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productivity in transcription

How to Plan Your Day Productively as a Professional Transcriptionist

For you to succeed as a general transcriptionist, you must learn how to plan your day productively. This is the daily routine that you will follow every single day, if… Read more »

Work From Home General Transcription Jobs at CastingWords

Work From Home General Transcription Jobs At CastingWords

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A month ago, I reviewed companies like, TranscribeMe, and today I have the pleasure of introducing CastingWords. This is a US-based transcription company that has both paid transcriptionist… Read more »

Verbatim and Non-Verbatim Transcription

Verbatim Or Non-Verbatim Transcription? Which One Should You Choose?

If you work from home as a professional transcriptionist, you know by now that we have two main types of transcription projects. We have verbatim and non-verbatim transcription. Verbatim is… Read more »

Google Search

How to Do a Google Search Correctly

As a professional transcriptionist, one of the skills you must possess is good Google Research skills. Knowing how to do a Google search correctly will not only make your work… Read more »

Get Paid to Type Audio Files At

Scribie is a work from home transcription company that hires both new and experienced transcriptionists to type audio files. I’ve got to admit, their pay rate per audio hour is… Read more »