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As a mother of two young children, it’s a priority to me to not only save money wherever I can, but to always be on the lookout for new ways to earn some extra cash.

One of the easiest methods that I’ve found is by using free apps that I can download right to my phone. Not only are they fast and easy, they’re extremely convenient because (like with most people today) my phone is always in my possession.

I’ve been doing this for a while, and through trial and error, I’ve personally discovered which options are the most user-friendly, which are the easiest to use, and which apps pay you real money.

19 of the Best Paying Apps for Android and iPhone

There are a ton of high-paying apps out there, but I’ve narrowed down the ones that give the best payoff for the least amount of time and effort.

best paying apps for android and iphone

The High-Paying Apps That Pay Cash Back

You already need to buy groceries for your family, and you are going to eventually have to purchase clothing, toiletries, household goods and other necessities. Why not earn money for buying things you already plan to purchase?

These apps give you cash back on your everyday purchases, and while they won’t make you rich overnight, the amounts you receive will add up quickly. Depending on which app you use, you will have the option to earn back between 1 and 40 percent on your eligible purchases.

1. Rakuten

It’s simple to sign up for this high-paying cash-back app, formerly known as Ebates. Just fill out your profile and you’ll be well on your way toward earning cash back on purchases from a host of online retailers like Amazon, QVC, Old Navy, Kohls, and many more.

New members receive a $10 signup bonus when they make their first $25 purchase online through the Rakuten website or app.

Rakuten cash back app

After you complete your order as usual, Rakuten will credit your account with cash back within a few days. You will receive a physical check in the mail every quarter, as long as your balance is at least $5.

Smaller amounts will roll over into the next quarter as you continue to earn cash back on your everyday shopping.

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2. Ibotta

This free high-paying app offers one of the easiest ways to earn extra money: by simply making purchases as you normally do, and then receiving cash back for the ones that match the app’s current offers.

You don’t have to do any extra work on the front end. Just complete your checkouts as usual – either in-store or online – at thousands of popular retailers like Wal-Mart, Regal Cinemas, Travelocity, CVS, eBay and more. Then add any relevant in-app offers from Ibotta to your in-app list.

If you have any store loyalty cards linked to your account, you will automatically receive credit for your applicable purchases. Otherwise, upload your receipts to receive cash back for all matching offers.

Coming soon: a Honey-like Chrome extension that will automatically scan your purchases for you and earn you instant cash back.

When you’ve earned a minimum of $20, cash out with PayPal or Venmo, or select gift cards to your favorite retailers.

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3. Paribus

This Capital One-owned company syncs to your active email addresses and scans your online purchases to look for recent price drops. When it finds one, or determines that you have not received a product at the best possible price, it contacts the seller and asks for a refund on your behalf.

While this company is fairly new, it claims to have found more than $24 million in savings for its users to date, from more than 25 popular online retailers. All you have to do is give Paribus authorization to monitor your inboxes for receipts, and simply go about your normal online shopping activity.

paribus review

The company will email you when it finds a price drop, and then notify you if you have received a refund. It also keeps track of any delays in shipping speed and will negotiate with the seller for any possible compensation. All completely free.

Keep track of all of the purchases that Paribus is currently monitoring for you in your account dashboard. Since your cash back will arrive in the form of individual refunds from individual merchants, there is no minimum threshold you will need to meet to be paid.

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4. Drop App

This free high-paying app is similar to Paribus in that it automatically tracks your purchases, but in this case, it syncs your various credit and debit cards and tracks your spending at eligible merchants to help you earn points. Or, if you live in the United States or Canada, you can make your purchases at thousands of online stores, like Wal-Mart, Apple, Expedia, Groupon, and, directly through the app.


Redeem your earned points for gift cards to your favorite retailers. Every thousand points is worth $1, and you can cash out when you reach a minimum of $5.

5. TopCashback

As the self-proclaimed “most generous cashback site,” this company invites its members earn money by doing their regular shopping at their favorite online retailers directly through the TopCashback site.

The thousands of available online merchants pay TopCashback a commission for its members’ purchases, and this money is shared with the individual shoppers in the form of cash back. The mobile app also has a selection of coupons and payout bonuses available.

It can take up to a few weeks for retailers to approve refund payments, but once the cash back hits your virtual wallet, there is no minimum threshold to hit to cash out. You can receive your money via PayPal, direct deposit, or gift cards.

The Highest-Paying Survey Apps

It’s natural for many of us to reach for our phones when we have a few minutes of downtime. It will be easy to transition from mindlessly scrolling through social media to making money with your free time, by using money-making apps that earn you extra cash in just a few minutes a day.

Taking surveys for money is quick and easy, and there are several great high-paying survey apps out there – so you’ll be able to use multiple options to help you earn cash back even faster.

high paying survey apps

6. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the highest-paying surveys apps that pays its members to fill out surveys, play games, search the web, watch videos and trailers, and complete other easy online tasks in their spare time.

As a Swagbucks member, you will earn between one and 350 points – called Swagbucks (SBs) – for each assignment you complete. The number of SBs you receive will vary, depending on the length and difficulty of each task.

This site also allows its members to earn points by shopping online at popular retailers through the app. Check out the “shop” section of the app for current cash-back offers and coupons.

Swagbucks are each worth one point, and you can cash out when you have reached the minimum threshold of 300 SBs, or $3. Redeem your cash back via PayPal, or receive gift cards to the retailer of your choice.

To date, Swagbucks members have been paid more than $409 million. So while this is not a get-rich-quick option, the points do add up quickly.

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7. Survey Junkie

This free rewards site pairs its users with paid surveys that are worth between one and 100 points each.

It was created to provide companies with valuable insight from their real-world customers, so when you join, you will be giving your honest feedback on legitimate products from real merchants.high paying app jobs

You can take both long-form surveys, which are time-sensitive and fill up quickly, as well as “survey medleys,” which are mini surveys that don’t fill up and which are worth only two or three points apiece (although that also adds up!).

The free Survey Junkie app makes it easy to complete surveys on the go, and you will receive instant rewards when you complete eligible surveys.

Members who are comfortable turning on their location services can be additionally matched with location-based surveys, to rack up even more points.

Survey Junkie also infrequently invites members to complete product testing, focus groups, and phone surveys, so turn on your notifications to be alerted to these special offers and to avoid missing out on time-sensitive surveys.

Each point you earn is worth 1 cent, and there is a minimum threshold of $5 to cash out. You can choose to be paid via PayPal, direct deposit, or gift cards.

Click here to download the Survey Junkie app and start earning today!

8. Vindale Research

One of the largest paid survey sites, Vindale Research matches retailers with customers to provide feedback on real products. You will earn the majority of your points from this site from filling out surveys full of questions from merchants interested in your shopping preferences, opinions about upcoming product launches, fashion taste, and more.

Vindale Research sign in

In addition to the surveys, which could take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour to complete, and are worth between a few cents to more than $10, you will also receive $1 just for creating an account.

You can also earn more cash each time you open up and read company emails containing promotional content, as well as for watching paid videos, referring friends to sign up, and engaging with the company’s social media platforms.

You will be able to cash out once your account reaches a $50 minimum balance or more. Payments can be made via PayPal or paper checks. The company processes payouts twice per month.

Sign up for  Vindale Research and start earning today!

9. Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is owned and operated by the Nielsen Company, one of the world’s largest market research companies.

Pinecone Research is a more elite survey site than some others are, and has very strict quotas when it does open up to new members (for instance, recruiting just women for upcoming surveys about female health).

It is fairly difficult to join this invite-only panel; you will either need to be sent an invitation by a current member, or stumble upon one of the rare recruitment banners or signup links.

You will only be accepted at that time if you fit the demographic specifications of what the panel is currently looking for. On the plus side, unlike other paid survey sites, you will never be sent a survey that you might not qualify for.

One of the highest-paying survey sites out there, Pinecone pays its members a minimum of $3 per completed survey. There is no minimum threshold that you will need to hit to cash out, and you can receive your earnings via PayPal, paper check, or gift cards to Amazon or other retailers.

The Best Paying Driving Apps

If you already own a working vehicle and smartphone, and have a current driver’s license, you already have at your disposal all of the tools needed to start earning cash from apps that pay you to simply drive your car.

Now more than ever, people want to be able to order anything they need or want and have it in-hand as fast as possible without ever having to leave their houses. Take advantage of that fact by downloading one or more of these best paying driving apps, and start making easy money today.

Plus, becoming a delivery driver is a great way to make money online without money upfront.

best paying driving apps

10. Instacart

Earn extra cash for doing other people’s grocery shopping with this same-day delivery service that offers home delivery or pickup from popular chains like Costco, Aldi, Publix, Tops, Sam’s Club, Wegmans and more.

Medium Rectangle

You can sign up to become a part-time employee as an in-store shopper, which means fulfilling just the shopping portion of the customers’ orders and providing them with their collected items when they arrive at the store.

Or become an independent contractor as full-service shopper and do the entire process yourself, including delivering the groceries to customer’s homes.

Either way, the schedule is flexible, and if you become a full-service shopper, you can even set your own hours.

As an Instacart shopper, you will receive a weekly paycheck for your completed work.

Full-service shoppers are paid via direct deposit, while in-store shoppers have the additional option of being paid via paper check. Both positions can earn up to $15 per hour plus potential tips.

11. Postmates

This delivery service is similar to Instacart in that its shoppers delivery groceries to the customers’ homes, but it goes a step further and extends that service to food delivery from local restaurants.

It is free to sign up to join the Postmates Fleet, and there are no fees – meaning you take home all of what you earn every time you complete a delivery. To sign up, download the Postmates Fleet app onto your iOS or Android device.


You will be provided with a free delivery bag and prepaid card so you can immediately get started picking up groceries or takeout for customers who are placing their orders through the Postmates app. A convenient in-app GPS will show you exactly where you need to go.

As a Postmates shopper, you will be able to see on the app how much money you are making in real time. You can choose to cash out your earnings instantly, or get paid by automatic direct deposit every week. And you will have the opportunity to choose your own hours, making it easy to work around your established daily schedule.

12. UberEATS

As one of the largest food delivery services, UberEATS was launched by the ride-sharing service Uber in 2014, quickly growing in popularity not only for consumers, but also for people looking to make some money on the side as drivers.

While you will be paid for the deliveries you make versus per hour you work, you can expect to make between $8 and $12 per hour after factoring in vehicle expenses like gas. While you will have the option to set your own hours, you will be able to make the most money during high-volume times, like the lunch and dinner rushes.

To start delivering food and groceries to UberEATS customers, download the free app on an iOS or Android smartphone device. You will need to have a working vehicle at your disposal, as well as at least one year of driving experience.

13. DoorDash

Offering delivery from more than 340,000 stores in 4,000-plus cities in the United States, Australia, and Canada, DoorDash is the largest on-demand prepared food delivery service.

If you live in a major metropolitan area, you can ride a bike or scooter around as you complete orders, although you will need a working car if you live in a less populated area. As a DoorDash driver, you can even fulfill orders when you are on vacation or visiting a new city.


Sign up online and then download the Dasher app after you are approved. That is where you will be able to accept nearby orders and follow a GPS to each destination. The app will also let you know in advance how much you will make for each order before you accept it.

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14. Getaround

This high-paying app is unique from the other listed driving apps in that you can get paid for letting other people drive your vehicle when it’s not in use. Simply list your working car on the Getaround app and specify which hours it will be available and where it is located – and then the app’s intuitive system called Connect™ will give its users the option to rent your car.


Thanks to Getaround, you have the opportunity to make passive money during the hours when you wouldn’t typically drive your vehicle, like on weekends, holidays, and evenings.

There is a $99 one-time fee to use Connect™ and a $20 charge per month to post a car on Getaround. The company also collects 40 percent of all user earnings, but you can try the service free for one month to see if it’s worth it to you. You should also to factor in the potential wear and tear to your vehicle.

More High-Paying App Jobs

There are many other ways in which you can use the best paying apps available on your smartphone to turn a profit and put some extra cash in your pocket. The best thing about these is that they don’t require a college degree, previous experience, or any upfront investment on your part.

15. Decluttr

Minimalism has taken the country by storm, and if you’re on the path toward living more simply – or if you’ve just accumulated things that you no longer need – then it’s time to get rid of some stuff.

Enter the selling app Decluttr, which will instantly tell you the resale value of your unwanted CDs, DVDs, video games, and other tech items. Once you’ve decided what you want to sell, Decluttr will send you a prepaid shipping label.

Simply mail in your items, and after they are inspected, you will receive a payment via PayPal, direct deposit, paper check, or charitable donation. Clear out your clutter while simultaneously making some extra cash in the process!

16. Rover

If you’re an animal lover, use your passion to help other people and also earn money in the process. As one of the best paying apps, Rover connects pet owners with people like you who are available to walk dogs, pet sit, board animals, provide animal daycare services, and more.


You will be able to set your own prices and guidelines, like if you prefer to only pet sit cats, or are willing to walk both large and small dogs. Although you can decide what you are going to charge, check similar listings in your area to make sure that your prices are competitive.

17. Gazelle

With more than a million happy customers, Gazelle is your best bet to turn a profit if you have a used phone that you want to sell. To begin, find out if the item you want to unload is eligible to be sold on the site, by looking for an equivalent product in the Gazelle listings. It is free to sell on the website, but only electronics that are on Gazelle’s list are eligible.

Once you’ve found your item, specify its condition and then follow the prompts to lock in the site’s offer. Gazelle will send you a packing slip and shipping label; the open offer on your item will expire in 30 days, but there is no obligation for you to send it in.

Once your items arrive at the Gazelle location, you will be paid via paper check, PayPal, or Amazon gift card. Always provide the site with the most accurate information possible about your item, because if it arrives in a different condition than you described, your offer could be revised.

18. Foap App

If you are an experienced photographer or an amateur who just enjoys taking photos in your spare time, turn your hobby into cash.

Businesses, stock photography companies, and popular brands often turn to sites like the Foap App to purchase photos to go along with their online and print advertisements. This is where you come in.

To begin, download the free Foap app onto your smartphone, choose photos to upload straight from your phone, and choose any applicable keywords for each one. Once your pictures are uploaded, they are immediately available for sale through the Foap website’s Foap Market. And each photo can be sold an unlimited number of times.

Photos are sold for $10 on the marketplace, which means that you will receive a $5 profit for each one you sell. You can also participate in the website’s missions, which are challenges that are sponsored by well-known brands; the winning images receive a cash prize. Payment is sent out via PayPal.

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19. TaskRabbit

If you like to work with your hands and have some free time, turn your availability into cash by listing your skills on TaskRabbit.

This free odd job app connects “Task Rabbits” with people in their area who need someone to do random jobs and home projects like hanging TVs, assembling furniture, moving items into a new house, and cleaning.

While there are some virtual tasks available – like working as a client’s personal assistant – most jobs will be done away from your home.You must be at least 21 years old, pass a background check, and have a checking account to register as a TaskRabbit.

To begin accepting jobs, you will first need to complete the online registration, attend a local info session in your area, and then download the Tasker app. Although you can set your own prices, check similar listings in your area to make sure that you are staying competitive.

TaskRabbit takes 15 percent off the top of each job, and then you are paid as soon as you submit your invoice to the site.


The Highest-Paying Apps Can Help You Pay the Bills

While none of these apps will make you rich overnight, they offer a variety of ways for you to make some extra cash with very little effort and no investment on your part. If you are smart with your time and select the highest-paying apps that fit into your lifestyle and free time, you can even bring in a decent income by consistently using several of them at the same time.

Take advantage of your down time and select gigs that you enjoy, and you’ll be well on your way toward earning a regular side income in no time at all.

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