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How Find Transcription Projects on Fiverr.comA while back I did mention Fiverr as a great micro job site where freelancers offer a variety of services starting at $5. So today, I want to show you in details How to Find Transcription Projects on

One thing I love about this site is you don’t have to keep applying to jobs like it is the case with other freelancing sites, before landing a good client.

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How to Find Transcription Projects on

Sign up

join fiverr

Go to Fiverr and click on ‘Join’ or ‘Start Selling’ buttons on the right-hand side of the website as shown above. You will be taken to the next page that looks like below.

fiverr sign up page

Here, you have the option of signing up using either your email address, Facebook or Google+ account. If you have a Facebook account just hit ‘Facebook Connect’ or Google Connect if you prefer opening a Fiverr account using Google. Then follow onscreen prompts as directed. Afterward, you will receive a message in your email telling you that your account has been activated. I already have a Fiverr account. So, let’s proceed with the next steps.

Click on your profile on the right-hand side, hover over ‘sales’ button then click on ‘create gig’ button. The following page will appear.

Create Gig

create new fiverr gig

As you can see above, we need to create an eye-catching gig title that will catch our buyers’ attention. Choose a category and a sub-category then upload a gig photo related to the service that you are offering.

Gig Title

gig title

Here, I have decided to use my own active gig as an example. I have been offering this service for a while now and it has brought me great clients. “I will accurately TRANSCRIBE up to 10 minutes of English Audio for $5”. Here I charge $5 for every 10 minutes of audio I transcribe. Meaning, I charge $30 per audio hour ($5 x 60 minutes = $30).

The category for transcription is ‘Writing & Translation’ then choose ‘Transcription’ as a sub-category.

Gig Photo

gig photo

After choosing a category, the next step is adding a gig photo. Make sure the photo is relevant to what you are offering. Also, a friend of mine told me that pictures of females sell more than males. It doesn’t necessarily have to be your photo. You can find some on Google. Just make sure they have no copyright issues.

Gig Description

gig description

The gig description should contain vital points like why the client should hire you. Here, offer the benefits the client will get if they order from you. The types of projects you have handled or can handle.

In my case, the clients will get client-ready transcripts that are well-typed, with correct grammar and punctuation. I guarantee total confidentiality and accuracy of my transcripts. So, this tells them that I offer a high-quality transcription service.

Also, mention what they should expect in terms of delivery and any other thing that may seem relevant here.


gig extras

After gig description next is pricing. As a 2 Level Seller, I’m allowed to sell up to $4,500, as you can see above. This is where custom orders come in handy. In my case, I have indicated that in addition to the initial $5 that I’m charging the client will pay an extra $5 if he wants the transcript in 24 hours because my delivery period is 5 days.

I have my preset formatting and style guide that I use but if the client has his own that I must use, he will pay an extra $20 for that.

Gig extas is where the real money is. Instead of just focusing on the $4 you will get once Fiverr takes its $1 you can make more money by upselling.



With the increased competition on, having the right keywords is a very crucial point. Having the right keywords will put you ahead of the game in terms of buyers/clients finding you. As an example, I have ‘transcribe, transcription, audio, video transcription and transcripts’ as my service tags or keywords. They make clients finding me really easy. If a client types in the Fiverr search box for ‘transcription’ or ‘transcripts’ or ‘transcribe’ I will appear in those top search results.

Buyer Instructions

instructions to buyer

After inserting tags we set our delivery period (mine is 5 days on average). So, if a client ordered my gig on Monday morning he should expect his transcript back on Friday morning. I always strive to deliver my work in 2 days or so but I put 5 days just in case something unexpected happens. The 5-day period is just so I can be on the safe side.

Remember: You always want to over-deliver if you are to do this long-term. And delivering my work earlier than expected is one way of over-delivering.

Next is writing instructions to the buyer. Here you have to show them what to do next once they’ve made the order. I instruct them to attach their audio file to the message that they send me. And, if the file is large than the expected size they can upload it in Dropbox or YouSendit and then forward me the link.

Video-fy You Fiverr Gig
record gig video

I personally haven’t created a video for my gig but the site advises all sellers to video-fy their gigs. As you can see above, they state that gigs with videos sell at least 220% more. You can create your own video using Animoto or pay someone $5 on Fiverr to create one for you.

After you finish, hit ‘Save & Submit’ button. Your gig will be active and it will look like the image below.

Gig Example

example gig

As of right now, I charge $5 for every 8 minutes of audio I transcribe. My delivery period is 5 days. 377 buyers have left me a 5-star positive review. This is definitely a service that is in demand.

Note: Only 50% of buyers leave reviews. So, my gig has been ordered at least 800 times as at the time of this

Fiverr Reviews

gig reviews

When a client leaves you feedback this is how it looks like. These are some of the 5-star reviews that some of my clients left me.

Note: When a client takes his/her time to leave you feedback, be courteous enough to leave one as well, just like I have done above. Doing so encourages repeat orders and referrals.

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  1. Thank you for the information. I have an account and I guess I was underrating myself. Thank you so much.

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  3. Sarfraz Maan Reply

    Good morning Nakitari,

    I have found your Gig article very helpful. I had created the gig following the above mentioned rules. Please guide me now how I can promote my gig to gain orders.

    Sarfraz Maan

    • Hello Sarfraz,

      I’m happy to hear you found it helpful.

      Here is what you can do:

      1. Use appropriate tags for your gig
      2. Post on relevant forums like Warrior Forum, Fiverr Forum, Fiverr Success Forum, Fiverr Exposed Forum
      3. Use Squidoo and Hub pages to make pages about your fiverr gigs.
      4. Put a link to your gigs on Stumbleupon.
      5. Promote on your other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest and also in relevant forums.
      6. Use a call to action at the bottom of your gig description like ‘Order Now’ or ‘Buy Now’ etc
      7. Add a colourful gig gallery picture
      8. Add a good quality video to your gig.

  4. Virginia you are God sent. Thank you so much I love the information. Very helpful information.

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