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Are you struggling to make money online as a professional transcriber?

Struggle no more!

With my Proven Transcription GUIDE, I will show you Step-by-Step how I make money online.

Pro Transcriber




  • Earn weekly and by-weekly income

  • Be your own boss

  • Build strong business relationships

  • Expand your transcription business

  • Communicate effectively with your clients










  • Introduction to Transcription

  • How to Plan Your Day As a Professional Transcriptionist

  • Show You Transcription Softwares/Hardwares That Increase Productivity

  • Must-Have Skills For An Effective General Transcriptionist

  • How To Write A Cover Letter That Gets You Hire You

  • Do You Have Good Communication Skills?

  • Do You Know How To Transcribe? From  Downloading Files to Submitting Transcripts

  • What Transcription Style Guide Should You Use?

  • How Much Should You Charge For Your Transcription Services?

  • Which Transcription Job Boards Should You Be A Part Of?

  • Best Places To Find Transcription Jobs

  • Should You Expand Your Transcription Business?

  • My Transcription Success Tips


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

I wish I had these kinds of resources when I got started. I would not have used so many trial and error methods that got me so frustrated and took me a long time to achieve results. So, please, take advantage of all the info and all the resources that are available to you and achieve your transcription results faster. Don’t take the long route like I did. Grab this well laid out foundation and start making good money as the professional transcriber that you are. I promise to train you, guide you, and hold your hand every step of the way.

Ready to get started? Send me a message or head over to PayPal and order the training.

ptFrom the Desk of Virginia Nakitari

Creator – Become a Pro Transcriber Fast eCourse,

Author – Become a Professional Transcriber in 30 Days or Less ebook

Dear Aspiring Transcriber,

I’m Virginia Nakitari. A Professional Blogger, Author and Course Creator. I am the Founder of Transcription Hub Pros blog. I never knew I could make money online until I started working on Fiverr offering transcription services.

The first day I made $20. This was the amount I was paid to complete an hour of audio recording. I know it may not sound like much but it gave me hope. I was motivated and inspired to work hard, look for high paying clients/companies and make more money.

I later created my blog Transcription Hub Pros to share insights/tips on what I had been doing since 2010. I started getting so many questions from readers and fellow transcribers and that’s when I decided to create my ebook “Become a Professional Transcriber in 30 Days or Less” to teach transcription step-by-step, this was well received. I later realized that people consumed information in different ways so I then created an ecourse “Become a Pro Transcriber Fast” ecourse.

When you learn trancription from Become a Pro Transcriber Fast ecourse you are learning from the best trainer and the best transcription program. I have taken everything I learnt over my 7 years and incorporated it all in one program. My successes, failures, challenges, tools, equipments. This is a one-stop shop for all your transcription needs.

Don’t be left behind. Grab this one in a lifetime opportunity and run with it.

Ready to take your transcription journey to the next level? Enroll now and see the wonderful opportunities that await you on the inside.

become a pro transcriber fast



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About Virginia Nakitari

Virginia Nakitari is an Avid Blogger and Proud Owner of Earn Smart Online Class. She's here to help smart, savvy and intelligent women transform their careers into successful and thriving online businesses.

9 thoughts on “Transcription Training

  1. Tina Berwa

    Dear Virginia,

    I have gone through the free E-book. Good job done on it.

    Kindly advise on how to go about the training and the value addition now that I have gone through the E-book.

    Kind regards,


  2. Virginia Nakitari Post author

    Hello Tina,

    I’m pleased to hear you liked my free ebook. Thank you. Please, send me an email and type “Training” as the subject. I will send you further details on how to proceed.

    Value addition will be:

    Good Communication Skills
    How To Transcribe from Downloading Files to Submitting Transcripts
    Transcription Style Guides
    How Much to Charge For Your Transcription Services
    Transcription Job Boards
    Best Places To Find Transcription Jobs
    Expanding Your Transcription Business
    My Transcription Success Tips

    Look forward to your email. Regards.

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  4. cosmus muthoka

    Hello virginia,

    Is it possible for someone to buy the ebook using other means of payment except paypal?


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