Have you ever recorded an audio or video recording and got frustrated because it didn’t match up to your expectations? Either because the volume was low, you had disturbing background noises or the participant voices were totally distorted? Well, this is a common occurrence but the good news is that it can be avoided.

As an experienced transcription specialist you can advice your clients to follow these recording secrets. Believe me, they will thank you for it and will even bring more business your way.

Do you spend hours and hours on the internet searching for transcription clients without success? Have you come across companies claiming to offer transcription projects for a fee leaving you frustrated and discouraged?

Well, if you have you are not alone. Many skilled transcriptionists (me included) have gone through that same ordeal at some point in our lives.  But, you do not have to because I have put together a list of legitimate sites that have real work and your time will be well compensated for.