70+ Legitimate Non-Phone Work-at-Home Jobs

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Are you looking for legitimate non-phone work-at-home jobs? Great! I have a list of 70 non-phone jobs that don't require you being on the phone or in a quiet environment!In a previous post, I promised writing a detailed post about legitimate non-phone work-at-home jobs. I made this promise so I can help out the work at home moms (I am a mom and phone jobs are not for me), dads or people who have dogs or noisy neighbors.

Despite the kids, dogs and noisy neighbors, we all got to work, right? Great! Let me show you over 70 work from home jobs that don’t require a phone or expect you to be in a quiet environment.

One thing to keep in mind, though, is that these non-phone work-at-home jobs are not created equal. Some will offer you full-time online opportunities and others will just be great side hustles that you can do beside your day job.

I have broken them down into categories so you can easily see, at a glance, what’s perfect for you. Here they are:

Non-Phone Work-at-Home Jobs

Transcription Jobs

Transcription is a high-demand skill that can earn you thousands of dollars every single year.  If you don’t like being on the phone, just listen to audio recordings and type what you hear into Microsoft Word documents then earn your money. It’s as simple as that.  I talk a lot about transcription jobs and companies on this website. We have a number of companies that you can check out. Some require prior transcription experience but most of them hire both entry-level and experienced transcriptionists.

Here is a list of transcription companies hiring both entry-level and experienced transcriptionists.

Want to be trained as a general transcriptionist? Check out this course from Janet Shaughnessy.

Virtual Assistant Jobs

Virtual assistance is another in-demand skill that you can utilize if you don’t like talking to people on the phone. You can become a virtual assistant even without having prior experience. A good number of clients will offer you on-job training so that you up your virtual assistance game if you pass the interview. Day to day virtual assistant tasks include: website maintenance, setting appointments, creating content, social media management, responding to emails and doing keyword research. I wrote two detailed posts on the topic of virtual assistance: how to be the perfect virtual assistant and 15 virtual assistant companies hiring.

Get started with these virtual assistant companies.

Want to be trained as a virtual asssistant? Check out this course from Gina Horkey.


Writing Jobs

Freelance writing is a lucrative online business that you can set up within no time.  Worried that you may not find work because you are a beginner? No worries! We have amazing content mills that accept entry-level writers. They may not pay you much at the beginning but as you keep working hard and learning the tricks of the trade, your income will start increasing.

A perfect example is Gina Horkey of Horkeyhandbook.com. She earned $4,000 per month in the first six months of starting her freelance writing venture while working part-time. You can read more about her story in this freelance writing interview I had with her. She also has an amazing e-course that you can enroll in and learn everything you need to know about freelance writing field. If she did it, you can do it too. I believe in you.

Get started with these writing companies below.

Side Note:  A great tool I recommend for you to install is the Grammarly app. It will correct your grammar and get rid of misspellings and/or typos that can be found in your writing.

Paid Online Survey Jobs

If talking with people on the phone gives you jitters,  this is a great alternative. The great thing about online surveys is that you don’t have to worry about what to say. They send you a few questions in written form then you give your answers in a similar way. Surveys usually take 20 to 30 minutes to complete. Most survey panels pay $3 to $5 but others go as high as $50 per survey.  One company that I can mention known for paying $50 is Vindale Research. These high-paying panels deal with focus groups that may take longer than 30 minutes.

Here are reputable online survey companies:

Search Engine Evaluation Jobs

As a search engine evaluator, your work involves finding out how relevant Google search results are when someone types a word or phrase in the Google search bar. You use a set of guidelines to give a rating to web pages (mostly pages 1 to 10) for their relevancy on a certain query.

A few good search engine evaluation jobs can be found here:

Data Entry Jobs

Beginners usually go after data entry work because they feel that they are the easiest to do. It’s true, they are the easiest but there aren’t that many data entry jobs online. If you are not careful, you may meet scammers disguised as data entry companies claiming to offer lots of money for little to no work. Don’t be fooled. Stay away from such scams and focus on these legitimate data entry companies instead:

Email Support & Chat Agent Jobs

This online non-phone job has been gaining ground lately. Companies like HostGator prefer live chatting over live calling. The work involves opening emails or chat boxes of your clients and responding according to the instructions given. For email, you can respond an hour or two hours later. But, for chat boxes, you have to respond in real time.  It’s similar to having a live call, the only difference is that you are not using your voice to relay information.

Best email & chat support jobs

  • Needle
  • Apple
  • SiteStaff
  • Arise
  • Talk2Rep

Proofreading & Editing Jobs

If you have a keen eye for catching spelling and grammatical errors in books or transcripts, this can be a great work from home non-phone job for you. Unlike freelance writing, you may need prior proofreading or editing experience before getting hired for this position. A successful proofreader I know is Caitlin Pyle. She teaches a lot about proofreading on her blog. She also created an amazing proofreading ecourse that can teach you everything you need to know. Still not convinced? Grab her free proofreading mini-course!

Proofreading companies to check out are:

Translation Jobs

Are you a pro when it comes to mastering different languages? That’s great! Let me help you make money with your new acquired skills! Technology has made it so easy for people to make money as translators no matter which country they live in.  You can translate Chinese, German, Spanish or French to English and vice versa no matter which part of the world you are in. Just get the book, article or podcast, translate it to whatever language then return it as required.

You can find translation jobs on:

Moderation Jobs (Social Media Managers & Moderators)

As a moderator, your work involves gaining access to social media groups or forums on behalf of your clients so as to bring things to order. Main tasks include: starting threads, responding to comments and queries, giving warnings, expelling or baning unruly members & closing expired threads. You have to be active and stand your ground. Don’t entertain indiscipline. Otherwise, the groups or forums will turn chaotic and the client will be on your neck. To avoid such situations, set rules and make sure everybody abides by them, including you

Here are the moderation companies

Micro or Short Tasks

These tasks can be as simple as typing certain words or looking for the meaning of a word or words on the internet.

Resources That May Interest You


HostGatorI host all my websites on Hostgator.  No downtime, great customer support! Every time I have a query they respond in good time.

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TailwindTailwind is similar to BoardBooster. It is a pin scheduling tool that automates your pinning on Pinterest and Instagram thus giving you massive website traffic. I also love the tribe feature that allows you to populate your content in all the tribes you have within Tailwind. You can get as high as 1 million people in a matter of days. Tailwind is a super tool when it comes to website traffic

Click here to get 1 Month of Tailwind. Totally FREE!


GrammarlyThis list will not be complete without mentioning Grammarly. This tool checks and eliminates grammatical errors from your content thus improving your writing. I have installed the Firefox extension. It captures errors even in my Facebook posts! Amazing!


ConvertKitConvertKit is the new kid on the block. Everyone is talking about it. I’ve created a new website and will be getting the 1-month trial. They have great automation, you can create multiple opt-ins on your site, landing pages and it also allows you to tag subscribers.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

Making Sense of Affiliate MarketingMichelle Schroeder earned six figures in her first year of blogging and she teaches other bloggers how to do the same. Ever since her name and her course has been on everyone’s lips. There are countless reviews about this course on the internet. If you haven’t enrolled yet, you are really missing out.

I enrolled for this course and I have to say that the information is priceless. One thing I love about the site is the Facebook Mastermind group where you get to share your posts, ask a question and interact with other bloggers who want to achieve the same results as you. Now, I have so many new ideas that I can implement to grow my blog and my income, as well.


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