3 Hot Transcription Companies Hiring Worldwide

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Best Transcription CompaniesWhile on the Warrior Forum I did ask a question, “What transcription companies hire worldwide?” To my surprise, I could not get a definite answer.  So, I set out to look for them my own way.

In my quest to discovering such transcription companies I came across three hot, genuine and interesting transcription companies hiring worldwide. I loved them and I’m sure you will too.

Transcription Training

But, before I give you the three companies, I would like to recommend a really awesome Free 7-Lesson Mini Course that is suitable for work from home typists just like you. It will get you on the right track and shorten your learning curve. So, check it out at Transcribe Anywhere.

General Transcription Mini-Course

Transcription Requirements

When applying to these companies, each one will have their own set requirements. Among them is having a computer in good working condition, high-speed internet connection, a high quality noise-cancelling headset, Express Scribe Pro Software and a Foot Pedal. The pedal is optional, especially for beginners, but if you have some experience, I would encourage you to get one. You will type faster and have an awesome transcription experience. A bundle of a headset, foot pedal and express scribe pro software goes for $100 or less over at Amazon.

General Transcription Jobs

Here are my 3 selected companies hiring worldwide.


Rev.com: Transcription Company

Rev is a San Francisco based document translation and transcription company funded by Globespan.  They offer academic, focus group, medical, business transcription among others.  Transcribers can earn in the likelihoods of $200 to $1,500 per month. They have an easy-to-use platform for claiming files and submitting completed transcripts. They have a forum where transcribers can share and express their views on how best they can serve the customers. Payment is weekly via PayPal and work is always available.



Doneitnow is an Australia based transcription company hiring both native English speakers and international transcribers. They pay as little as $15 per audio hour to $60 per audio hour. This is determined by your transcription skills and experience. They have a similar platform to Rev.com. Files are claimed and transcripts uploaded in a centralized place. Pay is weekly via PayPal.



Initially referred to us SpeechInk, Speechpad is a speech-to-text and web video transcription and captioning website that hires transcribers worldwide. Their transcription projects are either done on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk or through their Speechpad Job Board and most of their work covers insurance company interviews. It has a simple sign up process that takes less than 5 minutes to do. They have a variety of qualification tests that a worker must pass before being awarded with real work. Also, they just recently created a Bonus Program that allows excellent transcribers to earn more cash. Click here to find more details on qualifications, style guide, Set-Up Resources, Sample Transcription etc

So, waste no time.  Apply now!

More Information

I hope you enjoyed this list of transcription companies hiring now. Need more companies? Feel free to check out this other list at List of 30 Stunning Transcription Companies Hiring Worldwide.

Thinking of venturing into the world of transcription? I highly recommend the Free 7-Lesson Mini Course offered by Janet Shaugnessy over at Transcribe Anywhere. She will teach you what transcription entails, whether it’s a good fit for you, how much to earn and why transcription is an in-demand skill right now.

Know other  transcription companies hiring now? I would love to hear from you. Share your thoughts and transcription experiences in the comments below.



33 thoughts on “3 Hot Transcription Companies Hiring Worldwide

  1. Tech254

    Hi Virginia, this is really nice, thank you. I’m a transcriber on all this sites…I’ve seen your name in the REV files.

    Just wanted to add other transcription working sites such as TranscribeMe.com and Fairlink.com. They are good and pay well and in time.

  2. Virginia Nakitari

    Hello Tech254, thank you very much!!. I am a transcriber at all these sites too. TranscribeMe.com and Fairlink.com are good too but their workflow is a bit lower than Rev’s. But, I will add them as well. Thanks again.

  3. Sonja Morrison

    You have created a very interesting site. These tips are very useful. Medicinal transcription is still the primary mechanism for a physician to clearly connect with other healthcare providers who access the patient record, to advise them on the state of the patient’s health and past/present treatment, and to assure steadiness of care. Thanks.Transcription service

  4. Caroline Mwaura

    Hi Virginia…I never comment on anything online but I found this information very useful and had to say thank you!
    Keep writing…people out there are reading.

  5. Virginia Nakitari

    Hello Caroline. Thank you very much for the kind remarks! I greatly appreciate them. When I started out as a junior transcriptionist I didn’t know where to look or who to ask. It was tough but got easier as time went by. Now I have made it my mission to post useful and up-to-date info that any transcriber can use in their journey to transcription success. More info is on its way. Stay tuned!

  6. Virginia Nakitari

    Hello Vatsal,

    Thank you for your wonderful remarks! I’m really pleased to know that you applied on Rev and got hired. They have steady workflow and you can make a substantial amount of income. You said that it’s only been 3 days since you heard from them DoneItNow. I would advice that you be more patient. They might reply when you least expect it. But, they had lots of work to be done two weeks ago. They sent me an email. I didn’t get to work because I was handling a big project at the time.

    On that note, there is this new company that’s just come up. I stumbled upon in my out and about on the net. Check it out, research on it then apply. Who knows! It just might be what you need. http://ow.ly/pGcDA

    Good luck to you!

  7. Myckel Harry

    You have created a very interesting site. These tips are very useful. Medicinal transcription is still the primary mechanism for a physician to clearly connect with other healthcare providers who access the patient record, to advise them on the state of the patient’s health and past/present treatment, and to assure steadiness of care. Thanks.Transcription service

  8. Ben Ajayi

    Thanks for your strong desire to help. I am a young entrepreneur from Nigeria whose plan is to set up a transcription business anytime soon but I strongly need to mentor an experience hand in this line of business; either corporate or individual mentor. I sincerely need your help in this regard. Thanks

  9. Virginia Nakitari

    Hello Ben,

    I’m happy to hear that you have an intention to set up your own transcription company in the future. I like the idea. I’d be happy to help. You can connect with me on Google Plus or you can send me your email address and we can communicate that way. Thanks

  10. Caroline Wanjiru

    Hello Virginia, how can I get in touch with you privately regarding some transcription work which I need assistance with? Thanks.

    1. Annette Kisia

      Hi Caroline how do you get this online jobs because I’ve have been trying but haven’t been successful any suggestion companies please, thanks?

  11. Vatsal Parikh

    Hi Virginia,

    I applied for Type It Tiger a few days back. I filled up the contact form a month ago. But I never heard back from them. When did you get reply after contacting them? Is there another way of contacting them where we can get a quick reply?

    Please reply asap. Thanks.

  12. Virginia Nakitari

    Hello Ken, thanks for the wonderful comment. Well, the files vary. You can find a 1 minute file, a 30 minute file and even a 2 hour file. So, it depends with you and how much time you have to transcribe. But, right now the volume is a bit low because of the holidays. You can still apply and have the account with you but the best time will be in the second week of January. That’s when there will be overflow of projects.

  13. Virginia Nakitari

    Hello Vatsal, thanks for your comment. TypeItTiger were looking for transcribers in the month of July, I guess they are not hiring at the moment. But, don’t give up. I’m sure they have you on the waiting list and they will contact you when they start hiring again.

  14. kenny

    Hi Virginia, thanks for the nice post. I’m interested in applying at Rev.com and I just want to know how long are the audios to be transcribed usually? I don’t have any experience in transcribing so I don’t want to start out like transcribing 1 hour audio coz I heard it can take 4 hours or even more to do that and I might get discouraged if I would have a hard time doing it. Do they usually have short audios running for like 10 minutes only?

  15. Hilary E

    Type It Tiger, advertises work on Twitter and any opportunities get snapped up fast. They advise on their Jobs Page to follow them on Twitter to get fast notification of new opportunities. You can follow them direct from their jobs page – there’s nothing to lose!

    1. Vatsal Parikh

      Oh, thanks Hilary for your comment. I saw it today. I will keep a tab on the latest tweets and then apply again.

  16. otaku-vengeance

    Hi! First I just wanted to say thank you so much for this blog. I’m trying to break into the online transcription industry and this is the best resource I’ve found so far. I have one question regarding DoneItNow — I’m just starting out as a transcriber and I have no experience. I notice that for DoneItNow it says to send an application via email; there doesn’t seem to be any kind of test or anything. They mention that there is work for less experienced transcribers, but…do I have any chance of getting a job there? I have nothing relevant to put on my resume and no way of demonstrating my skills here.

  17. Vatsal Parikh

    Hi, I work for DoneItNow.

    First of all let me tell you that they have stopped hiring until September 2014.

    Secondly, they do not have much work available. So it’s better you apply for some other companies, there is a post “Great Transcription Companies for Newbies” where you can apply and get some experience.

    Thirdly, if you still want to apply then I have a link which they sent me in their welcome email. I can send you that link through email. You need not worry about your resume or anything. You just need to pass their test and you’ll get a call from them(by September) Hope this helps.

    P.S. I replied because this blog also helped me to know about other companies. I applied for them and got hired. Thought I should pass on any information I have to help others. This is really a wonderful post. Thanks.

  18. rashmi vaidya

    Hi Vatsal,

    Can you plz let me know of some medical transcription companies hiring worldwide..!!

  19. Jessie Myatt

    Hey everyone! I see that no one has commented on this forum in several months, but hopefully someone will see this! 🙂 I am in urgent need of another transcription job, and was wondering if anyone knows of any places similar to Rev that are currently hiring? I have about 8 months experience with Rev.com, and about a month experience at Scribie.com (I do not recommend Scribie if you’re looking to make full time money). I’ve done as many Google searches as I can think of, and have applied at all that I find meet my expectations.
    I just sent emails to Done It Now and Type It Tiger inquiring about employment, because I was not able to find an application posted on the website. Hope to hear from you, and thanks in advance for any help!

  20. Ian Kristian Consolacion

    Hi guys! can you help me out? I am looking for a company who is in need of another transcribe. I have been transcribing audios and videos 2 years. However, the company that I’m currently working doesn’t not provide me a better rate. Please help

    Skype: iannox1
    Email. iannox_25@yahoo.com

  21. Virginia Nakitari

    Hello Jessie and Kristian. Sorry for a late reply. I have been away due to unavoidable circumstances but I’m back now and ready to answer any questions that you might have. Other companies hiring now are Speechpad, Castingwords and TrancribeMe. They are easy to join and don’t keep you on the waiting list.

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