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Want to make money from home as a transcriptionist? Here's how to make $15+ per hour as a transcriptionist! Let a professional transcriptionist show you how

How to Make $15+ Per Hour As A Transcriptionist

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15 Hobbies That Will Make You Money In 2017

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Make Money From Home As A Freelance Writer

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Earn Smart Online Class Domain Change

Changing the Domain Name So I can Serve You Better

Dear reader, Let me take this opportunity to thank you for having made Transcription Hub Pros a wonderful site that it has been up until now. It could not have… Read more »


Work At Home Transcription for Beginners At GoTranscript

GoTranscript is an audio transcription service company that hires beginners to work from home and no prior transcription experience is required. It is a worldwide online-only transcription opportunity with flexible… Read more »

Become a Professional Transcriptionist

General Transcription: Theory & Practice Review – Best Transcription eCourse 2017

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How to Sharpen Your Listening Skills in Transcription

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Payoneer Mastercard in Kenya

How to Get a Payoneer Mastercard in Kenya

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Express Scribe or FTW Transcriber

Express Scribe or FTW Transcriber?

      7 Comments on Express Scribe or FTW Transcriber?

For a while now, I’ve been getting a lot of questions from my awesome readers asking, “Express Scribe or FTW Transriber? Which one is better?” Frankly speaking, I can’t give… Read more »

Turn Around Time in Transcription

Everything You Need to Know About Turnaround Time

Question From A Reader “I have just been going through your page and I must admit that it is impressive. You have covered practically everything that is important. I was… Read more »