How to Make $15+ Per Hour As A Transcriptionist

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Want to make money from home as a transcriptionist? Here's how to make $15+ per hour as a transcriptionist! Let a professional transcriptionist show you howDid you know that you can work from home, as a transcriptionist, and make $15 per hour or more? Yes, it’s possible.

Transcription is a flexible, work-at-home job that can earn you $15 per hour or more. You get to set your own hours and can work as much or as little as you want. The only requirement (s) is have good listening skills, be detailed-oriented and type faster (and all these skills are learnable).

After giving you the good news I’m sure you are wondering, “But, how do I go about it?” Well, you don’t have to worry. I got your back!

Today, I have another special interview with a lady who has been in the transcription industry for over 10 years now. Her name is Janet Shaugnessy.

Janet is the founder and creator of TranscribeAnywhere; a website dedicated to offering you extensive trainings in general, legal and medical transcription fields respectively.

She started her transcription journey as a medical transcriptionist back in 2007, and later created Zoom Transcription Services. She has a wealth of experience in this field and can easily transform aspiring transcriptionists into polished and fully-fledged professionals in less than 4 months.

Still not convinced?

Read on and find out more!

Work From Home And Make $15+ Per Hour As A Transcriptionist

What is transcription and who is a transcriptionist?

Transcription is the art of turning audio or video recordings into text documents. Transcriptionists employ special software and skills to make clear and readable documents from these recordings.


Can anybody transcribe? If not, what is required in terms of training, skill set, and equipment?

It takes training and skill to be a qualified transcriptionist. In addition to what most people perceive as perhaps the only skill required — typing — transcriptionists must possess a strong command of the English language, including grammar and punctuation. They must know how to use word processing software, including features and shortcuts needed to efficiently transcribe. Transcriptionists must possess a good ear and practice focused listening. They must also be comfortable sitting at a desk and working alone. There’s special software needed to control the playback of audio and video files. The use of a headset and foot pedal are optional, but used by most professional transcriptionists.

Who do transcriptionists transcribe for, and where do they get their clients from?

General transcriptionists transcribe anything other than medical and legal. This might include bloggers, podcasters, interviewers, researchers, academicians, conferences, marketers…the list goes on and on. Legal transcriptionists work in a variety of legal arenas, including the courts, attorney practices, with court reporters, law enforcement, and insurance companies.

How much can an aspiring transcriptionist expect to make a month or six months from now? Is there any initial investment required?

There’s a small investment for the needed equipment, usually under $100, assuming you already have a computer. Training is essential and can be found online at various price points. Transcribe Anywhere offers the most comprehensive, yet least expensive.

Can this be a full-time work-at-home job or just part-time?

How often you want to work is entirely up to the individual. Some prefer part-time and some prefer full-time. I think the greatest benefit to working as a transcriptionist is the time freedom it brings. There’s no way you can compare it to punching a clock.

I know you’ve been in the industry for almost 10 years now. How did you get started? What has the experience been like for you?

Actually, it’s been much longer than that. I started my at-home business going on 12 years ago now, but I first learned transcription in high school. I started my business by working as a subcontractor for larger transcription companies and, eventually, developed enough of my own clientele to start my own business.

Did you face any challenges that aspiring transcriptionists should be aware of?

It’s hard work, much more so than most people realize. It gets easier with time and experience, but I worked a lot in the beginning because, well, I had to support my husband and myself when he became disabled. I didn’t have a clear understanding of all of the new technology either, so I had to learn as I went, oftentimes spending way too long trying to figure things out. That’s actually how the Transcribe Anywhere courses developed. They evolved from the notes I gave to my new hires to help bring them up to speed.

I understand you have a course (Transcribe Anywhere: Theory & Practice) that transforms aspiring transcriptionists into polished and fully-fledged professionals. Can you tell us more about the course?

Besides what I’ve already mentioned, the best way to learn more about our courses is to visit the website,, where you’ll find information on our courses, prices, and an enrollment form for our free mini-courses in general and legal transcription.

TranscribeAnywhere Mini Course

Do you have any success stories or testimonials that you can share with us from the students who have undertaken the general transcription course?

Please visit the website:

As we come to a close, what successful tips or advice would you give those who are just getting started?

Preparation is the first pillar of success. Don’t try to wing it. I receive emails on a regular basis from students who’ve tried that and failed. “You just can’t know what you just don’t know.”

Thank you, Janet, for taking the time to help us understand how a person can work from home and make $15+ an hour as a transcriptionist.

Transcription can  be a lucrative home-based business if you have a system in place and if you know what you are doing. That’s exactly what Janet offers through her e-learning platform over at TranscribeAnywhere. Go check it out here if this is the area you want to focus on.

Remember:  You work whenever you want and as much or as little as you want. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain!

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