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Scribie Review. Get paid to type audio files at Scribie! This is among the perfect online transcription jobs for beginners without experience

Scribie is a legit work from home transcription company that hires both entry-level and experienced transcriptionists to type audio files from home.

Scribie has been into existence since 2008 and has been offering online transcription jobs without experience ever since.

They have a database of more than 26,627 certified transcribers with over $1.5 million paid out overall.

Their pay per audio hour is a bit low compared to other transcription companies but Scribie offers great opportunities for beginners.

I put together this detailed Scribie review to help you understand the company better.

My Honest Scribie Review

In this Scribie review, we are going to discuss how Scribie works, how much they pay, the payment methods they use, transcriber requirements, application process and much more!

How Does Scribie Work?

Scribie offers home-based transcription jobs to certified transcribers and allows them to work from home at their own convenience.

Transcribers work with short files (10 minutes or less), and the company expects a turn around time of 2 hours per file.

You can learn more about turn around time here.

Scribie has an awesome system that allows you to preview and choose files that you want to work on.

This is an amazing feature that helps transcribers to choose clear audio files so that they can work within the set time thus meeting deadlines.

You get to work whenever you want and however much you want. No limit or restrictions. The only rule is you have to work on one audio file at a time. You can’t pick two or three files at the same time.

They have a monthly $5 bonus for every 3 hours of audio completed. Getting these bonuses won’t be a problem if you are a fast typist with 100 words per minute or more.

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How Much Does Scribie Pay?

Scribie pays $5 to $25 per audio hour depending on the quality and the length of the file. They also have a $5 monthly bonus for every three hours of audio you complete per month.

This means that the more audio files you complete the more money you make.

And the goodies don’t end there. If your work is up to par, you can be promoted to a reviewer or a proofreader, a position that nets you even more money.

Their potential monthly earning table shows that reviewers and proofreaders earn $700 to $1000 per month on average.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

Click here to join Scribie and start earning today!

What Payment Method Does Scribie Use?

PayPal is the only mode of payment Scribie offers. Currently, you cannot use any other service like Skrill or Payoneer.

The PayPal account you provide has to be 100% verified. You can use any PayPal address. There are no minimum withdrawals and you can access your money at any time.

What Are the Scribie Requirements?

To work for Scribie you must have:

  • fast typing skills
  • good English skills
  • a verified PayPal account
  • access to a good working computer and a fast internet connection
  • a quality headset that has noise removal/canceling feature
  •  Firefox, Safari or Chrome as one of your browsers
  • the latest Adobe Flash Player

What is the Scribie Application Process?

To become a Scribie transcriber, follow these simple steps.

1. Submit Your Application

When applying for this position, you are required to fill out a form with your personal information e.g. your full names, email address, typing speed, years of experience, verified Paypal email address, etc.

After successful submission, a certain number will be assigned to you. You can then use it to check the status of your application.

2. Confirm Your Email

Here, the email address we used in step one comes in handy because a verification link will be sent there. You are required to confirm that you, indeed, are the one who filled out the form and applied for this position.

If for any reason you do not see or find the link, you are allowed to request for a re-send of the same link. If you submitted the wrong email you can delete the application and reapply.

3. Hang Out on The Waiting List

After confirmation, your application gets reviewed in one business day. That’s any day between Monday through Friday. This is not applicable over the weekends.

Another email will be sent out informing you that your application has either been accepted or rejected. If accepted you will be invited to take a test. if not, you can reapply.

4. Take the Scribie Test

Before taking the Scribie test, you must create an account using a username (which is basically your email address) and a password of your choice.

Keep these details safe because they are the ones you will be using every time you want to access the Scribie Transcriber Area (the dashboard).

After the account has been created, you will see a variety of files available in their portal. Choose one of them to compete it. Make sure you follow Scribie guidelines while taking the test.

 5. Get The Scribie Certification

If your work is satisfactory, you will become a certified transcriptionist and the test you took will be paid for. If you fail the Scribie test, you are allowed to retake it again. You are free to retake the test up to 10 times.

How to Type Files And Submit Transcripts at Scribie

Scribie has a five-step process of transcribing files. Let’s look at this in more detail.

  • Splitting the Files

Here the files are split into smaller segments to enable transcribers to finish work faster. Most files are 6 minutes longs.

  • Raw Transcription

This is where the real transcription happens. A transcriber listens to the audio recording keenly and types out accurately what he/she hears. If there is an area that is not clearly understood a blank space is left at that particular point.

  • Review

The reviewer will take the finished transcript and compare it against the original audio recording to make sure that what was said is actually what was typed out.

He/she can fill in the left blanks. Do Google research to find names of people, companies etc. If there are timestamps to be placed somewhere this will be done at this stage.

  • Verification

After a review has been done, now it’s time to combine the 6-minute transcript segments to create a complete transcript.

  • Delivery

After everything is confirmed to be in order the final work is sent to the customer.

Does Scribie Have a Referral Program?

Yes. Scribie has a referral program that can earn you money on autopilot.

How this works is, if you refer people to Scribie and they get certified through your referral link you earn a 2.5% commission. And, if a new client buys transcription services through your referral link you get a 5% commission.

Is this a Worldwide Opportunity?

Absolutely! Scribie offers worldwide transcription opportunities to freelance transcribers around the globe. You just need a verified PayPal account, a fast internet connection, great typing skills and excellent grammar skills.

Is Scribie Legit or a Scam?

Scribie is 100% legit. I can confirm that this company is not a scam. They will hire you and pay you for every audio file that you transcribe.

The money that you make accrue in your Scribie account and you can request a withdrawal at any time via PayPal.

Scribie Reviews on Glassdoor

Scribie has received 37 reviews with a score of 1.8 on Glassdoor. Among the complaints that transcribers raised were low pay, some files have heavy accents, strict rules that lead to rejection of files with minimal errors, and a high pay for proofreaders and reviewers whereas the transcriptionist do the heavy-lifting, which involves transcribing raw files.

The decision to join this company or not is totally in your hand. But, I will advise you to go through these Scribie reviews on Glassdoor before making that decision.

Getting Started!

Are you happy with this Scribie review and want to get started?

Click here to sign up and submit your application. A short Scribie test will be sent to you. Complete it and wait for the results within 1 business day. If you qualify, you will start working immediately.

Should You Work for Scribie?

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you are looking for more home-based  transcription companies check out these work from home jobs at Rev or join GoTranscript 

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  • Most online sweatshops, including Transcribe Me!, Scribie, Casting Words, and Rev, pay below minimum wage for an average typing speed of 30-60/WPM. At Scribie each file segment is an average of 1000 words. You will earn only $2-4/hour, and that one-sixth to one-third of living wage in the US is attainable if and only if you are fortunate enough to get clear audio with no foreign accents. They offer neither consistently. When you work difficult files they do not credit you. They downgrade severely, so you will earn little or nothing, and spend most of your time challenging automated grading, or discriminatory grading if you are an English speaker.

    They try to justify the criminal violation of US laws by saying they hire the inexperienced. It does not matter whether you have experience. Entry level jobs in the US are required to pay living wage. Paying below minimum wage is stealing. It is a violation of US labor law and US fair labor practice. Stealing is stealing no matter how you look at it. Most of these online sweatshops are foreign-based or operated by foreign nationals from India, South America, Mexico, or they have communist and socialist agendas that don’t do anything good for people in the US.

    There are all sorts of cheats and abuses besides the ones described that go on there at Scribie and other online sweatshops. Of all of them, I think creating or perpetuating poverty is the worst. In my opinion it is worse than being dishonest about pay rates, giving unfair grades that take eight hours of extra time per day to challenge and reverse, or discrimination against English-speaking or white people when they become “too successful” by their foreign standards, meaning they earn too much, or rise too high.

    For anyone who is an average typist of 30-60/WPM their false advertising of earnings is never going to happen, and if the East Indians or other foreigners who are the owners and operators find out you’re a white person, forget it. They will cut you for no legitimate reason if you consistently earn more than a few dollars a day. If you make it to the top, they will douse you and start over with another low earner.

    It’s a communist or socialist mindset that anyone whose head is above water should be drowned I guess. They punish success and try to make everyone a homogenous, impoverished, failure. Misery loves company.

    It’s ironic because the people who have the least expense in the world for cost of living are trying to punish those whose cost of living in the US is the highest. They get free education, free medical care, low-cost housing, and they still try and undercut the US wage base and steal jobs and opportunities in the US where we have to pay for everything. And they want to call Americans greedy? Hardly. We don’t get a free ride. We earn our way. They get a free ride and still steal from us right and left. It’s not fair in the least.

    They ought to be prohibited from soliciting labor in the US. The fact that Trump is showing them the door is probably a good thing and the fairest thing we’ve seen in the last decades. They are violators of minimum wage law and don’t even come close to living wage law in this country.

    • I’m sorry to hear that you feel this way, Jolie. But, the rise of the internet has made it possible for anyone to work anywhere in the world. It is not only in the US that people from other countries can get jobs. We have other locations like UK, Canada, Australia, etc. This kind of mindset really limits us, and I hope that you will embrace the flexibility and confort that such online companies provide.

  • I am an experienced nuclear medicine technologist with extensive knowledge in radiology and general medical services. I have a bachelors degree in diagnostic imaging and some experience in monitoring clinical research studies. I am interested in performing medical transcription services from my home office. Is this the best opportunity for me to get started?

  • You noted in step 5. Certification, that the test you took will be paid for. Does that mean there is a payment required by Scribie to take their test? And are there additional charges each time you retake the test? Is this a scam?

    • Hello Jo-anne,

      Welcome to Transcription Hub Pros. Good question. Yes, when you take their test and you pass you get paid. When you fail you do not get paid. Scribie pays you, not you paying them. There are no additional charges when you retake the test. This is a transcription company that has been in operation for a while now. Their pay is low but they are genuine. Thanks.

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