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Fiverr Review

It’s amazing how such a small word can carry so much weight. But, one may ask, what is Fiverr? is a global online marketplace offering tasks and services, referred to as ‘gigs’ beginning at a cost of $5 per job performed, from which it gets its name according to Wikipedia’s definition.

What would you do for $5 and what would you pay someone else to do for $5? Basically, anyone who has the skills like transcription, graphic design, voice overs, seo, data entry etc can offer them to a buyer and get paid $5. It is a micro task site like Clickworker and Amazon Mechanical Turk that has been gaining a lot of ground in the online world with a base of over 600,000 service gigs.

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Let’s Look At Amazing Features That Fiverr Has

In the recent past, the site has come up with exciting and interesting features that have really made work easier for both sellers and buyers.

  • Video

In the profile set up section there is a place reserved for videos where the seller gets an opportunity to introduce themselves and showcase their work to the buyer. This is a really great opportunity for one to show value for what they do and convince the buyer to buy even before they do it. A high quality, 30 to 60 second video/slideshow is all you need to convince a buyer to buy from you. It’s been noted by Fiverr that gigs that have videos sell 220% more than those that don’t. So, do the math and get those videos rolling.

  • Gig Extras

Before, one could only buy a service priced at $5 but now with the Gig Extras, one is able to package his/her services and make even more money. This has enabled service providers to earn a full-time income from this awesome marketplace. One supper seller from a small town made $15,000 from just providing his services on the site.

  • Shipping Feature

Another awesome feature is the ‘Shipping’ feature where a seller is able to ship whatever he/she is selling to the buyer. Of course, this will be done at a fee set by the seller.

  • Fiverr/V2

The reinvention from Fiverr to Fiverr/V2 was done a couple of months ago. This feature enables sellers to give detailed instructions to the buyers of what to expect, when to expect it and other weonderful customizations can be done too on the gigs.

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My Fiverr Success Tips

For those who may find this interesting and would like to venture into it here are a couple of tips/tricks to keep in mind:

  • Be professional and offer high quality services/products
  • Be patient and persistent. It’s going to take a while to get it especially if you are a newbie.
  • Offer great customer experience. Quickly respond to messages as they come and acknowledge the orders as they come and keep the clients updated on the progress.
  • Frequent the Fiverr forum to see what others are saying. You will get more tips on how to improve your gigs and acquire more customers.
  • Promote your gigs on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. This will increase your online presence.

Please, if you are interested in taking on this journey click here to get started. Those working on Fiverr already, we would love to hear from you. Leave a comment below and tell us know about your experiences.

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