Great Transcription Companies for Beginners

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Work at home transcription for beginners. Do you want to know freelance transcription companies that hire beginners? This list is going to give you the best general transcription companies to work for this year. They are the best because they pay well and no transcription experience is required. If you have been searching for great transcription companies for  beginners, I wrote this post with you in mind.

Today, I will show you three work at home transcription jobs that accept beginners worldwide.

These are amazing work from home jobs fit for people who have no prior transcription experience, but want to make a career out of transcription.

Professionals who have a deep desire to venture into the transcription industry but do not know who to reach out to or where to start.

I have a pre-selected list of great transcription companies to get you started.

Transcription Training

But, before I give you the list, I would like to recommend a really awesome Free 7-Lesson Mini Course that is suitable for work from home typists just like you. It will get you on the right track and shorten your learning curve. So, check it out at Transcribe Anywhere.

Transcription Requirements

When applying to these companies, each one will have their own set requirements. Among them is having a computer in good working condition, high-speed internet connection, a high quality noise-cancelling headset, Express Scribe Pro Software and a Foot Pedal.

The pedal is optional, especially for beginners, but if you have some experience, I would encourage you to get one. You will type faster and have an awesome transcription experience. A bundle of a headset, foot pedal and express scribe pro software goes for $100 or less over at Amazon.

Work At Home Transcription Companies for Beginners

#1. GoTranscript


GoTranscript is a an audio transcription company that hires beginners with no prior experience. They accept transcriptionist from all over the world, and allow you to set your own hours. You work any time you want and however much you want. But, the more you work, the more money you make. So, I advise you to put in the hours if you want to make good money here.

>> Click here to sign up as a transcriber for GoTranscript


Transcription company hiring work-at-home transcriptionists with no prior experience. But, you must complete a 10 to 15 second test (should take you 5 minutes to complete). Once you complete the test hit submit and it will be automatically graded. If you pass you will get access to the workspace and start typing real and live work. If not, you get another chance of redoing the test. Payments are done weekly on Tuesdays via Paypal once you have reached the $10 minimum.

>> Click here to sign up as a transcriber at TranscribeMe

#3. AppenScribe


This is an Australian-based company hiring worldwide work-at-home transcriptionists. It is a good starting point for newbies because no experience required but there are some simple tests that one must take before you getting assigned real work.

Once work is assigned, they expect you to work a minimum of 10 hours per week. If you are a multilingual speaker that’s an added advantage. Work is not consistent so it’s advisable to get signed up on other companies as well. That’s why I have a list of companies for you to choose from.


Additional Freelance Transcription Companies Hiring


Previously referred to as Callgraph, Scribie is a transcription company that hires both new and experienced transcriptionists. They pay $10 per audio hour and the files are in 6 minute segments.

Most of their files are telephone calls, interviews and speeches. Transcription files go through a three-step process of raw transcription, review, and verification. You must have a verified PayPal address before you can get accepted as a transcriptionist or reviewer.

>> Click Here to Join Scribie!

#5. Quicktate


This is a transcription company that hires transcriptionists to type voice memos, letters, speeches etc. No prior experience required so long as you pass the test.Their work schedule is pretty flexible. You basically log in whenever you want and start transcribing. Pay is 1/4 cent per word for general and legal transcription and 1/2 cent per word for medical transcription. They pay weekly via PayPal.

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#6. GetTranscribed

Transcription company founded in 2012. They don’t require experience but you must take a test and get at least 85% accuracy. Pay is 23 cents per minute and they pay monthly via PayPal. Make sure you make at least $100 in a month, otherwise your pay will be rolled over to the following month.

More Information

I hope you liked today’s post of work at home transcription companies for beginners. Don’t forget to check out my two lists of general transcription and medical transcription companies.

Thinking of venturing into the world of transcription? Get the Free 7-Lesson Mini Course offered by Janet Shaugnessy over at Transcribe Anywhere. Janet will teach you what transcription entails, whether it’s a good fit for you, how much to earn and why transcription is an in-demand skill right now.


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