with Caitlin Bacher!

Promo Days:

  • Accountability Monday – This is a day to share with others your goals and tasks you need to complete that week
  • Gratitude Wednesday – This is a day to share the things you are grateful for
  • Promo Friday – This is a day to share your most active social media accounts

#16. Blog Beautiful


Blog Beautiful is hosted by Marianne Manthey of Design Your Own Blog. She created this group with the intention of helping bloggers enhance the design and appearance of their blogs. If you need feedback about your latest logo, design scheme, or opt-in product, feel free to ask at any time. You can also ask questions related to blogging as a whole.

Promo Days:

  • Magic Monday – A day to share the one thing you would want to do but haven’t done yet
  • Promo Tuesday – Share your latest blog post or product that you’ve been working on
  • Feedback Wednesday – Share a creation that you need feedback on. It can be a new design, logo, or any graphic
  • Freebie Thursday – Got a freebie that you want to share or discovered a great freebie from other bloggers? Share it here
  • Winning Friday – You get to share all your wins for the week

#17. The Blog Boss Tribe


The Blog Boss Tribe is hosted by Kirsten Rosetti and focuses on bloggers building relationships and supporting one another.

If you are looking for a Facebook group that allows you to connect, share, and grow your blog, then this is another great place to be.

Promo Days

  • Blog Goals Monday – Share your blog goals for the week
  • Blog Post Wednesday – Share a post you want more engagement on
  • Ask your Questions – a day to ask any questions you may have about blogging
  • Ask for Feedback – a day to ask fellow members for feedback on a project you are working on
  • Share Your Wins – a day to share the things you achieved that week
  • Time Out – a day to share the things you do to relax when you are not working

#18.  Mediavine Publisher Group

This group is specifically for Mediavine publishers only. These are bloggers who got 25k sessions and were accepted in the Mediavine ad program.

I love this group because the Mediavine team is always on standby to answer questions and leave feedback where it’s needed. It’s also a great community for members to share ideas and strategies that improve ad income.

Want to find out how you can increase your blog traffic so as to join the Mediavine community? Get Pinning for Pageviews ebook combined with the She Approach to Making Pinterest Possible.

Implementing the Pinterest strategies found in these two books saw me moving from 10k to 30k page views a month. You can do it too!

#19. Facebook Ad Hacks

More and more people are turning to Facebook marketing to grow their blogs and online businesses, but they cannot do this successfully without having Facebook marketing strategies that work.

Catherine Howell created this free community to unite Facebook marketers and allow them to give feedback and share ideas on how best to create Facebook ads that convert, showcase studies of successful ad campaigns, and everything in between.

Joining Facebook Ads Hacks will give you an upper hand when it comes to social media marketing, especially Facebook.

#20. Bloggers Unite on Pinterest 


This group was created by a duo, Nicole Floss and Jill Cappaert of Kentucky Makeup JunkieThey created the group with the sole purpose of helping bloggers boost their Pinterest profiles and followings.

They have daily threads focused on re-pinning each other’s pins, following each other’s profiles, and getting more followers to those profiles. If you want to get more Pinterest followers and increase engagement on your pins, you have got to join this group.

Click here to join Bloggers Unite on Pinterest!

Promo Days:

  • Monday 9am EST – Weekly comment on 10 pins
  • Monday 2pm EST – Repin 10
  • Tuesday 9am EST – Group Boards
  • Tuesday 2pm EST – Repin 10
  • Wednesday 9am EST – Weekly follow 10
  • Wednesday 2pm – Repin 10
  • Thursday 9AM – Pin click through
  • Thursday 2pm EST – Repin 10
  • Friday 2pm EST – Repin 10
  • Saturday 2pm EST – Repin 10
  • Sunday 2pm EST = Repin 10

Bonus #21. Boost Your Blog

boost_your_blog facebook groups list

This Facebook group is hosted by Helen of Boost Your Blog is a private community designed to help bloggers engage and promote each other’s work through shared interests and opportunities!

It is a place to ask questions, connect with others, and grow your blog. You will learn blogging strategies that work to help you grow your blog.

Promo Days:

  • Monday –  a day to share your Instagram pictures.
  • Twitter Tuesday – a day to share your twitter posts or Twitter profile so others can follow you.

Join the Best Facebook Groups for Bloggers to Grow Your Website Traffic

You have just read a large Facebook group list to explode your website traffic and increase engagement. I am a part of all of these Facebook groups for bloggers, but you don’t need all of them. Just choose a few that you like and join. Not only will your blog traffic increase, but you will also grow significantly as a blogger.

Are you a part of these groups already? Do you have a large Facebook group list? I want to hear from you. Leave a comment below.

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20 Facebook Groups to Explode Your Website Traffic

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