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improve your typeing speed

Do You Want to Improve your Typing Speed? Follow these 5 Awesome Tips

Most transcription companies expect you to have an accuracy score of 95 – 98% and a (TAT) Turn Around Time that is, at least, three times the audio recording. So,… Read more »

Simple Word To PDF Converter Secret Revealed!

Does Word to PDF converting sometimes get you upset leaving you frustrated in the middle of an urgent project? If it does then you are not alone. I used to… Read more »

Google Search

How to Do a Google Search Correctly

As a professional transcriptionist, one of the skills you must possess is good Google Research skills. Knowing how to do a Google search correctly will not only make your work… Read more »

Ways to Improve Accuracy of Transcription

7 Effective Ways to Improve Accuracy of Your Transcription

Accurate transcription plays a very important role across industries, such as in legal, business and medical fields. For this reason, it is necessary to know the effective ways you can… Read more »

Recording Secrets Every Transcription Employer Must Know

Have you ever recorded an audio or video recording and got frustrated because it didn’t match up to your expectations? Either because the volume was low, you had disturbing background… Read more »