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Last week, we talked at length about finding legit and constant transcription clients. This week, I’m going to share with you my top 4 Transcription Forums that I follow. This is after you’ve gotten a few jobs, gotten your feet wet now it’s time to get social. Get to find out what other transcription service providers are doing to get ahead and to be on top. These are the best places to find and interact with fellow transcribers are forums. Enjoy!

Transcription Essentials

Transcription Forum
Transcription Essentials Website

In my opinion, this is a must-have for anyone aspiring to be or is already a transcriber. Transcription Essentials says that they are the most comprehensive transcription resource on the web and I can vouch for that. They have a wealth of information about companies that hire Independent Contractors, with or without experience, for General, Legal, and Medical transcription. They have company reviews where you are able to see if the company you’re interested in pays on time, how much you’re likely to make depending on your pay rate and how many hours per week you have free. Also they do a really thorough screening when registering to avoid any spam. Nothing compares.


Transcription Forum
WAHM Website


This is another great place to find more transcription opportunities. They mainly focus on helping work-at-home moms run successful businesses online. They have a section for asking questions on any topic. They have a section for promoting your business, if you have one. Also, they can give you ideas on how to set up one. And I think it’s only wise to create a transcription business once you have your feet on the ground. 

Find Transcription Work 

Transcription Job Board
FindTranscriptionWork Website


This is a job board for both transcribers and transcription companies.  Once you sign up you have the option of updating your profile with the necessary information so the clients can reach out to you easily and hire you. They also send daily updates to their members for available job openings.

Transcription Haven

Transcription Forum
Transcription Haven Website


This is also similar to Transcription Essentials. You can post and ask questions regarding transcription.

Remember, more and more stuff coming. It can’t get any better than this. See you soon!


  1. Virginia Nakitari

    Great resource. Thank you Caroline!

  2. David Deyen

    Thanks for the list. Forums are a great way to tell people about your business specially business like transcription services where people have lot of queries.

  3. Waqas Munir

    Oh great, I really did not know these forums. I am currently working for and it did not let me find new sources. Their pay rate is handsome. And they offer quality Medical Transcription Services In Pakistan.

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