7 Effective Ways to Improve Accuracy of Your Transcription

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7 Effective Ways to Improve Accuracy of Your Transcription. Accurate transcription plays a very important role across industries, such as in legal, business and medical fields. They enable transcribing audio into text enabling business owners, hospitals and law firms make an archive, presentation or report, among other purposes, out of the transcribed documents.Accurate transcription plays a very important role across industries, such as in legal, business and medical fields. For this reason, it is necessary to know the effective ways you can improve your transcription.

Many business owners, hospitals, and law firms like having their audio files transcribed into Word documents so they can turn them into archives, presentations or reports, among other resources.

If you were a budding transcriptionist looking to establish a good reputation in the industry, learn most efficient and effective ways you can improve the accuracy of your transcription from professionals at Verbatim Transcription Services.

Today’s post is all about the essentials you have to know about improving the quality of your outputs.

  1. Improve Accuracy of Transcription By Mastering Terminologies

As a professional transcriptionist, it is integral for you to gain a good understanding and background of the field you are going to participate in for helping business owners, lawyers, and medical experts have an accurate text copy of an audio file.Therefore, you should get yourself familiar with terminologies and phrases commonly used in the field to prevent you from transcribing the wrong information. This is very important, as you could just imagine the damage you could cause to a patient if in case you have transcribed the wrong medication or dosage. It might even be deadly. Think of that.

  1. Quiet Working Environment

Focus on the audio without any distractions in your space meaning you may want to select a quiet spot where you don’t hear noise other than the sound you are listening to.

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  1. Create a Brief Summary of the Audio Topic

Before the actual verbatim transcription, you may want to create a brief description or the summary of what you are about to transcribe. This will include the gist or the main message of the particular audio file. If you were to transcribe an interview, you might want to prepare the important elements of it, including the time and date, interviewer and interviewee and the subject/topic.

  1. Listen to the Audio First

Find the time to listen to the entire audio file before typing it into text. This will help you improve time efficiency for marking specific areas, which contain unclear or inaudible audio. In the process, you will be able to tackle the same problem when you are transcribing and prevent committing mistakes while you are working on the copy.

  1. Have a Template, if any

Make use of a good verbatim transcription template while working to help you save a lot of time in preparing your needed template or format each time. This will not only improve the accuracy of transcription but will also allow you to focus on transcribing rather than this thing.

  1. Grammar

When asked and directed, you may even have to check for the grammar of the audio file, but that is if you were instructed to do so. It may be unnecessary to do that if the project does not require it. While transcribing the verbatim transcription, you may want to check the grammar directly other than doing it later and going over your file again.

  1. Abbreviations

If you were to meet abbreviations in the file, you may want to spell it out in your description so that the readers can understand.

Both starters and veterans can use the tips highlighted above in order to improve the output of the transcription. Nevertheless, look into those mentioned above and review them for the best results of your document for verbatim transcription today!

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