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Back in 2010, after I got laid off from work I ventured into the online space. The first thing that sparked my interest was transcription. I had taken a 6-month secretarial course and I was really fast in typing.

My first, ever, cash to make online came from doing a 1 hour audio recording for a client on I got paid $20 for it. I know it doesn’t sound like much for an experienced, professional transcriber. But, for me, it was the best thing that could have happened at that particular moment. I got hope and was convinced 100% that it was, indeed, possible to make money online.

When I set up this blog I started receiving questions from both new and old transcribers who needed more information on how I transcribe, companies I use, resources I know/have, softwares I use etc. So, last year I decided to write a book “Become a Professional Transcriber in 30 Days or Less” It is an 81-page ebook that contains nothing but the best content.

I am pleased to tell you that I’m giving away part of this FREE to all my Newsletter Subscribers.



Professional Transcriber

What Will You Get?

  1. Introduction to General Transcription

  2. Notable Differences Between General and Medical Transcription

  3. How to Plan Your Day as a Professional Transcriptionist

  4. Productive Apps and Tools to Keep You Organized

  5. Effective Transcription Equipment/Softwares

  6. How to Set Up Microsoft Ready for Transcription

  7. How to Set Up Express Scribe Ready for Transcription

  8. How to Set Up a Foot Pedal Ready for Transcription

  9. Must-Have Skills for an Effective General Transcriptionist

  10. Places to Find Typing Lessons, Games and Tests

  11. How to do a Google Search Correctly

  12. How to Write a Cover Letter That Gets You Hired

How Do You Get It?

Like I mentioned earlier, I’m giving away this transcription ebook totally free. You will get Instant Access to it. All you have to do is just become a Transcription Hub Pros subscriber and I will have the ebook delivered in your email box in a matter of seconds.

As a newsletter subscriber, you will receive awesome tips, resources and sometimes transcription companies hiring on a weekly basis. I use world-class email marketing software Aweber. You can be assured that your information will not be shared. We respect your privacy and send out 100% spam-free emails.

About Virginia Nakitari

Virginia Nakitari is an Avid Blogger and Proud Owner of Earn Smart Online Class. She's here to help smart, savvy and intelligent women transform their careers into successful and thriving online businesses.

20 thoughts on “Get My FREE ebook!

  1. Elizabeth Mumbi

    I have learnt a lot going through your blog. It’s very informative. I will be glad to receive more updates.Thanks

  2. Virginia Nakitari Post author

    Hello Elizabeth,

    I’m happy to know that you’ve learnt a lot through my blog. My vision is to reach as many transcribers as I can around the world who need transcription assistance. To receive more updates, just subscribe to my newsletter by typing your name and best email address either in the form above or the one at the top right. I will send you a free copy of my ebook and you will receive weekly transcription tips and resources that will make your transcription journey a lot easier. Regards.

  3. Virginia Nakitari Post author

    @Kathambi, I will be sending you weekly transcription tips. More on the way. @Njambi, let me know if you have not received the ebook so I can send it to you. @Daisy I believe you already got the ebook. If not, let me know so I can send it to you. Thank you all.

  4. Loretta Cross

    I just signed up for the transcription training course! I can’t wait to get started!! Let’s Go! I was certified as a medical transcriber but that was almost 15 years ago and I have never practiced 1 minute as a medical transcriber. I am now ready and have plenty of time on my hands and I am actually looking forward to getting stgarted! Where do I begin?

  5. Patricia

    Hello Virginia,

    I just found this blog and it appears to be pretty informative. However, it looks like you are training folks from other countries to do jobs that should be for Americans only, from American hospitals and clinics and for patients who live in America. Am I right in assuming that is what you do and that you also do this for Americans who need jobs and have worked 20-30+ years, who are very committed and knowledgeable and who have been forced to work for less than minimum wage? Your “owner” must be in the 1% of this country trying to do away with the middle class and turn America into a third world country. Shame on you if that is the case! Listen to Bernie Sanders about how Americans are struggling because of the wealthy and taking advantage of at every turn. On the other hand, if I have misunderstood then you are being helpful to newbie AMERICAN transcribers, (I hope.)


    1. Virginia Nakitari Post author

      Hi Patricia,

      Thank you for leaving a comment. Well, I do train people all over the world to work for clients anywhere in the world. It’s not just specific to America. When you go to sites like and, they also connect freelancers and business owners all over the world. They do not say that if a client is from the US now the freelancer has to come from the US. We go with merit. Freelancing is about freedom to work at home and work for any client whether he comes from UK, US,Pakistan or wherever else it may be. My vision is to help newbies all over the world to get the right skills and land better paying jobs anywhere in the world. Thank you.

  6. Abdifatah Aden

    I downloaded the ebook and will let you know my progress after finishing reading the whole content. I’ve been looking for a transcription training for so long but thanks to your generosity for making the ebook free.


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