egg timer



This is a really simple countdown timer that I use and love. If you find that you waste a lot of time doing other things instead of working on your important projects, use this tool. It will help you a great deal. You can set it to seconds, minutes or hours depending on your workload. But, I personally use 25-minute and 1 hour timers to track my work. When the time is up you will get two loud beeps to alert you.



I use this tool to transfer and store all of my documents, both transcripts and raw audio/video files. I’ve been using this tool for years and it hasn’t disappointed me, not even once. I can also create sub-folders when I want to give out work to my outsourcers.




I use aweber to send you weekly email newsletters. It seems to be the best in the industry right now. Top professionals are using because they have amazing customer service. They charge a little higher but they take care of their client’s needs really well.



I use Skype to communicate with my clients. There is a section about this in my “Transcribe in 7 Days” ecourse that I just released. When you enroll you will get to learn all about Skype. I give a lot of great tips on how to use skype more effectively to build rapport with your clients.







Without hostgator, this site would not be up and running. is hosted by this great company. They have the best services. One thing bloggers dread is getting an email that your site is down because of technical issues from the hosting company servers. I’ve never gotten such an email in the past two years I’ve been with them. And, I don’t think I will be getting any soon.

I got my beautiful domain from Namecheap. As the name suggests, they are cheap domains but really good ones. You can get one for as little as $10 per year.





This is a great tool that you can use to record and edit audio/video files. If you get a file that has a lot of background noise, don’t fret. Just download the latest version of audacity, upload your file and start removing the noise. It’s as simple as that. The best part is it’s totally free!



This is a new tool that I just came across the other day, but I saw its amazing features and I’ll be opening an account with them soon. You need to track your money and get paid on time.






All the beautiful images you see in my posts were created using this tool. I am a really visual person and so I created the images myself. If you are looking for to create eye-catching pictures, use this site.




bufferBuffer tool

Throughout last year, I was using Co-Schedule tool to schedule my social media posts but they’ve made some changes that didn’t go so well with me. So, I’ve decided to switch over to Buffer. After checking out its features I’ve realized that it’s more convenient for me.



As an online professional, I know you subscribe to a lot of useful websites. Some you want to keep learning from, some are payment gateways etc. Most, if not all, will ask you to create a username and a password, which is a wonderful thing. They want your information to be confidential.

And, I find that it’s not easy to remember all your passwords however sharp your memory may be. So, using a tool like Lastpass will save you a lot of time and energy.

It has a password manager, where all your passwords will be kept, an auto form filler that will remember your details and a random password generator so you don’t just type a simple password that can get hacked in less an hour of creating it.