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Oftentimes, being lazy get a bad rap. We’re taught to be super productive and efficient all the time. Hence why so many adults have busy schedules and pack their days with various tasks. Being busy all the time is not all it’s cracked up to be.

Sometimes being lazy is a harsh way to represent rest or taking a much-needed break. Believe it or not, there are quite a few jobs for lazy people.

They are also called passive income jobs because you can earn money without trading your time.

Some of the best jobs for lazy people could help you supplement your income or perhaps even launch a new career. If asked to switch to a career that was less stressful and draining, most people would say yes.

Here’s what you need to know about what the best lazy jobs are (even if you don’t consider yourself a lazy person) and how to get started.

7 Jobs for Lazy People that Pay Well

Jobs for Lazy People that Pay Well

Good jobs for lazy people tend to pay well and also require some work and effort upfront. However, these jobs are often flexible and allow you to stay home more and set your own schedule.

Here are some of the best jobs for lazy people to consider. 

1: Rent Your Car on Turo


Most people’s car sits in their driveway or garage most of the time. Instead of letting your car take up space when you’re not using it. You can be renting it out on Turo.

Turo is a car-sharing platform that has become very popular over the years. 

How it works is you can list your vehicle on the site and allow people to rent it out for a fixed amount of time. The renter will pay a daily fee and you can arrange a place to meet them to exchange the vehicle.

Turo provides insurance and handles all the payments as well as verifying the driver so this greatly limits any risks. 

Just go to the website and click ‘Become a Host’ to get started and you can start creating your listing. You can choose your daily rental rate but Turo also provides suggestions as well as an estimate of how much you can expect to earn. 

According to their website, you can expect to earn $10,000 per year by renting out one car and more than $30,000 per year by renting out 3 cars.

If you have multiple vehicles in your household, this could be a great passive income opportunity. 

2: Rent Out a Room on Airbnb

how to make $200 - earn money as an airbnb host

If you have extra space in your home, consider renting it out on Airbnb. You can rent out your spare room, basement, or other spaces.

Depending on your city, you can even rent out common areas such as your living room. This is popular in places like New York City where tourism is high as well as hotel prices.

Airbnb is similar to Turo, only you use your home. You can create your own listing to describe the space and add quality images.

Include amenities, what people can expect, any other rules or helpful information. Then, you can set your price and get paid from travelers who decide to book a stay.

As an Airbnb host, you can even set up your listing for automatic booking. This means you choose which date on the calendar your space is available.

Then, instead of people having to place a request, they can just click on the day and automatically book your listing and pay. 

Airbnb makes it easy to make money without doing much. It’s an ideal lazy job because while you may have to clean in between bookings and communicate with travelers through Airbnb’s platform, you can basically make money while you’re relaxing, watching TV, or even spending time away from your home. 

3: Start a Hobby Blog That Makes Money

blogging is my favorite money making hobby

Most people have hobbies. Why not take your hobby and monetize it? Whether you like to make crafts, paint, or play music, these are all hobbies you can monetize for extra income with a side hustle or even a full-time business. 

Start by making a list of hobbies or interest that could potentially earn you money. Brainstorm whether you can provide a service or create a product and how much you’d charge. Who will be your target audience or customer? What do you need to get started?

For instance, let’s say you like designing things online and worked on a few websites either at your main job or on the side. You can monetize this hobby and begin designing websites for people on the side.

The key to make this a lazy job is to make sure you’re doing something you enjoy that doesn’t seem like work. Ideally, you’ll want to be able to work as little or as much as you like. 

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4: House and Dog Sit

dog sitting

One of the best jobs for a lazy person involves sitting on the couch and relaxing or maybe even watching movies. House sitting and dog sitting are well-paying jobs that allow you to do this.

If you enjoy spending time with pets or traveling, becoming a dog sitter can be a great side job.

Rover is a site that helps you find pet sitting and dog walking jobs in your area. All the payment is handled through the site and you can set your own rates and service offerings.

There are also sites such as and that can help you earn money by watching other people’s homes while they’re away.

The work is usually easy and may involve light tasks such as watering plants, checking mail, and keeping things tidy. 

5: Subcontract Online Services

A subcontractor is someone who performs work for someone else on a contract basis. With subcontracting, you basically take on someone else’s work and they pay you a cut.

On the bright side, you don’t have to do the work of finding the client or customer and negotiating payment. 

All you have to do is complete the task which could be a breeze if you’re very skilled in that area and enjoy the work.

If you subcontract with online services such as proofreading, transcription, or freelance writing, you won’t even have to leave home. 

There are many sites that can pay you to subcontract work where they find all the opportunities. If you have an eye for detail and are a stickler for grammar, consider proofreading from the comfort of your home with help from sites like Upwork, Proofreading Pal, and Scribendi. 

Outsourcing sites like Upwork can be a great place to work by completing services that are easy and enjoyable for you. 

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6: Stream Your Gameplay on YouTube or Twitch


Love playing video games? If you’re really good at it and build an audience, you can get paid to do this. Some people refer to playing video games as ‘lazy’ but it can be a nice way to relax, challenge yourself, and decompress from daily tasks.

Plus, people will actually watch you play games online if you’re really good. Some people spend hours watching others play video games and may even donate to streamers who they like and support.

You can create YouTube videos and monetize them with ads or affiliate links when you build up a following.

Or, simply stream yourself playing games and invite people to donate to you through the platform. If you provide consistent and valuable content, you can even sign up for Patreon and invite your audience to become monthly subscribers.

People don’t have to pay much. Most successful patrons have memberships ranging from $1 to $5 and this can unlock exclusive content. 

Just imagine if you have 600 subscribers pay $5 each month. That would be $3,000 per month or $36,000 per year.

7: Put Ads On Your Car

get paid to advertise your car on wrapify

Car advertising may not be a high paying job for lazy people, but it’s an easy way to earn some extra money. If you have a car, you can place ads on the vehicle using a flexible car wrap that is easy to install and remove. 

It’s very easy and you can make anywhere from $200 to $500 per month depending on the type of ad you place. Car advertising wraps won’t damage your vehicle and you can get started with sites like Carvertise or Wrapify.

Apply to join then you can start hearing about relevant paying campaigns to sign up for. A professional can install and remove your car wrap material if you’re selected for a campaign. 

4 Careers for Lazy People

Careers for Lazy People

Yes, there are long-term careers for lazy people too. These jobs are still purposeful but allow you to take a slower and more relaxed approach while you earn a living which is always nice. 

8: Phone Operator or Answering Service

A phone operator is someone who helps direct calls. These days, they may use tech and automation to help people find the right numbers then transfer their calls. These calls may even be international, long distance, or overseas.

Now that everyone has a computer in their of their back pocket in the form of a smartphone, this job is less in demand.

Still, some businesses may hire phone operators and it’s a very laid back job. Most phone operators can expect to earn $1,400 to $2,100 per month on average.

Another phone job that may be a great career for lazy people is working for an answering service. Some doctor’s offices or apartment complexes have an answering service for after hours once the main office is closed. 

Your role would be to answer calls and take messages. That’s it. You don’t need to answer any in-depth questions or do anything else. Just relay the message to the correct person so they can return the call during normal business hours.  

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9: Receptionist


You’ve probably seen a receptionist before or had to talk to them. They help schedule appointments, answer calls, and perform light customer service duties.

If you work at a medical office as a receptionist, you may need to call insurance companies to confirm patients’ coverage.

Basic office duties such as printing, scanning, and filing documents may also be involved.

Receptionists can earn around $20 per hour or more with experience. Plus, the work is pretty standard and you’ll have a routine so it could be less stressful than other positions. 

10: Librarian


If you love books as well as being an important part of your community, becoming a librarian could be a worthy career. Librarians make about $50,000 per year on average and this career shows positive job growth. 

Librarians are responsible for tending to the books and materials in the library. This may involve helping people check out materials, categorizing things, placing holds on items, restocking, and more.

Libraries are quiet and can be relaxing places to work. You may even want to get involved in community activities that the library is hosting.

There are different types of job options including user service librarians, technical service librarians, and administrative services librarians.

So be sure to check your local library’s career page and see how you can get your foot into the door. 

11: Travel Agent

travel agent

Enjoy traveling and love to offer travel recommendations? You can actually get paid to do this as a travel agent. Travel agents help people book their trips and hotel stays all over the world.

As an agent, you won’t get paid by the customer but rather you earn a commission from the hotel or travel partner you book with.

Travel agents get access to lower rates and exclusive deals so you can help your clients book hotels, rental cars, cruises and more.

You can even get certified as a travel agent and you’ll work independently and make your own schedule. 

Lazy Jobs Can Still Provide a Steady Income

Earning money doesn’t have to be so stressful or time-consuming. Many people allow work to get so overwhelming and stressful during their lives.

However, there are plenty of high playing jobs for lazy people to go around. Remember, ‘lazy jobs’ doesn’t really mean you’re a lazy person. 

Rather, you may just want a more relaxing and laid back line of work and there’s nothing wrong with that. We all spend so much of our lives working so it makes sense to find jobs and opportunities that you enjoy and make you feel good. 

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