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Do you spend hours and hours on the internet searching for transcription clients without success? Have you come across companies claiming to offer transcription projects for a fee leaving you frustrated and discouraged?

Well, if you have you are not alone. Many skilled transcriptionists (me included) have gone through that same ordeal at some point in our lives.  But, you do not have to because I have put together a list of legitimate sites that have real work and your time will be well compensated for. 

Here are my top 7 recommendations for finding legit and consistent transcription clients:


  2. Upwork




  6. Craig’s List

  7. Online Job Lead/ Ads

Great Advice

When looking for transcription jobs on Craig’s List, don’t limit yourself to the cities in your state. Because you are working from home, you can accept transcription jobs from all over the country and even the world. Venture your search out to other big cities, which will give you more chances and opportunities than if you look in smaller towns. When you see an ad that interests you, apply with an inquiry and include a bit of information about yourself, your experience, and attach your resume. Remember a good first impression is essential. Make your first impression unique and you just might land the job quickly!

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You can also join bidding sites, like and Many of these have both free and paid for subscriptions. My advice to you is to always look at the job you’re bidding on. There are some people out there looking for dirt cheap workers. Don’t settle for these unless you have nothing else on your plate and you are just looking for some experience. Otherwise, hold out a little longer for decent paying work. I signed up at and within 24 hours I was offered a transcription job that paid $20 per audio hour. That’s how I made my first bucks online and you can too! 

I will be adding more tips and resources on this blog that may help you in your transcription journey. So, make sure to stop by from time to time to see what else may interest you. Talk again soon.


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