For a while now, I’ve been getting a lot of questions from my awesome readers asking, “Express Scribe or FTW Transriber? Which one is better?” Frankly speaking, I can’t give a straight answer. Reasons? I’m a big fan of Express scribe but I’ve also been hearing nice things about FTW. So, I promised to outline features/benefits/similarities and differences of the two…

Turnaround Ttime in TranscriptionQuestion From A Reader

“I have just been going through your page and I must admit that it is impressive. You have covered practically everything that is important. I was wondering, though, if it is possible to indicate the TAT that some of those companies are asking for. I am a newbie and can do one hour audio in 12 hours. Do I stand a chance with companies like” Florence.

Thank you, Florence, for this wonderful question. Yes. You do stand a better chance of working for companies like In fact, you are qualified to be part of the Rev community. Most companies set 24 hours as the standard turnaround time to transcribe one hour of audio recording.