Top 10 Transcription Companies Hiring Newbies Worldwide

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Top transcription companies hiring newbies worldwide. Are you looking for work at home transcription jobs for beginners? This list has the best transcription jobs for beginners. They pay well and no experience required. Are you new to transcription? Do you wonder which transcription companies hire newbies? Well, if you do, you are not alone.

Many people face that same challenge. But, today is your lucky day. I have put together a list of top 10 transcription companies hiring newbies worldwide.

These are the best general transcription companies to work for, and most companies have 24/7 work flow with flexible working hours.

You log in whatever time you want and start working. They pay weekly and bi-weekly via PayPal.

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Legitimate Transcription Companies Hiring Worldwide

#1. – Read a Detailed Review

Rev is a San Francisco based document translation and transcription company funded by Globespan. They offer academic, focus group, medical, business transcription among others. Transcribers can earn in the likelihoods of $200 to $1,500 per month.

They have an easy-to-use platform for claiming files and submitting completed transcripts. They  also have a forum where transcribers can share and express their views on how best they can serve the customers. Payment is weekly via PayPal and work is always available.

Having worked here for about 2 years, I would proudly single out Rev as the best transcription job for beginners.

#2. TranscribeMe – Read a Detailed Review

Another general transcription company hiring work-at-home transcriptionists with no prior experience. But, you must complete a 10 to 15 second test (should take you 5 minutes to complete). Once you complete the test, hit submit and it will be automatically graded.

If you pass the test, you will get access to the work space and start typing real and live work. If not, you get another chance of redoing the test. Payments are done weekly on Tuesdays via PayPal once you have reached the $10 minimum.

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#3. ScribieRead a Detailed Review

Previously referred to as Callgraph, Scribie is a transcription company that hires both new and experienced transcriptionists. They pay $10 per audio hour and the files are in 6 minute segments. Most of their files are telephone calls, interviews and speeches.

Transcription files go through a three-step process of raw transcription, review, and verification. You must have a verified PayPal address before you can get accepted as a transcriptionist or reviewer.

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# 4. Speechpad

Initially referred to us SpeechInk, Speechpad is a speech-to-text and web video captioning website that hires transcribers worldwide. Their transcription projects are either done on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk or through their Speechpad Job Board and most of their work covers insurance company interviews.

It has a simple sign up process that takes less than 5 minutes to do. They have a variety of qualification tests that a worker must pass before being awarded with real work. Also, they just recently created a Bonus Program that allows excellent transcribers to earn more cash.

Click here to find more details on qualifications, style guide, Set-Up Resources, Sample Transcription etc.

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#5. Casting Words

Work at home transcription company for beginners based in the United States that was founded in 2005. The files to be worked on are a few minutes long and they pay every Friday of every week.

Their pay rate is a bit low compared to other transcription companies but they have a bonus program that rewards top performing transcribers. If you fall in the high performing category you will be offered editing opportunities that will fetch you even more money. They have a great forum where you can ask questions and share ideas with fellow transcribers.

#6. Quicktate

This is a general transcription company that hires transcriptionists to type voice memos, letters, speeches etc. No prior experience required so long as you pass the test. Their work schedule is pretty flexible. You basically log in whenever you want and start transcribing. Pay is 1/4 cent per word for general and legal transcription and 1/2 cent per word for medical transcription. They pay weekly via PayPal.

#7. Appenscribe 

This is an Australian-based company hiring work-at-home transcriptionists. This is a good starting point for beginners as they require no transcription experience, but there are some simple tests that one must take before you getting assigned real work. Once you are assigned work they expect you to work a minimum of 10 hours per week.

If you are a multilingual speaker that’s an added advantage. Work is not consistent, so I advise you to sign up with other transcription companies, as well, hence the long list comes in handy.

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#8. GetTranscribed 

General transcription company founded in 2012. They don’t require experience but you must take a test and get at least 85% accuracy. Pay is 23 cents per minute and they pay monthly via PayPal. Make sure you make at least $100 in a month, otherwise your pay will be rolled over to the following month.

#9. Transcribe Team

US-based general transcription company hiring beginners. They pay between $0.40 – $1.25 per audio minute. They also have editing jobs and pay weekly via PayPal.

#10. Accutran Global

Surprise, surprise! Accutran Global also made it to the list of top 10 transcription companies hiring newbies worldwide. It is a Canadian-based transcription company hiring globally. Their main focus is on financial transcription.

They pay per word, which is $0.005/word for new transcriber s on basic audio, to top rate of $0.0066 for difficult and foreign audio done by their senior transcribers. As a transcriber, they expect you to meet deadlines and strictly follow their guidelines.

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More Information

I hope you enjoyed this list of transcription companies hiring worldwide. These are the best transcription companies to work for in 2018. They pay well and allow you to work from home whenever and wherever you want.

Need more companies? Feel free to check out this other list at List of 30 Stunning Transcription Companies Hiring Now.

Not sure if transcription is right for you? Check out this Free 7-Lesson Mini Course offered by Janet Shaugnessy over at Transcribe Anywhere. Janet will teach you what transcription entails, whether it’s a good fit for you, how much to earn and why transcription is an in-demand skill right now.

Know other  transcription companies hiring newbies worldwide? I would love to hear from you. Share your thoughts and transcription experiences in the comments below.











32 thoughts on “Top 10 Transcription Companies Hiring Newbies Worldwide

  1. viola

    Hi Virginia. Thank you for the above information. You help me day by day and remind me not to give up. I have been trying to get started in Casting words but every time i click on ” work on this” tab, the timer starts and i don’t know where to transcibe from there. Do Casting words usually have a box down in their site where i can type my transcript or do i have to up load it in Express Scribe software and then transcribe on my Ms Word?

    And if i’m doing it in the Ms Word using the ES software, how do i go about submitting my transcript. Kindly explain it to me step by step, like a little child, if it’s not too much a bother to you, because I am very new at Casting Words and i don’t know how the process works.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Virginia Nakitari Post author

      Hello Viola,

      I’m happy to hear that you find the blog helpful. This is what you do. After you hit the work tab that is “available jobs” and Choose A Category either EDIT, TRANSCRIBE, GRADE. Choose the job you want and a new window will appear showing details of the job, TAT and a top left button saying “work on this” you click that then start working. There’s also another yellow small frame to your right middle part of the window where different grades show, there is a black link written “Get Audio” You right click it and automatically download the audio. After downloading the audio as mentioned above, you can type in a Word document then when done copy paste it in a transcribe box in CW window, you’ll see the box by scrolling down . There are two scroll bars, if you don’t scroll both of them down you might not see that transcribe box -there are also three tabs, the stylguide, instruction and view n submit tabs. Go to a tab there named “view n submit” comment and submit your work. Courtesy of Benito.

  2. Carol Mtange

    Hi Virginia, I would like to get trained by you and if possible, get some work from you. Is it possible? And at how much? Thanks, I will be very grateful.


    1. Virginia Nakitari Post author

      Hello Carol,

      That’s great. I’d be happy to train you. Training costs Kshs.997. As of now I do not have open positions but I know companies hiring newbies. Thanks.

  3. Sam

    Hey Virgie, how would you rate TranscribeMe? Got curious having that it is not included in your top 10 list.

  4. Sam

    Sorry, I’ve just went through the article again and found TranscribeMe. I must have made a really weird mistake there. Thanks for the good article.

      1. Vivek

        Hi Virginia,

        Do all transcription sites you mentioned above pay via Payoneer or just few sites. Would like to know which transcription site pays via Payoneer.


  5. surajit sen

    Many thanks for sharing this. This seems to be really effective for people like us. Just want to things like the companies you mentioned here, do they actually outsource jobs to people like me who is based in Calcutta, India and are they genuine as far as making the payment in time is concerned?

    A lot many thanks.

    Surajit Sen

  6. Amit kumar pal

    Lots of thanks for sharing these companies. Is above mentioned companies only hire us citizen or canadian worker or they will give chance to Indian people to serve transcription jobs?

  7. Jacqlynne Tumusiime

    Hello Virginia,

    Thank you for opening your world to me. I have been looking for work on line and a friend just recently shared your website. You are generous.
    Excited for these opportunities. I know not any banks in Uganda that allow paypal transfers though.

    Thank you,

    Jacqlynne T

  8. Gabalis

    Thanks Virginia for the post.
    I bookmarked your site. My question is does this work for all countries. Like Nigeria where I am currently resident.
    I would really love it to get a feedback from you.

  9. Shanae


    I am not looking to transcribe full-time, rather supplement my income for an additional take home of $1500 USD per month part-time. Is this a realistic figure if I utilize all the website you have listed? I am no stranger to hard work, just want to be able to work from home around my already established full-time job. Thank you for your time!

  10. Pauline

    Very nice of you sharing this info with the newbies like me. I will appreciate it if you can be my mentor in this regard. Thanks & God bless.

  11. Linda

    For beginners, I highly recommend Scribie. I started with them a year ago myself and I they are legitimate and will pay you via Paypal. Their test is not as hard as on other transcription sites, and they let you practice before taking the test.

  12. Anthony

    Hello Virginia am a kenyan. kindly refer me to the facebook page where i can meet guys to teach me more a bout transcription. kindly


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